The CC Games

A story of vile tales and great sacrifices.


5. Pamplona, Greece

“Well, we might as well look in this group of ruins.” Erin says, trying her hardest not to sob and act happy-ish (it isn’t working).

           “Let’s just ya know, walk around.” I say, trying to break the hard layer of depression layering the city. This is when we all think one thing.


           I feel a surge of rage bubble up, and I feel like I’m about to erupt in anger. Looking at everything they did, just makes me want to just stop them and throttle them all with my bare hands( I bet Erin could do that, not me though) Then, I see other people feeling the same. A fiery beast is released and we run, sprint into the streets and dash towards the biggest building we see, which is probably city hall. When we reach it, the door is like sealed shut but Erin kicks it open. It falls making the dust swirl on the ground. I sneeze. Great I’m allergic to dust. Yay. We walk in, all tense with anxiety and caution. Our footsteps combines hardly make a sound. It might as well have been the wind. Suddenly I hear footsteps coming from the left of us. My head swivels in the direction. Oh no. I whisper, “We got company.” Everyone looks. The trio in black advance toward us. “Really! Action so soon?” Max asked, annoyed. “Well I like it so too bad for you.” Erin said with the same tone Max used. We get our weapons out, and the battle begins.

           “This’ll teach you to start to attack!” One of the trio says.

           “Well, I think the American Army can destroy you!” Erin yells.

           “That American Gunk doesn’t exist anymore! Hah!” They yell.

           I feel myself flash through the images of all the cities I’ve been to in America, all the good times with my parents. Then all of them destroyed never able to happen again because of these lying, evil villains(that word doesn’t even cut it). The fiery beast I talked about earlier is released, full power and speed. I start using the combat skills Mr. You SUCK taught us and in a few minutes, the trio is on the floor, very still. I stand there, breathing heavily staring down at the evil, crazy, villainous villains(that still doesn’t cut it). I don’t think I know what just happened, but my companions are staring at me in awe. Then they say together,

           “You’re our leader. It’s a deal.”

           (What?!!? No! I can’t! I can’t take the responsibility! I can’t! I’m not worthy nor am I strong enough. No. No!) It shocks me as much as they are shocked about what I just did, and we continue to storm through and into the destroyed city hall. We feel everything that’s left for anything. I walk over to a seemingly burnt bookshelf (how dare they?! Books are awesome.) and push it. It doesn’t budge. Erin kicks it and it falls into submission. The section falls into a pit.

           “Should we go through?” Max asks.

           “It looks dangerous, but I think you can fix us if we go in, right?” Alina says nervously and slightly doubting.

           “We need to know how deep it is to know that, Alina.”

           “Well then, let’s measure! But, how?”

           “We can use the tactic our trainer taught us.” I say.

           I then take a tape measure out of her pack, and drop it. Then I take a Sharpie and drop it along the tape measure. Then, I roll the tape measure back up and the sharpie mark reached 55 feet.

           “This could be dangerous, I think we should activate our parachutes as we fall.” Max advises us.

           “Fine, we’ll do whatever it takes,” Alina says gratefully.

           We then jump in, and I do the scariest thing in my life.

           We fall for a while and then land inside of a pond of water. We walk out, soaked(I hate being wet.), and look around in awe at our surroundings. A giant library, with bookshelves without end, stretch towards infinity. Many reading chairs dot the large room, and we walk slowly around. The library looks untouched by the bomb shelling and fire. I run to one bookshelf and pull out a random book. It’s in Greek, good think the training got me to learn a few languages. The title reads “ ” (In English, of course. How convenient.) I flip through the many pages until I find one dog-eared. I read the page, and it talks about the secret exits in case of a fire here. As if jinxed, the corner of the library falls into fiery flames.

           “Guys! I know where the secret exit is!” I yell over the crackling of the flames.

           I run towards a trapdoor in the other corner of the room, yank it open, and slip into it. I fall against the wall, like a vertical slide. Then the vent shifts and then the slide suddenly turns horizontal and I slide across the floor until I hit another trapdoor, which then opens. Air blasts me up and I fly through the sky, and we fall into a cage. The cage has a cement floor, some kind of metal as the roof, and some kind of metal bars that are very close together. (Ow! Seriously?!).

           “Darn it! I thought we escaped there!” Yuto cried.

           “That was probably a trap left by the CC.” I say, thinking about who could have set this up.

           “Well, we’re not escaping anytime soon, because these metal bars are electrified.” Hannah says, as she throws a rock at it, which gets pulverized.

           “I have ice picks, we can probably get through it eventually, and we’ll mine through, slowly.” Erin suggests.

           “That won’t do anything. We need to deactivate this trap.” I exclaim.

           Everyone looks at me like I’m supposed to know all the questions in the world. Under the weight of their gazes it feels like hours till I came up with a plan.

           “Guys? Do any of you have something made out of rubber?” I ask.

           Everyone starts searching through their bags. Erin yells triumphantly, “Found something!”

           We all look. In her hands are two thick rubber pads that are mustard yellow.

           “Why do even have that?” I ask disbelief coloring my voice.

           “Dunno. Just do.”

           “What are we gonna do with that anyway, Emily?” Max asks, clearly impatient with me.

“Rubber doesn’t conduct electricity so Erin should be able to move those bars apart like Hulk so we can squeeze in between without being electrocuted.” I say in a matter-of-voice

“Excuse me? Did you just compare me with Hulk?” Erin demands.

“Guys. Stop and just do it!” Yuto says, agitated

“Fine.” Erin says reluctantly and then she moves the bars apart with the rubber pads in her hands enough for us to squeeze through.

“There.” She says out of breath.

We all squeeze through. Then we stumbled out into sunlight.

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