Sad and scary stories

You never know what will happen... Things come and out! Don’t make enemy’s, get weird/scary things and never do bad things and you’re okay.

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Author's note


32. Halloween Stalker

It was a chilly Halloween night and two young girls named Kyla and Sammie had just finished trick-or-treating. They decided to head back to Kyla’s house, unaware that someone was following them. When the pair reached home, Kyla discovered a note stuck to the door. It was from her mother, telling Kyla that she had gone to a party and wouldn’t be back until late. Kyla crumpled up the note and unlocked the door. The two girls sat down on the living room floor and began sorting through their candy. When they were finished, they decided to watch a movie. Kyla picked out a scary horror film and put it in the DVD player. While the previews were on, Kyla glanced out the window and noticed a man standing across the street. He was staring directly at her. She got up and closed the curtain. The man’s intense stare disturbed her, but when the movie started, she soon forgot about it. After a little while, Sammie went upstairs to use the bathroom and Kyla went to the kitchen to get a soda. When she came back, she discovered a note lying on the ground. It read: “Don’t go outside.” Kyla thought it was just Sammie playing a prank on her, so she crumpled up the note and tossed it in the garbage. A few minutes later, Sammie came back downstairs and said she had to go home. Kyla said goodbye, but as soon as she opened the front door, Kyla heard her screaming. Kyla jumped out of her seat and ran into the hallway to investigate. She was horrofoed to see the creepy man standing there at the front door. In his hand, he was holding Sammie’s severed head. Kyla tried to run but the man grabbed her by the hair and lifted her up. With one swift motion, he twisted her head around and snapped her neck. Then, he took his knife and sliced off her head. That night, when Kyla’s mother returned from the party, she found the severed heads of Kyla and Sammie lying on her front doorstep. Next to them was a note that read: “I warned them not to come outside, but I guess some people just don’t listen.”

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