Project 32

Two teens Brandon and Jennifer get more then they bargain for when an investigation for the color changing sky and weather changes becomes a horror movie coming to life.

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11/22/2017 9:58:52 AM

School seemed more than different today, it seemed like everyone was in a dull mood. The only one who I’ve seen smile today was Jennifer, and she always smiles. In the gym, with a game of volleyball, barely anyone could keep their focus. It could’ve been the oddly weird chilling weather or maybe even the school’s lunch, but something was going on. As the day went on, the sky became more yellow. It wasn’t until around 8 AM when the sky became darker, it was no longer a plain yellow. It became something darker, and sunrises only last five minutes at its least. Jennifer was right, there was something more to it. No one else seen it as we did, they saw it as a normal day. It was more than weird, no one has even talked about the sky. I sat and tapped my pencil on the empty sheet of notebook paper, waiting for the algebra notes to appear on the board.

“Attention students and faculty,” said the PSA, “Due to the weather, this is now an emergency dismissal, dismissal time will be at 10:00 AM”

I looked at the clock as it showed, “9:59 AM.”

The PSA played through my head over and over again. The weather? Everyone began to grab their things and were ready to head out of the classroom, but grabbed my things and looked at the window. The sky was no longer yellow, it was a brownish yellow. “What an ugly color,” I would think, but I was more frightened than judgemental. Never seen a yellow sky, let alone a brownish one. It made me think about Jennifer’s reaction. I couldn’t wait until the school day ended even with the weather because I got to see Jennifer.

I decided, after we figure out what the sky was for hours, I was going to bring her someplace special and ask her out. Yeah, it sounds a little basic, but I was scared enough as it was. I mean, Jennifer and I have been friends longer than I can count, but risking it all for some feelings that she might not feel the same about? It was a risk I wasn’t willing to take. But, with feelings like mine, it was hard to control. It was like a gravitational pull towards her I always felt when I’m with her. Nothing ever seemed to go wrong with her, other than the silly debates we have. Even with that, we always made up in the sweetest of ways ever. It made me feel the joy to be around her. It was Wednesday, and that usually means her mother was working overtime. Meaning, no one else would be there knowing it’s just her mom and Jennifer. Deep breaths, that’s all it will take to get me through this day.

The bell rang and I quickly grabbed my bookbag, rushing into the quickly filled hallways. Searching around the hallway, people seemed like they were in a panic as they ran outside. Most of them seemed to be looking at the sky, as the school became darker. The emergency lights flicked on, but there was still no sign of Jennifer.

“Brandon!” She gasped, “Come with me!”

Grabbing her hand, she swiftly made her way outside. The suspense was positively killing me, a suspense-filled with color. We looked up. It began to drizzle, but it wasn’t just rain, the sky became darker. The sky was no longer a brownish yellow color, it was a purple. The sky was changing so drastically, it seemed more than an emergency.

“Is it not the weirdest thing?” Jennifer said, “Let’s go.”




    11/22/17 10:19:31 AM


    I continued to look out the window, while Jennifer was researching on her computer, writing down notes. The rain falling from the sky created a carpet of water onto the streets, and the strong winds were blowing the Thanksgiving decorations. It seemed like another tropical storm, but there was also the sky to think about. What was it?

    “People are saying it’s a tornado warning,” Jennifer sighed, “There’s also some saying it’s just a vivid thunderstorm.” turning around, I kneeled down to see Jennifer’s computer screen. “That’s bull!” I frustratedly pointed out, “We live in Connecticut, we don’t get tornados or vivid thunderstorms.” Jennifer closed her laptop and started writing into her notebook, “Don’t you think we’re due for one?” She says. Jennifer tapped her pencil onto the notebook in confusion, “What could it be, Brandon?” Looking back at the window, I glanced at the sky. There were no figures in the sky, just rain coming from the clouds. “Purple,” I thought in my head, it reminded me of a simple mood ring from the claw machines. In fact, it could express my mood. Usually, they meant in love, sometimes they meant the feeling of being stressed. If I’m being honest here, I was feeling both. The feeling of being alone in a room with Jennifer made my heart ache and fall to my stomach. I could’ve asked her out at that moment, but the tension was building.

“Is there anything new in the sky?” Jennifer asked.

I didn’t pay attention to what she was saying, all I could think of was watching the Thanksgiving decorations fly onto the wet roads. “Brandon!” She shouted as I jumped in fear. I snapped out of my own world of thoughts and glanced at her, “What the hell, Jen?” I asked, “What’d you do that for?” She closed her notebook and walked over to the window next to where I stood. Her perfume created a bubble around me, the flower scent smelled so beautiful. It was as if she was her own candle, a candle that I could adore for centuries. “You only answer me when I shout,” Jennifer answered, “It gets your attention.” Letting out a big sigh, I sat onto her queen sized bed. She continued to look at the window but noticed the slight frowning on my face. She closed the blinds and sat beside me as the rain dripped onto the window. It was an awkward silence, now was the perfect timing. “What if it is a tornado?” Jennifer put out, “What would we do?” I quickly got up and turned on her small radio that was on her bed stand. It was on commercial break, but I was hoping it would give us the news. “I don’t know,” I responded, “At least we’ll die together.”

