Just a little girl?

Wolverine/Rogue fanfic!

When the institute is attacked by the army, Rogue is among the captured students.
Stryker finds that she will fit perfectly into his X-23 program. 9 months later, she gives birth to a little girl, who not only has Logan's hair, but also his powers.
Being parents is one thing, but how will the couple handle it, when Stryker takes their child, and turns her into the weapon he intended?

Til AU konkurrence; mulighed nr 3


7. chapter 7

Note: the song "You'll be in my heart" doesn't belong to me


"Class dismissed!" Logan said.

The students, who had been standing in a strict line, instantly left the danger room. Once again, Logan had, had to play teacher, since Cyc, `wasn't feeling well´ as the Professor had described it. Again. Logan didn't get why the Professor kept asking him to cover for him. The whole institute knew what really was wrong: Scott had never recovered after Jean's death. And he probably never would, if he didn't pull himself together. Sure, he had his good days but most of the time it seemed like it was going down the hill… So Logan would have to be sub for now.

He wouldn't admit it of course, but he actually liked it. His memories from being in the army gave him a great advantage, when it came to assert himself to the kids and make them follow his orders.

It was about eight o'clock, when he carefully opened the door to their room. Already before he walked in, he could hear his wife's soft voice singing to their daughter: "For one so small, you seem so strong. My arms will hold you, keep you safe and warm. This bond between us, Can't be broken. I will be here. Don't you cry,"

Logan felt like he could watch her for hours, as she walked soothing around, rocking Laura in her arms, as her sweet voice lulled their daughter to sleep. Logan knew that it wasn't a real lullaby. It was a song from one of Marie's favorite movies from her childhood. And somehow, he felt like the song couldn't fit any better.

Marie looked up and smiled at him. Logan walked over and firmly laid his hands on her shoulders, to let his body press against hers and looked down at Laura, whose eyes was about to close.

"When destiny calls you, you must be strong. I may not be with you, but you got to hold on they'll see in time, I know we'll show them together," Marie continued. Logan hummed the melody and moved in pace with her. "'Cause you'll be in my heart. Yes, you'll be in my heart from this day on, now and forever more. You'll be in my heart. No matter what they say. You'll be here in my heart. Always."

Laura finally fell asleep, and Marie placed her in the cradle, beside their bed.


Rogue woke up in the middle of the night, only to see, that Logan once again had caught on Laura's small whimpering, and had taken care of her, before she started crying. He was once again sleeping in the chair, holding Laura in his arms.

Rogue loved the sight of the two of them, but she would lie, if she said that she wasn't the least bit surprised to see how well Logan handled the role as a father. When he was with Laura, it almost seemed like he changed into a whole new person. At least that was what Jubilee claimed. She had countless times, asked what the heck had happened to the Wolverine.

Rogue wasn't surprised that, that was what they others would think, but she knew that it was a part of him. A part that he had been hiding deep inside and ignoring, so nobody would see it, not even himself, but she had seen it. She had been able to see it since the day they first met, even though it was very small. It was the part of him that wanted to protect the people he cared about. The part that would do anything to make sure that they were safe and sound. It was that part, that had made him save her life back then. And the very same part, would make sure, that Laura would grow up happy, and protected from even the tiniest threat.

She pushed the cover aside and walked to the chair, where she knelt down beside him. "Logan," she whispered, and carefully touched his arm.

He immediately tightened his arms around their daughter and opened his eyes looking around.

"Hey," Rogue said, catching his attention.

He looked down at her, and seemed to relax a little more. "Hey, darling."

"How about that the two of you go back to bed, huh?"

Logan looked down at Laura, who was still sleeping in his arms, and nodded. Rogue watched, with a smile as he carefully putted Laura back in her cradle.

"What?" Logan asked, when he saw her looking at him.

"Nothing," Rogue mumbled and shook her head. She climbed back to bed, and he laid down beside her, pulling her close. She kissed him softly, before resting her head on his chest.


