The CC Games

A story of vile tales and great sacrifices.


7. The Bulgarian Traitor, or Maybe Not

“We should split up, we’ll travel faster and we’ll cover more land.” Erin suggests.

                       “Good idea.” I say, still sniffling.

                       “Well, who is team captain of each, and then the rest of us chose. We have an odd number, 7, so one captain will have one more person.” Max suggests.

“I’ll be captain!” Erin shouts, clearly excited to be bossing others about.

“I might as well be too, because you say I’m the leader. Who’s on my team?,” I say. Max, Hannah, and Yuto raised their hands.

“Okay. The rest, Erin’s team.”

                       “Yeah. You are.” Max says encouragingly. “But think about what MB could mean while you walk. Ok?”

                       “Cool.” Yuto says.

               We soon started walking to our first meet-up place, Sofia, Bulgaria. This would take a few days. The week was pretty uneventful. Walking, then sleeping, then eating, then walking over and over and over again. During this time, I thought about what MB meant. (Could it be a place or initials? Not a cardinal direction, obviously.) I ask Max, any suggestions? As always, no. (Annoying.) Then I ask “Is MB an acronym for a place?”

“Myrtle Beach and Manhattan Beach Post. Both are pretty far.” He says, clearly hopeless.

“Michael...Bradon?” I say, thinking of any common names with the initials, ‘MB’.

“Michael...Barcelona, like the city in Spain, and that guy that was responsible for the Bombing of Havana in 2128!” Max exclaims, excited.

“That’s a good point, they never caught him.” I say, hope rising within me.

“Michael Barcelona was from Bulgaria, right?!” I say.

“That’s right, and he must have some sort of high role in the CC Ranks!” He yells.

Blast! Crash! An explosion blast hits us from behind. We fall over and skid across the ground. Dust flies up in the air, and I become blinded.

“Gah!” I hear from behind me, and another blast pushes me forward.

“We’ve, I think illegally crossed the former Bulgarian border!” I yell.

“Run!” I yell.

I hear my team run as we blindly cross through a few miles of brush and plain. Finally, I stop, regaining my vision slowly. They must have got a lot of soot on them when the bomber bombed us. Behind us everything is ashes, black dusty ashes. Small fires are dwindling. I look at my team. Max is staring at the wreckage wide-eyed, like he’s in a daze or something. Hannah has soot streaked across her cheek and is looking down at her feet. Yuto is staring like Max. I probably look the same.

“Come on. We have to keep going.” I say, thinking about how the other group is.

“OK.” Max says, a little worriedly. I look at my compass, we should be heading north.

I start walking north when Max says, “Uhh. Emily north is that way.” Pointing to where the explosion was.

“No. My compass says North is that way.”I say, pointing in front of us.

“Ok. Then one of our compasses is busted and we don’t know which one is busted. Great.” Max says sarcastically.

“Stop it! Can we try and figure out which one works instead of arguing.” Yuto yells at us like a parent yelling at reckless kids.

“OK. I’ll stop when we figure out which ones busted.” I yell back at him.

Yuto puts his face in his hands and shakes his head.

“Fine. But still…” I stutter.

“Just STOP!!” Yuto yells.

I snap back at him “And you have a solution? Stop yelling at me!”

“YOU stop yelling!”

“Guys stop.” Hannah says quietly. I turn and look at her. I almost forgot she was there.

“See. Maturity.” Yuto whispers in my ear. I turn and glare at him. A death glare. He nods mockingly like he gets it.

“Oh. I have an idea.” Yuto says.

“Oh. I think I know what your plan is. We have to dress up like ballerinas and spin around and dance for you. Then whichever way one of us falls is the direction we should go. I think that’s an amazing idea.” I say, mockingly.

“That’s actually a good idea. I wanna see Max in a pink tutu.” Yuto says looking at Max. “Hey. I think you would look good in one.”

“Yuto!” Max yells at him.

“What? It’s a fact.” Yuto says. I try imagining Max in a pink tutu. It’s not working.

“Gross. Come on!” I say.

“Where are we going?” Hannah asks.

“I don’t know. Maybe we should split up and look for any sign of Bulgaria?” I say.

“Too dangerous.” Max says.

I snap back at him. “Do we have any other choice? I would like to see if you can think of a better plan, mister.”

“Yeah. I do.” said Yuto. “If you didn’t know, everyone I also have a compass.”

“Wow. I didn’t know you had one. Again why didn’t you mention this EARLIER?” I said, annoyed. (Like seriously. Why didn’t he mention this earlier? Seriously?(I have to say it again.) Gosh.)

“Yuto! I want to just… ahh!” I yell in frustration.

           I regain my voice. “Again why didn’t you think about mentioning this EARLIER!!!!!!!!!!!”

           “To be fair. You were arguing so yeah.” Yuto said.

           “Oh. Ok. So-” Then I shut my mouth. (Arguing is going to do nothing.) “Whatever.”

    Snap! “Um, what was that?” I ask.

    “Maybe we should run.” Max exclaims, clearly scared.

After a few more days, the snapping stopped. Until we finally got to an inhabited city.

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