The CC Games

A story of vile tales and great sacrifices.


6. Where in The World Are We?

“Where the heck are we?” Max asks

“How are any of us supposed to know? You’re supposed to know not us!”Alina answers with another question.Max glares at her. A glare that says either Be quiet or You’re getting on my nerves Missy. It’s one Mr. You SUCK often gave us.

“Wait.” Max says, his eyes searching the landscape.

“Wait what?” I say, irritated. (Just tell us what we need to know.)

“We’re still in Greece. Look.” Max said. We looked to where he pointed, the city hall. It was miles away, a medium sized dot on the horizon.

“Also we should probably find somewhere to sleep before it gets dark.” I added looking at the setting sun.

“Yeah. You’re right. I’ll find us somewhere to sleep.” Yuto said in a comforting tone.

“Ok. Let’s get going everyone before the sun sets and we’re left sitting here in the dark” Erin said.

I rolled my eyes. (Let’s not be negative for a change.) Yuto led us to a cave about three miles away. We were all quiet except for Max. He was blabbering on and on and on about how this plant is awesome or how the grass is magnetic (that’s not true, I just wasn’t paying attention) until Erin told him to shut up.

“There. That’s the cave.” Yuto said.

“Yay! Sleep in a dark place with no door to the entrance. Soooo safe.” Alina says, sarcastically.

“Just get in”, I say, exasperated. Everyone got in. Inside it was dark and gloomy but at least it was somewhere to sleep. We all got out our sleeping bags and I started a small fire in the middle of all our circle of sleeping bags.

“Get some sleep. I’ll take first watch, I need someone to guard with me.” I say

“I’ll do it” Erin says.

“Okay.”, I respond. Everyone except the two of us settle in their sleeping bags. Erin and I watch for three hours in complete silence but it felt like 3 years. Then we woke up Alina and Yuto. They got up and walked up to the opening of the cave. I got in my sleeping bag and let the murmur of Yuto and Alina’s conversation lull me to sleep.

I wake up to the sun peeking its head over the horizon and Max shaking my shoulder violently to get me to wake up.

“Stop it! I’m awake.” I say groggily and annoyance coloring my voice.

“Good.” Max says. Then I hit him on the arm lightly on the arm for waking me up in such a rude manner. He turns around and sticks his tongue out at me. Everyone got out except for Max and Hannah who had been on watch. We pack our stuff and start discussing what we are going to do.

“So obviously we’re gonna scout the place.” I say.

“Well duh.” Erin said.

I continue, “We’ll split up into two and one of us should stay here.”Seeing they’re about to argue, I say “But we’ll be within a distance that we can see the other group. Okay?”

Everyone nods so I say “I will lead one group and Erin will lead the other so who wants to be with me and who wants to be with Erin?”

They discuss. Then Hannah says “Yuto and Alina will go with Erin. Me and Max will be with Emily. Alex will stay here.”

“Okay.” I say. “Let’s do it. First we’ll scout the area right in front of our cave. Then we’ll meet right in front of the cave to talk. K?”

“Okay.” Erin says. Then we split and went to random places. I lead my group left of the cave and Erin leads her’s over to the right.

As we start to walk I say “Look at the ground too. There could be something there.”

“I found something!” Max says.

I yell to the other group “Guys!”. I see them turn. “Over here!” They sprint over.

“Look.” Max says pointing to the ground. On it is scribbled two letters: SW

“What could that mean? It could be someone’s initials or a place or a cardinal direction or a-” I blabber like a crazed maniac.

“What did you just say?” Max says.

I stay there stunned for a second that he was paying attention and by his interruption. Then I say slower “Someone’s initials or an abbreviation of a place or a cardinal direction.”

Max snapped his fingers “That’s it. It’s most likely a cardinal direction.  There’s not a lot of places with the abbreviation SW. Maybe an initial but that’s too complicated.”

“It might be a trap.” Alina says in a scared voice.

“But we have to take that chance. It might help us, it might lead to our deaths.” I say.

“Okay.” Alina says, still nervous.

We traveled south-west for a while, until we reached Istanbul, which was clearly not where we were supposed to go.

“Rubbish, that is! I thought we were going somewhere!” Alex exclaimed, clearly distressed.

                       Then, a lady, maybe in her thirties, ran up to us, speaking Arabic. She was dressed in a long flowing white dress that went up to her ankles. The lady had light brown, wavy hair and dark brown eyes. She then realized we were not from Turkey and drew the letter ‘N’ and put a line pointing north next to it.

                       “You mean north?” I say trying to understand.

                       “Ye-” she says, and is then cut of by a gunshot, and then she falls to the ground, bleeding from her upper back.

                       “No! You can’t be-” I yell, and is then cut off again by another gunshot.

                       She then, as her last act, draws ‘MB’ in the sand.

                       “Nooo! She can’t be dead!!” I yell out irrationally.  Tears were streaming down my face, tears of forgiveness, sadness, and frustration.

                       “Emily, we have to go!” Max yells, but muffled by the sound of me sobbing and screaming.

                       Then, they start pulling me back, and they slowly, but hastily, I follow.

                       “She just wanted to help!!” I yell.

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