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37. Somfest

Somfest Review- Day #1 

32 Comments                Posted by sweetjessie412        ∙        Last updated January 4, 2018


Hello my lovelies!! ;3 And a Happy 2018 to all of you!

Now I thought I'd start off this new year with a new series, and I've decided to take up a challenge, just for you guys! I'm sure you all have your own New Years resolutions, whether it be "exercise every morning," "cut out the carbs," or "practice 30 minutes a day on the piano." And you're at that place where you're debating whether or not such a resolution was a good idea. XP Trust me, I get the feeling. It just takes so much work to not do things! 

So lemme hop upon my meticulously set up segue and talk about this product that I will be testing out! 

Just recently I was contacted by a company that tells me that they've been working long and hard to create a weight loss pill that will do exactly what the title says it will. (Halelujah, amirite?) It's called Somfest, and they say it quite literally "eats up fat." Tests on rodents have been promizing, but has still not been released to the public. The company asked me if they could send me a box of Somfest, and said that they would pay me to document the side-effects and results of a week's worth of taking. And my response: hecks to the yeah! 

So I just got the package today and found the medication inside. The pills come in one of those clear orange containers with the lid that I still have trouble opening sometimes. -_-" So, I'll pop one tonight, and I'll let you guys know what happens tomorrow! 

Sweet dreams! <3 




Somfest Review- Day #2 

41 Comments                Posted by sweetjessie412        ∙        Last updated January 5, 2018


Goooooood afternood my Lovelies! And this is blog numero dos (yeah, I can Spanish ^-^) of my Somfest Review! 

So I woke up this morning in a cold sweat, for reasons that I'll get to later, and at once went to my bathroom mirror, and I've already seen a significant difference! I'm telling you guys, it's almost miraculous!  >o<  I even measured myself and I found that I've shaved off about 7 inches around the waist! Trust me, I would not kid about something like this!

However, I did experience a side-effect, if it even is one. Last night I had this terrible nightmare- ya know, the kind where you're laying in bed and there's a beast or demon or whatever coming closer, and then you wake up once it pounces on you. It was terrible, to say the least. But if that's the most I have to be worried about in order to shed the pounds, then I'll take nightmares any day. 

Sooo yeah! That's all for today, y'all. I know today's blog is a bit shorter, but I'll be sure to post further results tomorrow! 

Have a great day you guys! ^ .^ 




Somfest Review- Day #3

49 Comments                Posted by sweetjessie412        ∙        Last updated January 6, 2018


Good morning my Lovelies!! And oh what a wonderful morning it is!!! \^O^/ 

When I woke up this morning I went straight for my tape measure, and wouldn't you know! 9 inches overnight! I still can't believe it! And I feel completely fine! I mean, my abdomen is a lil sore, but that's probably a sign that it's working, right? Y'all, this is the easiest money I've ever made! It's like my dream job!  

I'm so pumped you guys! Now I can fit in clothes that I wore in highschool! I feel like a weight's been lifted off my shoulders...that was an unintentional pun. XP 

Though I must say, the nightmares came back last night. Same thing: I'm in bed and I see the demon monster thingy, but last night there were two. I don't think there was much else to it, honestly. I just remember being mortified, and then I woke up sweating bucketfulls. Literally, it was like someone dumped water on me. But once again, I can take it. It's gonna be worth it, I'm telling ya. 

I did check out the little orange pill bottle last night. On the lable it listed a bajillion sciency names that I can't pronounce, and then the name of the medication. Somniat Festum is the full name of it, cuz I remember you guys had been asking in the comments yesterday. So it makes sense where they got "Somfest" from. What is it though, Latin or something? 

Whatever. Gotta head to classes in a bit! Hope your days are just as wonderful as mine has been! <3 <3




Somfest Review- Day #4

67 Comments                Posted by sweetjessie412        ∙        Last updated January 7, 2018 


Hey my Lovelies! ^_^ Sorry, I'm not as excited as I usually am, but I need all of your help. 

Don't worry! It's nothing serious. I just need some opinions. 

So I woke up this morning with my stomach throbbing. I mean, yesterday it was just sore, but when I woke up it felt like I had been stabbed. This can't possibly be good, can it? Though from the outside, I look completely fine. I lost 10 inches this time, and I actually tried my scale and I am 138 pounds. I guess this should be a dream come true, right? 

Well, that's where I need those opinions. Because I had another nightmare last night, but I actually remember a lot of it. 

Again, I was in bed, and I saw around me four pitch black figures. They were hunched over and lumbering like beasts, so dark that my lightless room seemed bright as day. I was so tired and so confused that I didn't run, but watched them come closer and closer to me. Their mouths were jagged like teeth, although there were only lips. And then, I remember their eyeless stares, wedging themselves so deep into my mind that I felt my entire life were on display. And then, the most terrible pain I have ever felt, in my stomach, my face, my legs, and my arms. Like a power surge coursing throughout my veins and then back again. 

And thats, all I remember. 

I can say that this was most certainly, the worst nightmare I have ever had in my entire life. And I most certainly do not want to have it again. So, I need your opinions. Should I continue this review and go for the money, or should I stop while I can, just in case? 

I just need more than one opinion, because my heart is still racing just thinking about what I saw. 

Anyway, gotta head out. I write you guys tomorrow! Have a fantastic day, all! -^_^-




Somfeest Reveiw-Day #5 (final Day( 

85 Comments                Posted by sweetjessie412        ∙        Last updated January 8, 2018 


I have no delighted greeting for you. Because none of you deserve it. 

Perhaps that'w coming off to stroong. You guys didn''t know. But I just dn't care anymore. 

My stomach, iit hurts so bad. I 've taken so much Ibuprofin, and it won't go away. My legs and arms, I can see the grooves of the bones. I ffeel so weak I can barely type. I can't think straight. I don't even have the strength tomeasure my waist. I can se my ribs. Its just awful. I feel awful. This was a mistake. 

Last night was horrible. There were five thsi time, and I reember it so weell. The darkness was no match for thm. They dug their claws into me, tore up my skin. Rippe d out my flesh and gorged on it, In every place that still had any left. Snd they made me watch it all. I coudln't move I couuldl't scream. It hurt! It hurt so bad! 

But there are no scars, i dont' udnerstand. Myy face looks like taut felt on a skull. My eyes are bloodshot. I feel watched. Everywhere I walk, everyway i turn, I can see them behind the corner, I swear theyr there. they can see me, even though they don't have eyes. I need help, but I can;t. This was illegal, theyll send me to prison.                 

I  I can fix this. I just need to eat a lot. I'm throwing away the pillls. I hope this is what you all watned.   




[No Title] 

161 Comments                Posted by sweetjessie412        ∙        Last updated January 8, 2018 


help me  theyr'e coming. i can hear their footsteps,they know im here. they'll find me They came without the pillls. how did they/? ther are so many help me plase! im sorry please help me !  they're so hungry, they're gonig to fiind me help me. don't take those pills i cant; remember the name  dono't take them They lied there wrong theyl find me helpd me I livee on r street at teh corner hoseu im in the closet pleas call the poilice I shouldhav e called them im sorry hlep mej'ai horahd/zbjagjn a m aagn  b  a agja da aagrk ipouhfb,m 




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