The CC Games

A story of vile tales and great sacrifices.


8. An Inhabited City, Until It Wasn't!

While aimlessly scouting the place we ran into Erin’s group.

“Are those lights?!” I exclaim. There are a group of lights in the distance, somewhere around five miles away.

    “It could be a CC base.” Erin says, cautiously.

We start to dash toward the lights and then, Snap!

    “There it is again!” Hannah yells, annoyed.

    “Where are we anyway?” I ask, trying to keep the group together.

    “Somewhere on the Russian border?” Hannah says, skeptical.

    “So you don’t know how to read a MAP?!?!” Alex says, clearly annoyed.

    “No?” Hannah says, scared that Alex will retaliate.

    Crash! “We have to get there!” I yell, as rain starts pouring down.

    We dashed toward the lights. We start to make out buildings and soon, lamps.

    “Um, anyone home?” Max says, panting and knocking on the door.

A small woman opens the door and immediately cringes at me.

    “Oh, come in, come in!” the woman says in a heavy Russian accent.

    We walk inside and immediately I feel a sharp pain jack through my head.

    “Uh...that hurts.” I say, the pain making me drowsy.

    “Oh my gosh, your head!” Alina exclaims, cringing.

The woman comes out of the bathroom with some bandages and she seats me down. She gets some isopropyl alcohol out and dabs it on a gash on my forehead. And it stings like five trillion bees.

“Ow! Can you not?!” I say, annoyed but the pain started to fade away.

“Emily!” Max says, looking at me disappointedly. “She is trying to help you.”

Suddenly, the building shudders. Everyone is thrown to the floor. The only person who seems unfazed by being thrown to the floor is the weird, Russian lady.Sorry, I can’t help with my judgements of people.The Russian lady simply gets up and goes back to dabbing while I’m still sitting down. I turn around and look quizzically at her but she doesn’t make eye contact. I shrug.Oh, well. At least she’s helping.

    Max, looking shaken asks, “Ok. What the heck was that?”

    The Russian person, instead of dabbing, now applying the bandage, answers, “I don’t really know but it happens a lot.” All of the sudden,the hairs on my neck stand up. Someone is watching us.I swivel around and see to security cameras on the ceiling. How do I warn the others without alerting the cameras?

    “Oh, haha, let’s just go over, um, I… gotta take a shower!” I say, nervously.

    I usher Erin into the bathroom, checking for cameras.

    “What are you doing?” Erin asks, looking worried.

    “We need to get out of here.” I say in a hushed tone.

    “Why, they seem nice…” Erin says slowly slurring out, looking over my shoulder, “Emily watch out!”

    Bang! Someone fires something from behind me, it only grazes my side. I quickly get out my gun and shoot it at the unknown person. A horrible stench fills the room. This is that biochemical weapon that killed Clarence!

    “We have to get out of here!” I yell, running through the thick green cloud.

    My eyes sting and my sideburnsside burns while we run through the horrific stench cloud. I run into where the rest of the team should be but they are not there.

    “They must already be outside.” I say, panting and coughing.

    We get out of the house to find countless soldiers marching into the town. They have a flag on their chestplate. It sort of looks like this: approximately 15-20 soldiers are surrounding the entrance of the house in a semicircle, completely blocking us from leaving. Each soldier is in a maroon jumpsuit with black lines around the sleeves ,also holding a big, black semi automatic machine gun. I shiver. (This is not good. This is bad. This is very bad.) I see the others grab they’re handguns out. I already have mine in my  hand.

One soldier yells at us, “I am a general of the CC. The organization that was the ruin of the U.S. Put your hands up and surrender to our group.”

“Sorry. It sounds like you practiced that line a lot. But no. I won’t put my hands up or surrender to you.”, I say.

The guard’s face turns into a half smirk half malicious smile. “Very well.” He yells at his soldiers, “GET THEM!” The soldiers on command rush toward us like an oncoming tsunami. We spring into action. Three soldiers surround Erin. She takes out a double bladed sword and slices two of the soldiers in the abdomen and stabs the third in the stomach. All three fall to the ground but pretty soon three more on her. Max has one guy on him but since Max isn’t really a fighter, he isn’t fairing too well. Alina stabs the soldier attacking Max and the two pair up and start fighting as more surround them. Hannah, Alex, and Yuto form a triangle and start fighting as more soldiers surround them. No one is attacking me so I move to help Erin who is alone but the general steps in front of me, blocking me from going to Erin. He smiles at me.

“Oh, no young lady. You aren’t going anywhere.” He grabs me and holds me tight. I try to squirm away but when I do he only holds me even tighter, nearly to the point where I can’t breath.(Ok, dude. Not that tight. Thanks.) All of a sudden he lets go of me. He collapses to the ground with a stab wound in his back. Erin stands behind him with a dagger in her hand. I smile back at her.

“Needed a little help there, didn’t you?” Erin says, smirking, but all of a sudden she collapses to the ground. A big soldier has stabbed her in the back. Then a jutting pain hits me and I black out. The last thing I see is a bomb landing on the city.

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