The CC Games

A story of vile tales and great sacrifices.


2. Meeting New Friends

Come on, I know you’re scared.” The man says mockingly emphasis the o in on and a in scared.

           I completely refuse to do anything. I am too tired and frustrated to do anything quite frankly. I want them to carry me out of here or something, just do something to me. I just sit on the helicopter seat, and thinking about what just happened. Then a  nerdy boy, about my age walks in.

           “ My name is Max.” He says clearing his throat and puffing out his chest.

           He looks as scared and confused as I do but tries to act brave. Then one girl walks in next to him and one behind him.

           “The name’s Erin, and she’s Alina.” Erin says trailing behind and rolling her eyes seeming uninterested and bored. Then she walks up to me and whispers out of the side of her mouth “He thinks he is the best”. She then steps back since Max glares at her and then rolls her eyes again.

            I can’t help but smile. I slowly walk out of my seat and walk towards them, slightly apprehensive. They all look thoroughly scarred. Max has a row of welts across one arm, Erin a gaping scar on one cheek, and Alina sting marks on her right arm. We walk through a series of what seems like endless corridors each one as empty and white as the next, until we reach a white door. I rap it with my knuckles and an sound reverberates like metal, and the men open .It starts creaking. Then they throw us into this room with white paneled walls and 2 plain bunks, which looks like a bedroom for the four of us.

“We might as well do what they want us to do, our life is already screwed up.” I say.

“Yeah. I know. Wouldn’t be nice if we could escape from here?” Erin says, sadness coloring her voice.

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