The Xbox Experiment

I got my Xbox taken away. I don’t see this as a punishment, but rather an experiment or trial. So, I’m documenting my first 25 days of the now called “Xbox Experiment” and this is the result. (THIS IS STILL HAPPENING CURRENTLY)


1. Day 1

Oct. 5, 2017, 4:28


I feel like I will never see my friends Ink (BaySlenderCat), Shadow (ShadowStorm1014) and Blur (BLuR R3AP3R) ever again, but I’m just reminding myself, “It’s a test,” which still doesn’t help. I just got out of school an hour ago. I’m feeling really tired right now. I guess I’ll just take a nap. Got nothing else to do. But before I do that, I want to know if any of you are doing better than me right now. I’m currently mainly focusing on this book (?) right now, but I have updated “Press Start” (which I’ve decided I will later rename “Press Start To Begin”) and I do plan on updating everything in it. I feel sad that it took 3 months for me to see how cringeworthy it and all of its contents really are. Anyway, I might update this when I’m done with my nap. Peace!




I couldn't sleep. At all. I think I learned how to tag people in stuff though! And it’s all thanks to my friend (are we friends? I think we are..?) BB. Not too sure if tags work in stories, so..

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