The CC Games

A story of vile tales and great sacrifices.


3. Shudders and Shakes

Crash! Crack! Jam! The complex shuddered.

           “It’s time for your skill test.” One man walks in and says.

           “Uh, here we go again! Seriously?!!” I exclaim.

           “Stop whining young lady!” He yells at me with a glare that says ‘Shut up, you brat!’.

           “Why’d you take us here! It would have been nicer in Los Angeles!” I yell, to try to insult him.

           “Watch whatcha say young lady!” The man yells in a threatening tone and drags me and my companions out of the room and cuffs our hands together.

           “You’re comin’ to the gym, ya brats!” He yells, obviously fed up with us.

           “Fine, but first I wanna know what the heck we’re doing here!” Max exclaimed.

           “We are going’ to test ya'll on your mental and physical skills!” The man says, clearly exasperated by our questions.

           I’m just going to name this guy, Mr. I Hate You or Mr. IHY or even better Mr. You SUCK!. Just because it is necessary for this story.

           “Now ya’ll should lift up that darn 30 pound weight over there, or ya’ll get a deduction!” Mr. IHY says.

           (This place is worse than our high school. Plus this place is just plain ol’ harsh.)         

           “Fine, I’ll do it.” I say, defeated.

           The rest of the day everyone was doing pull-ups and IQ Tests. Just constant tests and more tests and even more dumb tests that got more boring and more boring until it got just plain dull. By the end of the day, I just fell onto my bed and fell asleep.

           Bomb shelling was common and by the time a few months passed, I was used to it. I was still uncomfortable about them not telling me where my parents were. The terrorists plain ol’ bombed the world, and now only 30 countries remain. The secret agency, the CIA, is keeping us here in witness protection and to train us to eventually defeat the terrorists( Just so you know the name of the terrorist group is the CC). We were able to choose our own classes then, and we all chose pretty much different things. I chose to minor in practically everything, except for seducing and entertainment. Max chose medical engineering and medical work (boring but useful, but still boring). Erin chose physical education and combat. Alina chose stealth and espionage. We all became great friends, but soon three new kids came. Their names were Hannah, Yuto, and Alex. They were super nooby compared to us. They majored in building and hacking (honestly who’s ever gonna use that?). They were nervous, and they were very scared like I was when I first came here. We stayed there for a long, LONG time. During the year of imprisonment we managed to come up with a plan. Hardly useful but still a plan.


Today, the people are gonna have a party for the anniversary of us staying here for one years(really? It’s pretty cheesy). Anyway, we are all invited. I am sooooooooooooooo excited. This is the time we have been waiting for, today we’re gonna get out of here. So here’s the plan, we’re gonna cause a ruckus in one end of the room using explosives we’ve rigged under the table opposite of the window (YAY!). I will be holding the remote. When all of us are on the side of the room with the window, I will press the button activating the explosives. While everyone’s attention is turned toward the explosion, Erin will take a crowbar that we have awesomely managed to hide in the corner of the wall and break the window open and we will all jump out the window. After we jump our parachutes will activate (again awesomely hidden under our fancy, dancy clothes) So think about this, the cake (or whatever pastry they give us) sitting there. We get to the other side, the E Wing, and I push “detonate”, and the explosion blasts everyone backwards. Then we escape. But, this would not happen as planned.

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