Our Anti - Direction

Del University, a place to educate higher end students who have a dream to be successful. What happens when four boys aren't like everyone else?

A story in which each boy comes from a successful family. One boy already has a child, one is struggling with his sexuality, one is involved with a teacher, and the other is a serial killer in the making.

How will these boys survive their lives? Or will the demon in one of them state to shine through?

1. 1


"Oi! Mate, can I please have a few shots over here, good ol' pal." Liam spoke with a wide smile, his hands placing on the bar counter to lean closer to his best friend, Zayn. "It's our day to finally relax." Liam smiled, his best friend jumping over the bar two bottles of vodka and shot glasses in his hand. 


"Run, mate. On the count of three... one... two... three..." Zayn spoke quietly before his best mate and him ran through the bar. Two bodyguards went to chase after them but they lost track of them once they were outside. Liam and Zayn successfully hid with their bodies against the building, the trees swaying through the breeze. "Off to Del we go." Liam laughs as the two of them run to their motorcycles. 


The breeze outside was warm, yet cold from the air mixing between nature and the wind that was created from their motorcycles. "Mate, we have to hurry." Liam yelled as they both sped up, their motorcycles revving in the quiet, midnight streets. 



Their university was displayed in the distance, the loud noise behind them worrying them until another bike zoomed past them. "You snooze, you lose." Louis squealed loudly, his voice disappearing as he drove past his friends. Louis was the second to return to their university, his eyes glaring at Harry who was leaned against a tree, a cigarette in his mouth. 


"You fuck, did you even get the weed?" Louis laughed, his hand ruffling his friend's hair. "I've got the weed, and the lads got alcohol. We all are set for a good time." Zayn and Liam were last to pull into their school. Once the alarms started to sound, they all quickly ran to hide the evidence. 


"Oi, mate, hide my bike and I'll hide the evidence." Niall suggests as Harry nods. Harry turns around only to be faced to face with their Administrator. "Harold Styles, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson; to my office now." He said, a few of the university body guards grabbing the three of them.




The administrator began to talk as they walked through the building on campus. "You all came here with a straight 4.0, you all have wealthy and generous parents; why are you all acting very stupid?" He asked, his head looking back to look at the younger men wearing their skinny jeans and leather jackets along with different colored v-neck shirts displayed over their chests. "I'm so disappointed in all of you."


Harry sighed; they continued to walk towards the main hall, which contained their administrators building along with guidance counselors. One of the guards opened the doors for them. "Take a seat." One man said, before scooting three chairs into Mr. Franco's office. 


Silence grew throughout the room, Mr. Franco and the boys staring at each other. Louis was the first one to speak. "Sir, please don't call my mum, she will be very disappointed. I'll do anything." 


Mr. Franco sighed, his hand moving to run through his hair. "I know you all aren't bad young men. You've earned your spots in this University but we either work out this situation as adults or else I'm going to have to expel you all." 


Liam nodded. "I prefer we work it out as adults, Sir. We apologize for our actions, it won't happen again." 


Mr. Franco smiled, his arms crossing over his built chest. "I think we can find a way." He picks up a clipboard. "I'm going to sign you guys into some social clubs."


Harry lets out a loud laugh as he shakes his head. "You're insane, you mean with those selfish pricks that act as their popularity really matters here? How about no, expel me." 


Mr. Franco smirked, his pen writing Harry's name down. "Harold Edward Styles. Want to know what social club you're in? I'd like to introduce you into our DUDC." He smiled. "It's whole name is Del University Dance Club."


Harry's fists clenched as he stared at the man in front of him. "Of fucking course, way to degrade a man." 


Mr. Franco ignores his remark before turning to look at Zayn and Louis. "Mr. Tomlinson, you will be placed into DUHT, Del University Hockey Team. As for you, Zayn Malik, you will be placed into DUWO, Del University Writing Organization. Liam Payne, last but not least, you will be helping me at my office. I need an assistance and lucky for you, there's no club fo you. You all may be dismissed. Have a good time." He smiled as the guards moved the young men towards their separate dorm rooms.

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