The sound of a child's laughter filled the room. Laura's small hands reached into the air, trying to grab the blue tail, that was hanging above her.

"Uhh, she's almost got it! Come on girl, you can do it!" Jubilee cheered. She was sitting on the floor, in Logan and Rogue's room, while Kurt was sitting on the bed, beside Rogue, holding Laura. Kurt lowered his tail enough for Laura's small hand to grab the tip. "She caught it!" Kurt said. "You caught my tail, kleines Mädchen!"

"Of course she did!" Jubilee said. "Don't, worry, girl, I'm gonna teach you everything about the power of being a woman!"

"How about letting her enjoy being a child the first couple of years, huh?" Logan suggested.

"Hmm... Well you're the daddy, so I guess, if you say so, Wolvie," Jubilee said. She laid down on the floor, bending her head backwards, to stretch her neck. "Hey, what do we have here?" she exclaimed, when her eyes caught on the book on the lowest shelf in the bookcase. She grabbed it and sat up. "Seriously, guys, who keeps picture in photo album anymore?"

"People who are keeping with traditions," Logan answered. Jubilee opened the book. "Aww look! It's your wedding day, guys!" She sat up on the other side of Rogue. "Chica, you were so beautiful in that dress! Especially with that belly! Just big enough to tell that you were four months pregnant!"

"Can you believe, that that was almost a year ago?" Kurt asked.

It had been one of the happiest days in Rogue's life, right after giving birth to Laura. She could clearly remember the day that Logan had proposed to her:

They had taken his motorcycles for a ride to the woods, where they liked to spend time together, away from everybody else. Where nobody could see them or hear them, and they couldn't see or hear anybody but each other. Rogue loved the woods, and she had been enjoying its beauty, when Logan had taken her hands and looked her deeply into the eyes, as he had knelt before her.

Rogue was never gonna forget what he had said: "Marie. You know that I'm not very good with words. But when I decided to give you a ride... I was the best decision I've ever made. You've always made me feel something. Something I haven't felt since I lost my memory. At first, I didn't understand what it was, but I do now. I love you, Marie."

He had let go of her hands and pulled out a small black box. Inside it was a beautiful ring, with three small diamonds! "So what do you say, Marie? Will you be mine?"

Tears had been running down Marie's cheeks, as she nodded. "Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes!" Logan put the ring on her finger, before she wrapped her arms around his neck, crying from happiness, while he swung her around.

They got married a month later. They had planned on something small and simple, but that simply isn't possible when you are friends with Jubilation Lee. She made sure that nothing was the slightest bit too small or simple: Rogue didn't even have to ask, if she wanted to be the maid of honor. Jubilee helped pick, the cake, the dress, the decorations, everything!

Rogue actually liked it, but she reminded herself that she wasn't the only one who was getting married. "You are sure that it isn't too much?" Rogue asked.

"Nothing is too much, as long as it makes you happy, darling," he answered, so they let Jubilee do her work and thanks to her, they had a big beautiful wedding, with the whole mansion invited (even Bobby and Kitty were there).

Everyone congratulated them, but Rogue didn't have to be psychic to know what many of them were thinking: they were going too fast.

But Rogue didn't care.

Sure, she had thought of it herself, but she knew that this was right. She could feel it! She knew that she loved Logan, and he loved her. And it was not just by telling each other. Almost every action towards each other was filled with some kind of loving affection: He had helped her after he found out that she thought she had saved his life, he had given her his dog tags, to show her that he cared, he had saved her from Magneto, then done everything he could to save her from Stryker, she had given helped him get back his memories… And not just that; every touch was filled with love, every hug, every kiss, every caress… They were made for each other!


Rogue ran down the hall, holding Laura in her arms. Dammit, where was Logan? She knew that he was back from riding motorcycles with some of the other guys, but she didn't know where in the mansion they were...

Finally, she found him, in other end of the hall, with Hank, Kurt and Bobby (who Hank had invited).

