Sad and scary stories

You never know what will happen... Things come and out! Don’t make enemy’s, get weird/scary things and never do bad things and you’re okay.

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Author's note


29. The bully who wasn’t

The Bully Who Wasn’t When I was in school, there was a boy who was very big for his age. His name was Vern and everyone was afraid of him. He bullied all the other kids and made our lives miserable. I hated him. He set out to make my life hell and bullied me every day. When my parents moved house, I was glad to get away from that school and that school bully. I went on with my life and never thought much about him again. Years later, when I grew up, I bumped into some people who had been in my class. We were talking about old times and I happened to mention the school bully. None of them had any idea what I was talking about. I told them his name, described him exactly but they had no memory of him whatsoever. I went home and searched through my old yearbooks. He didn’t appear in any of them. He was also missing from all the class photos. I went online and searched for his old Myspace account. It was gone. Then I checked facebook. Nothing there. I emailed everyone I had gone to school with and every message I got back was the same. “Who? I dont remember anyone like that. I dont recall anyone called Vern.” There is no trace that this kid ever existed. It was as if he had been erased from history and erased from everyone’s memory except mine.
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