Sad and scary stories

You never know what will happen... Things come and out! Don’t make enemy’s, get weird/scary things and never do bad things and you’re okay.

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Author's note


17. Sorry mom

There was a woman who lived in a small town in Spain with her husband. The couple had a ​​young son named Federico who was always causing mischief. The parents were at their wits end because the boy was constantly getting into trouble at school. 

One morning, the mother woke her son as usual and got him dressed for school. While he brushed his teeth, she prepared his breakfast. After he finished eating, she sent him out to catch the school bus.

She spent the next few hours cleaning the house. It was around lunchtime, when she happened to go into the living room. To her surprise, she saw her son sitting by the window, staring outside. 

“Federico!” she yelled angrily. “What are you doing home at this time? Why aren’t you at school?” 

The boy was silent and turned to look at his mother. She noticed that there was blood on his forehead. 

“Federico, why do you have blood on your head?” she asked. 

“Mom, I’m sorry…” replied the little boy. 

“Have you been fighting again?” she asked. “Did the teacher send you home?”

“I’m sorry, Mom…” Federico said quietly.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses,” said the exasperated mother. “Go to your room! When your father gets home, he will decide your punishment.”

The boy hung his head in shame and went upstairs to his bedroom. His mother just sighed and shook her head. 

Just then, the phone started ringing. The mother rushed into the hallway to answer it.

“Hello,” said the voice on the other end. “Can I talk to the mother of Federico.”

“Who is speaking?” asked the mother.

“This is the school principal.” 

“Oh no,” she sighed. “What did that little devil do now?” 

“I don’t know how to explain,” began the school principal. “This morning, Federico climbed onto the roof of the school…”

“I’ve had it up to here with his behavior,” interrupted the mother. “I can assure you that when his father gets home, Federico will get the punishment he deserves.”

“No, you don’t understand,” said the school principal. “Federico fell off the roof and hit his head… I’m so sorry… He died instantly…”

The mother dropped the phone. Tears began to well up in her eyes. She ran up the stairs and burst into her son’s bedroom.

It was empty.

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