What haunts her dreams are not just imagined whispers: the voices, the faces, the nightmares are real!

Breanna Ora Aleathia, apart from hating her own name, loathes the situation she’s found herself in recently. Brea has (unwillingly) agreed to visit her dad’s house over the summer. If being on awkward terms with her dad didn’t make her feel uncomfortable enough, she’s started to have some crazy, vivid dreams of a cursed boy, a castle, and a forest. While avoiding her eccentric aunt and socially unequipped father, she begins to threat about how real the boy’s pain is to her. In a hazy walking daydream, she follows her visions through a forest to a castle where a cursed boy is trapped in self-hatred and misery.


1. Prologue

He stood beside a pile of corpses, a mysteriously dark figure clad in a black, hooded cloche. The figure held a blade -- dripping with the colour red -- in one of his grotesque hands which were elongated by razor-sharp, claw-like nails. He was silence intensified, even the sound of his breathing was almost non-existent like a predator of the night. His victims never even saw him coming. He was a shadow in the darkness. But the figure had paid his price for greatness long ago. He was human no longer, a half man and half living; a half beast with no will left to keep going. There was a time when he was a full person, an innocent, naïve young man. But he could barely remember that stupid boy. He had all but lost himself wholly: the only thing stopping him from being entirely consumed by hopelessness was an eternal responsibility that would never be completely fulfilled. He glared down to the nameless victims beneath his feet while a sudden burst of lightning flashed through the windows and lit his monstrous features. Thunder roared at him from the heavens and the rain violently tapped against the glass. Maybe nature was trying to reach him and wash away the blood along with his sins. But nature couldn’t reach him. Nothing could reach him where he stood; inside a dark room on top of his victims. Sinners, they were all sinners. Not one of them had been a bystander. Although, he probably would not have been fazed if they were. Darkness had been creeping upon his humanity since his first kill, back then he would violently quake at the thought of murder -- even if it was the lesser of two evils. Kill a few to save thousands, so they say. However, it is apparent that one will drown in the blood they spill.

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