Sitting in public watching other people all around, it is so amazing.

1. Airport

Sitting on the floor at the airport where you can see alle the people passing by, it is so amazing. You have people from all over the world passing by you as you sit there. Mostly they are using their phones as they walk to their gate, a few is sitting and waiting as i am.

There are this one man who i got my eyes on, he has little hair left that is grey, he has on bag and is sitting there just watching people walk by. His face is relaxed, he has his left arm on his bag, his hand is laying all relaxed there. He has a suit on and over that he has a winter jacket even it is October. It is one man next to him, he is old and has glasses. He has some jeans on and a striped shirt, his jacket is blue and his shoes are old with the colors blue and grey. This man is reading the news paper he isn't even looking up. He has a backpack under his seat as well. 

there are kids everywhere running and playing with each other. one kid is crying, i can understand him i don't like this mess eiter. 

People's faces are showing happiness and some are stressed. The airport is an amazing place to sit and watch people walking by. With all the diffrences we all have some way we are all the same. we all can feel the same emotions, we can read other peoples faces and see how they might feel. 


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