"Logan!" she called, as she walked towards him.

"Marie?" Logan's first thought was that something was wrong. Marie usually wanted to give him some `man-time´ when he was with the guys. But then he realized that she was almost beaming at him. "Did something happen?"

"Laura said her first word!" she answered and handed Logan their daughter.

"Really?" Logan asked pretty surprised. He wasn't sure when it was normal for a child to talk, but it still seemed pretty early. "What did you say, Half-pint?"

The little girl smiled widely. "Bub!"

Logan almost felt his heart drop to his stomach and his smile started to fade.

"Did you hear that?" Kurt said. "She said `bub´! She sounds just like her father, don't you, kleines Mädchen?"

"Come on, guys, it's obvious that she is trying to say Bobby!" Bobby said and walked closer, but stopped when Laura started to growl at him.

"Laura, we talked about this;" Logan said. "No growling!" It was mainly been the way she communicated. She was 9 months old by now and she would very rarely try to talk baby-talk. Instead, she would make sounds in approval for the things or people she liked, and growl, for example, if somebody she didn't like came too close, like now. Of course, she didn't know that Bobby had been in a relationship with her mother, but somehow she knew that her parents didn't like him too much...

"Yep. She is just like you, Logan," Bobby said.

Logan resisted the urge to growl at him.


"Are you sure that you can handle it?" Rogue asked for the fifth time.

"Come on, chica. Have a little faith in me, will ya?" Jubilee asked. "It's just a couple of hours, and Kurt's gonna help out, so how hard can it be?"

Suddenly Kurt teleported to her side. "Freund!" Laura cheered, and reached her hands towards him. For some reason Laura loved his teleportations, especially when she teleported with him.

"Ha, speak of the devil!" Jubilee laughed as she handed the child to him. "Guten Tag, kleines Mädchen," Kurt said.

"Well, you two should get going," Jubilee said, and directed Logan and Rogue towards the door. "The class is gonna start in ten minutes."

"But..." Rogue tried.

"No, buts! We'll be fine. Now go!"

Rogue kissed Laura's forehead. "See you soon, sweetie," she said before Jubilee practically pushed her out of the door.

"Are you sure, this is a good idea?" Marie asked and looked over her shoulder towards the closed door.

"They'll be fine, Marie, stop worrying. It's just a couple of hours," Logan said and put an arm around her. "Besides; you haven't trained in nearly three years. Trust me, this will be good for you."

"Yeah, you're probably right," she mumbled as the walked down the hall, towards the danger room. She knew it was silly of her to worry so much, but she simply couldn't help it! It was her instincts as a mother.

Sure, Logan and her had been out a few times, after that she had stopped breastfeeding, where Storm had taken care of Laura, but now that she was old enough to walk, sometimes even run, they had to keep an extra eye on her.

Despite that Laura was only two years old, she had a habit of getting into trouble. Like the time, Rogue had, had her back turned for only ten seconds, to find a toy that had rolled in under the bed, and Laura somehow had managed to open the door, and get out. Rogue had searched the whole mansion, until the Professor had contacted her telepathically, and told her to come down to the kitchen, where he had found Laura, stuffing herself with Storms chocolate cake...

Logan had been laughing his ass off, when she had told him. However he hadn't thought it was funny at all, when Laura somehow, had realized that you could use the chandelier as a swing and he had had to stand on a table to get her down... (They had no idea how on earth she had gotten up there in the first place).


"So, I guess, that went well," Logan said, when they were walking back towards their room.

"Oh yeah, wonderful," Rogue mumbled. It hadn't taken long for her to realize how out of shape she was when the danger room was turned on, and they ran around in what seemed to be the end of the world, with a giant, mutant-killing robot (for some reason the Professor found it necessary for them to be prepared for something like that...).

"Hey, you haven't been in the field since, you found out that you were pregnant. It's only natural for you to be out of training. Besides you did better that, a certain someone else," Logan said, when Bobby and Kitty walked past them, none of them looking too proud of themselves.

