The CC Games

A story of vile tales and great sacrifices.


4. Let's Just Say, I Regret Everything I Said

The day finally came to escape. Everyone, me included, was nervous to follow out with the plan. We took some of the dynamite in storage, and tied the dynamite to the table with detonator tape and glass optic wire. So, the day went on. We trained, but right before the anniversary party, they gave us our first mission! A mission to go out into the outside world, and explore! So Mr. You SUCK gave us a sheet of paper this morning. This is what it read:

           Dear Subjects,

                       We think you have had enough training in this old building. We want to let you explore, to show you why you don’t want to go outside. Be careful. Many of the CC (the terrorists) are on O’ahu, and they are aggressive. You are going to go outside and get in the helicopter as fast as you can. We’ll then drop you off in Pamplona, Greece. Scout the area, and find a person named Michael. Capture him and bring him back here. We’ll celebrate later.

                                                                       Your Trainer,

                                                                                               Mr. Johnston You SUCK

           “What! Uh, they have to ruin the moment every time don’t they?” Erin exclaims.

           “At least we get to go outside!” I say, as I jump around like a REALLY hyper maniac.

           “Does Greece even exist anymore!?” Alina shouts like a person gone mad with happiness.

           “Come on! We meant now on that letter!!” Mr. You SUCK yells at us.

           We quickly dashed to the always-closed-but-now-open hatch on the roof in the kitchen. We climb out and into the pouring deluge. Lightning falls from the sky in large bolts. Gales rip through the trees, and water flies through the air. As we run, mini tsunamis crash against the shore, and splash us. Then gunshots crash through the harsh thunderstorm. Men in black ran through the dark and tried to ambush us. We ran as fast as we could and dashed into the helicopter. We took off, as we heard bullets hit our exterior. We quickly flew away from O’ahu and started moving west, according to my compass. We heard the sound of the deluge fade and soon, actually a few hours later, We saw a section of mainland China, as it seems. After taking a few naps and thinking a lot, we finally started to descend into the completely destroyed world. It is literally disastrous. The plants all dead. No sign of life, at all. We all looked completely and utterly surprised. I felt a terrible emptiness in the pit of my stomach. Finally, I was able to peel my eyes away from the horrible image but it was burned in my eyes, I just kept seeing it. My friends all looked how I felt, eyes dead with tears in their eyes, threatening to roll down their faces. We all just sat back in our seats and stared at either the wall or the ceiling, probably looking lost or empty. By the time we landed, most of us looked like we were thinking of a dead loved one. Most had given into the urge to cry, and or were crying. We slowly and solemnly walked out and into the deserted wasteland. You could literally not walk five meters without seeing a dead rotting body. The helicopter flew away and we started to scout the area.

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