Project 32

Two teens Brandon and Jennifer get more then they bargain for when an investigation for the color changing sky and weather changes becomes a horror movie coming to life.

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11/22/2017 7:20:32 AM


Antarctica, one word that could explain the feeling of the bus stop. The cold licked at my olive-skinned face and crept under my wool made jacket. It wasn’t winter yet, but the leaves have already fallen down the oak trees and the roads were getting slippery as the days went on. The stop signs showed ice covering the sign, almost as if it was glistering. It seemed like everything was changing. It wasn’t just the weather, it was also all around. It was simple things like the bus becoming more late than usual, and more people getting sick as winter comes in. Again, it was only autumn. Then, there was the clouds and the sky. Every morning since the beginning of November, it has gotten more yellow each day. I always thought it was the sunrise coming up later than usual. A week in November and my mindset changed.

Brandon said it was just sunrise and the atmosphere. I didn’t agree with him, there was more to it. Brandon and I have been friends since the third grade, and when it came to science and theories, we never agreed. In fact, we would never agree on something unless it was on someone we both don’t like. We still ended up as the best of friends, maybe it was just a chemistry thing. Little does he know, I had, and still have, the biggest crush on him. It was just something about him that made me smile wherever, whenever, or whatever it was. Our little childish disagreements meant nothing to me when it came to him. Sometimes, at night, I couldn’t sleep, because he was always on my mind. Legend says that “When you can’t sleep at night, it’s because you’re awake in someone else’s dream.” I refuse to believe it, but the tossing and turning were there at times, I was restless.

In fact, last night was one of those nights. The night of heavy thinking, and you can’t seem to sleep because something was on your mind. It got to you, and you couldn’t do anything about it. It was like you were wrestling with the dark, trying to find comfort in it. You always lose, and you never win. I was tired, my bones were so weak, my bookbag became the heaviest thing ever at that point. My eyes were nearly shutting from waiting so long for a bus that might not come. It felt like I was going to die falling asleep on the cold street filled with iced leaves. There was no one at my bus stop except me.

It used to be Brandon and me since he lived up the street, but his dad had his time schedule changed and insisted to bring him to school every day. Ever since that, I was alone. At least if I fall asleep on the ground, no one will see me do it.

I closed my eyes fully, waiting to get some energy for the rest of the day. Only a minute after, the sounds of the wheels from a bus glided onto the streets, stopping as it reached me. I opened my eyes quickly acting as if they were never closed, and walked onto the bus to find an empty seat. I sat down and looked at my reflection from the window. I seemed miserable, everyone on the bus did. It was an early dismissal since it was the day before Thanksgiving, and everyone had to get prepared.

I watched the streets move in my vision while I slightly jumped from my seat because of potholes. It seemed like any other day, but today was different. I could see my breath as I breathed out from my mouth, and the sky became more yellow than ever. Maybe I was tired enough to mistake colors, so I had to look it up. I grabbed my phone from my pocket, searching on Google about the yellow skies. There was nothing specific on the yellow skies, as everyone seen it as the sunrise. I closed the tab, on my way to turn my phone off, as I get a text from Brandon. Clicking on it, I read to myself, “Did you see the yellow sky?”

It was like he was reading my mind, right at that moment he knew, “Of course I did,” I texted back, “There’s something wrong.”

I knew he wouldn’t believe me when he heard me say, “There’s something wrong about the yellow sky,” but I couldn’t keep my mind off the topic. It was apart of my love for science that gave me such a craving to it. Brandon and I were always the investigators of things unsolved, it was something we always did. That’s how our weekends were spent, with each other. Staying up until 3 AM trying to solve cases. My mother usually didn’t approve of us sleeping over each other’s houses, since he was a teenage boy. To my mom, teenage boys were always trouble. The usual cliche mom of our generation, every boy was trouble in their eyes. Although, the only exception of us being at each other’s houses were because of how close we were. She didn’t approve, but she let it happen. That’s why she enjoys the no closed door rule. Looking back at the yellow sky, I prayed in my head Brandon and I would have a future together. Life wouldn’t be the same losing him.

The bus stopped as we finally reached the crowded courtyard of the school, I quickly got up and searched everywhere for Brandon. He was nowhere to be found, but it didn’t stop me from looking. People were entering the school, while people there were others entering school grounds. I stopped looking and caught my eye on the sky. It was more yellow than before, like a yellow Sharpie Highlighter with a dash of the dark. I was frightened, it looks like a day in a movie that took place in Texas or Arizona. There was always that yellow tint from the sky falling onto them. That’s how it felt, a scene from a high school movie. Every movie has that big thing where it goes slow motion when someone passes by, and Brandon was that person.

I looked around as the cold wind made my hair block my view. I removed the hair off of my face and noticed Brandon. Standing 10 feet ahead of me, I walked over with confidence while the wind brushed over my shoulders. “Mac!” I waved, “Over here!”

You’d probably ask why I said Mac instead of his actual name, and you’re right to think about it. Mac and cheese have been our favorite meal since we were kids. Knowing that we used it as code for each other, but it was also describing us. One can’t simply be one without the other, it was just a simple fact.

As I caught his attention, he smiled and ran over to me, pushing everyone else away. In a way, it felt like a relief. “Hey, Cheese!” He grinned, “Before you talk about the yel-”

I put my hands over his mouth, cutting him off. “Just look at it, “ I said, “Doesn’t it seem a little suspicious?” Removing my hand, he was speechless. All he could do was look at the sky and think of it as something of the afterlife, or at least I did. “My house after school,” I whispered, “Project 32 is in action!”

    The bell rang, and I swiftly went and headed to my class as Brandon watched from behind me. I heard him laugh, I turned around quickly to see what he was laughing about, but he was already gone. Ignoring his disappearance, I looked at the sky one last time. I couldn’t wait to go home and figure out what this meant, and what research had to be done to find out. With a small grin, I quickly went into the school and headed straight to my class without seconds to lose.

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