“Do not say that we aren’t going to die!” Jennifer demanded, “Why with me?” All I could think of while looking at her was that I was running out of time. “Because I love you, Jennifer.” I blurred out. I didn’t want to picture what her response would be, I didn’t want to think about it either. I walked towards the window once again and leaned my shoulder onto it. “I love you, too.” She responded, “Always will.” I knew she wasn’t getting what I meant, but I couldn’t explain. The words wouldn’t leave my lips unless I forced them to. “You don’t get it,” I responded, “And you never will, Jen!”

She didn’t respond, but I could smell her perfume as she walked closer. We were only centimeters apart, she put her arms around my neck and looked into my eyes. “Calm down, Brandon.” She whispered, “I understand.” I wanted to kiss her at that moment, but her head was already moving in. I stood frozen from the fear, although the excitement was piling on over it. Her forehead rested against mine as I could hear her breathing shiver. “I always had,” Jennifer mumbled. I was unable to contain myself, I quickly brushed my lips onto hers. It was a small kiss, but we didn’t let go each other. I was begging for more, and I could tell Jennifer was too from her eyes. She quickly pressed my lips back onto mine, I was breathless with delight. I cupped the sides of her face with both of my hands as the electricity fired from our lips all the way through my body. Her kisses stole every word I had to say about her, all I could do was kiss her and feel as my heart flutters. Her hand gripped onto my dirty blonde hair, she began to walk back to her bed while I followed the leader. My heart was racing faster than ever before, was this really going to happen? She let go of my lips and placed her two hands at the end of her shirt, removing it as it messed up her hair. But, I didn’t mind it, it was her lips that made me want more. They were addictive just as I pictured it, I couldn’t let go. Jennifer laid down on her bed, tugging onto my shirt. I ruthlessly took off my casual t-shirt, throwing it onto the floor, pressed my lips onto her warm lips with a big smile. I made my way onto her bed, lying on top of her body. Her hands fell down to my back, running her small fingers onto my spine. Moving down from her lips, I imprinted mine onto her neck. She let out her little whimpers into my ear with her gentle breaths pressing against my ear.

She moved her hands onto my belt, my head was swirling. I sat up, removing my belt as she placed her hands down my chest. It seemed like nothing could stop us, as the power went out. In my mind, it was the perfect moment, but we had to stop. My heart froze in fear, stopping everything we were doing. Her radio didn’t make any sound as if the battery died out too. I quickly got up and grabbed my shirt from the floor with the most confused face. I looked outside hoping for answers. It was pitch black in her house, I couldn’t see Jennifer. It came to a point where I couldn’t see outside either. The clouds were becoming black, but the rain poured harder and the wind became a fierce rustling sound. You couldn’t hear the birds chirp, you couldn’t even hear the crows. I could feel the rough winds press again the window. “What is happening?” I panicked. Jennifer got up from her bed as her bed springs made a loud noise. She quickly walked to her desk, grabbing a candle and a lighter, flicking the lighter to light her candle. “Hold this,” She asked, handing me a candle as she ran to her drawer. Opening it, she grabbed two flashlights from her pack of three and turned them on. She held it close to her, with her shirt not on still, strolling her way to the window. Jennifer was speechless, and so was I. We were too teens in a house alone, not knowing what to do. We sprung in fear as a continuous beeping noise came from her small radio. In fear, Jennifer flashed her light onto the radio, putting the volume up higher.

ATTENTION. ATTENTION. This is the Emergency Broadcast System. Take shelter immediately. Take shelter immediately. This is not a drill. An enemy attack is being launched against the United States. Take shelter immediately and stay tuned to this frequency for further instructions.

The message repeated 3 times with 15-second intervals, something great changed to something serious within minutes. Jennifer was stunned and her hand was shaking. There was something more to it, it wasn’t a missile attack from another country. If it was, the sky wouldn’t change so drastically. I swallowed spit and held Jennifer’s shaking hand. She was frozen, her feet were glued to the floor. The beeping noises continued with no spacings through it. It wasn’t just a regular emergency alert, and we both knew it. Jennifer didn’t move the light from her radio, her body built up with horror.


Jennifer and I glanced at each other, quickly running down the stairs to the front door. Jennifer picked up her shirt and ran after me, “You’re not leaving, Brandon!” She said. I opened the door as Jennifer closed the door before I could leave. “Did you not hear what it said?” The message repeated in the distance, I looked at Jennifer and held onto the doorknob. “My family is there, Jennifer.” I responded, “I need to go before it’s too late.”  I opened the door as fast as I could and ran like there was no tomorrow up the hill. “Brandon!” Jennifer cried out. I hated the thought of leaving her alone, but I had a little brother and mother back home to think about. There was no stopping me there, and I made sure of it. I looked back to see if Jennifer was still at the front door, and she was. I could see the tears dripping from her eyes as her face became red. “Lock the door, Jennifer!” I yelled out, “I love you!”  I couldn’t hear her response, but I knew she told me she loved me. The skies became dark and the wind was pushing my feet. This time, I knew I had no time left. All I could feel was pure fear running through my mind. My clothes were soaked from the heavy rain and so were my shoes, I couldn’t stop running. I should’ve listened to Jennifer in the first place. There was something truly wrong, and she knew it.


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