The CC Games

A story of vile tales and great sacrifices.


9. Can A Good Oppurtunity Also Be A Bad One?

“Uh..where am I?” I say. My vision slightly blurred, a ringing sound in my ears, and a dull headache in the back of my head. As my vision cleared, I saw what looked like a crude hospital unit. An intravenous line (IV) was inserted in my right arm, and a table with a picture of…

(Oh my God, it’s my parents!) I couldn’t believe it, until my memory cleared. I was in some CC base. A surge of anger filled me, and I yanked out my intravenous line (Which hurt, bad) and sat up a little too fast. My vision blurred, and I slumped back into my hospital bed. I felt the back of my head and found an unusually large bump in the base of my neck. I started trying to figure out how to get out of the hospital without setting of alarms and or killing my insides. That’s when one of the terrorists walked in.

“What do you think you’re doing?!?!”, he yelled at me. He was the same general who had captured me. I tried to back away but he caught my wrist and put the IV back in my arm. Then shoved me back in the hospital bed and put restraints around my arm. (How did I not notice that??)  

He leaned in close enough that I could feel his breath on my face (It stunk). “You are not going anywhere, missy. So don’t even think about it.” He walks out of the cell with an air of authority.  I hear a moan to my left. I turn to my left and see Erin sleeping with a tube in her arm but I know it isn’t an IV. I can see the screen from here that what the machine is administering is not the same as mine. I try to go to her but the restraints kept me from going.(Wow. I can’t believe I forgot it was there.)  I try to use my teeth to unlock the restraints but it doesn’t open. Frustrated, I kick the hospital bed and the frame moves. (It moves. There must be wheels.)

I try waking up Erin. “Erin. Are you awake?”

She opens her eyes and turns to look at me. “I was pretending to be asleep for the last hour waiting for you to wake up.”

“Oh. Ok.” I look around for the first time thinking that there might be security cameras or guards.(Good. There are none.) “Look. We both have restraints around our wrists but I can take yours off and you can take mine off.”


“The bed moves.”

“Ohh.” We both start moving our bodies in way that moves the bed towards each other. Soon we get close enough to use our constrained hands to release our hands. We then sit up and untie our leg restraints.

“How do we get the IVs out without activating alarms?” I ask. “Oh.” ,looking behind Erin.

“Oh. What?” Erin says impatiently.

“Look behind you.” She turns.

“What? That maroon and black yin-yang looking thingy?”

“It’s a button. Push it.” Erin wiggles around in the bed, scooting toward the button. She uses the end of the bed  and swings it around and hits the button. A red light flashed then everything goes black, the door opens and our cuffs fall off. I jump off the bed and stretch.

“Great. I’m free.”

“Me too. Now let’s get outta here.” We dashed out the door. Right outside, I almost trip over a white piece of paper.

“Wait.” , I whisper to Erin. She turns. I pick the piece of paper up.

“Look. This is map, but of what?” I asked to Erin.

“Red dots, duh? What do you think it is?”she asked sarcastically.

“Oh. Of course. Because I definitely didn’t know that.” I said just as sarcastically. “But seriously, what do you think it is?”

“Hey. What are you doing outside your cell?” A tall man in the uniform jumpsuit stalks in with his gun pointed at us. We slowly stand up and turn, hands above our heads. I look at him then the map on the floor. (I need the map! I know it has some significance. But at the same time there’s a crazy guy with a gun pointed at my head. Amazing.) I make a choice. I quickly grab the map and dash past him while hunched over.

“Run!” I yell at Erin. She quickly follows my lead. While the guy behind us is shooting in the hallways like crazy. Sprays of cement hit us as we run. The sound echoing in the hallways was deafening. Glass shrapnel showers us like deadly rain. Bullets piercing the air and concrete cracking. I feel bullet graze my neck. It stings bad, when finally, for what seemed like forever, we reach the steel doors. Then Max, Alina, and Hannah run in with a vomit-inducing burns on their body with singed hair and clothes. Looked like something from a horror movie. I guess my life is a horror movie though.

    “You haven’t done that to yourself for me have you?” I ask, feeling myself fill with shame. That looks like it hurts.

    “No time, must go.” Max says, clearly exhausted.

    Erin looks like she is going to faint. But I pull her ahead, past the shattered windows and steel door. We walk into what looks like hell. The forest is burning with smoke filling the area. I start coughing, feeling the smoke fill my lungs. We run towards the only place that’s not burning, a large, apocalyptic-looking city. Once we get there we hide in a small, suburban house and catch our breath. I start talking with Hannah on how she was able to shut of the fingerprint scanner at the gate. Max starts addressing Alina’s wounds, while ignoring his. Yuto and Alex are searching their backpacks for some chemical Max needs called triphenylmethane, also known as green fabric dye. I don’t know I really don’t care. Erin is sitting with me. That’s when it hit. I feel an excruciating pain in my stomach.

    “Are you okay?” Erin asks, worried but doubtful.

    Then all of a sudden, I puke all over the floor. My head feels like it is splitting open. Everything is suddenly cold. My back hurts like hell. Erin starts calling for Max, but it seems so far away. My vision doubles and everything starts echoing. That’s when I black out.

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