Project 32

Two teens Brandon and Jennifer get more then they bargain for when an investigation for the color changing sky and weather changes becomes a horror movie coming to life.


3. 3



    He left me, he really left me. It was all I could think about when he left me alone in this black filled home. The only thing that showed color was the light from my flashlight, it was nerve-racking. My hands couldn’t stop shaking and my heart couldn’t stop pounding. I took a quick peek out the window as the wind was becoming strong, it howled and gusted around the decorations on the streets. The tears wouldn’t stop coming from my eyes, there was so much fear left in them. I had no time to waste, I quickly ran into the kitchen grabbing as much water bottles and granola bars as I could and dashed up the stairs. I locked the doors to my room, dropping everything onto my bed. “What is this?” I thought to myself, “What the hell is happening?” I remember writing notes into my notebook about the situation and sites that I used. While I was trapped in here, I decided to grab my book and start figuring out the situation. I tried my best to stay calm, although there was no way that could be even one percent possible. The wind became stronger, the rain started to sound like hail, I began freaking out. The house became darker as the light from the sky did the same. I went to my bed, grabbing my flashlight and my notebook, and sped through the pages. My fingers couldn’t stop, they were in panic mode. Holding my mouth in fear, the emergency alert system plays again. I was so scared, I thought it would be an intruder. The message replayed again, but I wanted to shut it off. I couldn’t move from my under my bed, Brandon wasn’t here to protect me.

    I was so worried for him if he only stayed with me. He could’ve calmed me down faster than Sonic can run. I wiped the tears from my eyes and sniffed. Where was he? I hoped he made his way home by now, who knows where he could be. “I’m going to be okay,” I whispered, “Brandon would want me to stay calm.” All I could think about was our moment on my bed. How could it get any worse? There was also my mother to worry about, she wasn’t home. I prayed she would be okay from all of this madness from outside. I flashed my notebook at a page that had my black pen writing on it and read through it. This wasn’t a tornado, there was no warm air that could possibly start a tornado. It could’ve been a strong thunderstorm, but there was also the sky and hail like droplets to think about. What if it was something supernatural?

    I urgently stopped my thoughts as a knock like sound came from my window. I investigated it from under my bed, the wind and the knocking stopped. I held my breath in agitation, waiting for another knock. The wind became louder and louder as if it was up to something suspicious. It was silent for a second until a crack sound came from the window. I hyperventilated as the cracking became more severe. Within another gust of wind, the window shattered onto my carpet floor. I let out a big scream, later covering my mouth remembering what the EAS said. I wanted to move to my closet, but pieces of glass scattered the floor. A cold wind came from the window as it circled around my body. I continued to glance at the window in tears. I can’t help but wonder, “What the actual hell is going on?”

    I couldn’t take it anymore, I grabbed my notebook and brushed the pieces of glass on the side of my bedstand. It was so much risk just walking away from my bed. I took a deep breath, quickly and deliberately slid out from under my bed, crawling to my closet. I felt pain on my knees and continued to cover my mouth. Closing the closet door, I looked at both of my knees. Small pieces of glass were covering my kneecaps. I grabbed a shirt from the hanger and put it around my hand. Brushing off the pieces of glass, I bit my lip in pain.

    “Fuck,” I whispered to myself, looking back at the shirt. It was marked with blood and pieces of glass. The cold winds made its way through the closet as I shivered. I removed the shirt from my hand and tried hard to stand up. The pain was rising when I tried to stand up. My legs shook in torture, I tried my best to ignore it. More uncontrollable tears came from my eye as a sound mimics the noise of keys. I assumed it was my mother and headed for the door, but I had to remember I needed to stay safe. The door opened, but no voice of anyones made a noise. I fastly walked back to my closet and shut the closet door behind me. I hid in a pile of dirty clothes and pleaded it was my mother. The stairs creaked, someone was walking up the stairs. I had zero weapons with me, and I could’ve been in danger in any second because of it. My hands jittered while I clutched onto pieces of clothing, shoving my head into them. It was hard not to make any noise when you know someone was in your home. Now I know how every home invader survivor felt, it was the feeling that your whole world turned around in seconds. The creaking noise came closer and closer. There was sweat coming from my forehead as tears falling from my eyes. The creaking stopped, it was silent.  “Please, god.” I whispered, “Don’t let them in here.”

    Someone started to bang on my bedroom door, nearly trying to smash it open. My heart was racing and so were my tears, my legs were shaking. I couldn’t stand still knowing someone was really in my house trying to hurt me. They continued trying to open it but stopped after a few minutes has passed. The creaking began again but faded away as they walked down. I could hear things being smashed from the distance. It all happened all at once, and I was trying to take it all in. My head was hurting from, and my tears soaked my clothes. I don’t know how people in horror movies keep from crying, it was drastic. The slamming continued and it didn’t stop. I couldn’t do anything about it, the only thing I was sure I could do was to stay silent.

    “Ring, ring!” said the home phone on my desk, immediately my heart stops.

    “No, no, no, no!” I said as the smashing from downstairs stopped. I knew they heard the noise, but there was also one coming from downstairs. I had to make a run for it, I sprinted to my desk and grabbed the phone, quickly shutting it off afterward. It seemed as if something finally went right, but I was wrong. They must’ve heard my footsteps because the steps creaked again. But this time, they were quicker, they were faster. I stood still, not knowing what to do. They banged on the door as my heart stopped. I took a quick look outside to see what was happening, and I knew as soon as I saw it, the world has gone upside down. The sky was black, the rain was hail, the wind was cold, and there were outside items and leaves covering the streets. I grabbed the flashlight from the closet and pointed it at the door, the door looked like it was breaking. I bit my lip and carefully walked my way back to the closet, closing it. They successfully kicked the door open, I took a big gulp and swallowed spit. I placed items of clothing on me as softly as I could and covered my mouth. One noise would blow my cover.

    I was scared for my life, what did they want? I continued to pile clothes on me as I realized I still had the home phone with me. If they knew anything about my home phone, they would realize they can retrace the phone by clicking a button on the answering machine. If they clicked it, the phone would ring loudly, giving me away. I wanted to kick it out, but I couldn’t do anything at that moment. I didn’t even wanna look at them, I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. I couldn’t make them leave, and that was the huge issue. I peeped through my closet blinds looking for an answer, but it wasn’t a human. They were more of a shadow than a physical being. An unknown liquid was coming from their body every step they took, it created a puddle underneath them. They were bony, really bony, and their head was shaped as an oval. They walked around in the room and walked over to my desk, my flashlight was still on. I was getting so nervous, how could I have been so stupid to leave it there? I grabbed my oversized sweatshirt next to me and covered my head, leaning down onto the wall. I creak came from the closet wall, my heart didn’t seem there anymore. My whole body was shaking in fear as the creature turned around, they stood tall. They locked eyes with the closet as the white light from its eyes showed through my clothing. “No, no, no!” I said in my head. Their figure walked closer to the closet, I tried to stop myself from shaking, but it was too hard.

    I played dead, their light seemed like the moon that got bigger from the distance they were standing at. Right now? The moon was closer than ever.

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