The CC Games

A story of vile tales and great sacrifices.


1. Running Away

Hi. My name is Emily. I live in a peaceful (I guess you could call it that) home in Los Angeles near the less city like area, call it rural if you like. I honestly don’t care at all. Anyway, if you want to know, today is January 14, 2145. I am 15 years old, nearly 16. Enough with the boring intros, let’s get into the story. (Just so you know it's kind of gruesome I suppose. If you get nauseated from that kinda stuff shut the book now; like right now.)

           On January 14, 2145, it was a normal day. (More like boring. Why? I just said to myself no intros.) I left home at 8:00, and went through the boring, regular, pointless morning periods nearly falling asleep. During lunch time, a tall man with a black suit and black dress shoes to match walked in. He started speaking gibberish and though I couldn’t see his eyes since he had tinted glasses. (Duh.) I was sure they were spinning. It was super weird. He walked over to Clarence, my super annoying neighbor. He looked terrified his face was contorted his glasses had fallen off revealing foggy, ice blue eyes which whirred in their sockets! Then, that’s when my life was destroyed, it crumbled to pieces like broken glass. He picked up Clarence with strong arms, and inserted some sort of thin metal rod into his arm. Clarence screamed out in pain, and passed out head lolling back. The creepy guy started running at other children (some my friends) and started spraying out of an thin bottle some sort of lime green gas that smelled like rotting carcasses mixed with hazardous chemicals. I quickly ran, and dashed into the city hall. Tired, I yelled for someone to come. A tall man wearing a suit like the other guy at school quickly ran over and picked me up. I screamed at the top of my lungs while writhing and even trying to punch him, but then an explosion shuddered the building which had started to fall down. They shoved me into a helicopter that was hovering overhead, even though I was resisting as much as I could. He pushed me in and the helicopter took off flying faster and faster and farther and farther till the city was a small speck. My city is being bombed by endless stealth bombers. As we sped toward the royal blue ocean, something hit the side of the helicopter with a loud clang. I couldn’t hear anything, not even my own voice. After a while, my captors finally started explaining what happened. I could barely hear, but I could still make out what they said.

           “We saved you, and we are heading to Honolulu” he says bluntly with no emotion in his voice.

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