Rogue couldn't help giggling. "Yeah... But seriously, Logan, Storm is right. You can't just dismiss a class, whenever you feel like it. I know it didn't go well, but it's not like we could get killed in there for real..."

"Hey, as I said: I'm just a sub. And frankly, I think I did everyone a favor," Logan said, and nodded towards Kitty and Bobby.

"You're right. I never realized that a danger room session could turn you on like that," Rogue laughed. She could still hear Logan say: "The whole world is going to hell, and you are gonna fuck, instead of doing something useful?"

"I have to admit I would prefer to do it somewhere at little more tasteful," Logan said.

"You mean like the time we did it in the bathroom, on our honeymoon?" Rogue suggested.

"Exactly. Or like that time we did it in Cyc's new car."

"Those seats sure were comfortable," Rogue said and kissed him. "How about that we have some more fun soon?"

"Sounds good. I'm sure that we can convince `Freund´ and `auntie Jubes´ to babysit again," Logan said, pulling her closer.

"We could say you have invited me to a fancy restaurant," Rogue said.

"Yes. A restaurant that only serves dessert," Logan whispered against her lips. They managed to let go of each other, before they entered their room.

"There you guys are!" Jubilee said and pulled them in. Laura ran over to them and Logan picked her up.

"The most amazing thing happened! You have got to see this! Kurt, give me another candy!" Kurt took a piece out of the bag of sweets. "Laura! Would you like another game of 'getting warmer'?"

"Yeah!" the little girl cheered. Logan put her down and she covered her eyes.

"Now, no peeking," Jubilee said. She started walking around the room, looking for at place to hide the candy. She ended up hiding it in the bed. "Good, now find it, kiddo!"

Laura removed her hands and started walking around the room, looking for the candy. At first, it seemed like she was just looking, but then she started to take small, quick breathes through her nose. She walked towards Kurt who was holding the bag of sweets.

"No, no, you're getting colder, kiddo."

Laura stopped, turned around and sniffed in the air again. She then walked towards the bed, still sniffing.

"Getting warmer, kiddo."

Laura grabbed the cover, and used all her strength to pull it off the bed, until the candy fell down on the floor. Laura picked it up, and proudly handed it to Jubilee, who took that candy and picked up the toddler. "Nice job, kiddo."

She gazed at Logan and Rogue, who were staring at their daughter, literally stunned by what they had just witnessed.


"Logan?" Marie asked, and sat down on the bed. He was having that look on his face again, as he stared at the ceiling. She had seen it before:

She had seen it, when he had realized she was pregnant with his child, when Laura had said her first word, the first time she had growled at Scott… "Talk to me."

"She is just like me," Logan mumbled, without looking at his wife.

"Of course she is, Logan. She is your daughter." It seemed better than saying something like `we knew that this would happen´...

"You know, that it's not just that, Marie," Logan said and looked at her. This was what he had feared. He sat up and swung his legs over the other side of the bed, so he was sitting with his back turned to her. "She's only 2, and she's already becoming... becoming..." "Becoming what, Logan?"

"Damn it, Marie, no matter how much we want it… No matter how much we try to pretend... Laura is not like the other kids here! She was made as a weapon."

"She's our daughter, Logan!" Marie said sharply. "I know, how I got pregnant, and I know, that you are worried. Don't you think I'm worried about her too? But we can't change the past. The only thing we can do, is make sure that she feels accepted, that she feels safe, that she feels... loved!"

"And what if that isn't enough?" Logan asked.

Marie sighed. She crawled across the bed and wrapped her arms around him. "Then we'll figure that out too."


"Sir, the submarine is ready."

"Good," Stryker said. It had been four years and nine months but it was finally time to take back what was his. They had used the time to prepare for her arrival.

They collected as many of the surviving experiments, weapons and other inventions from the old base, and built a new one. A base, they were sure wouldn't be found, not even by Professor Xavier!

Stryker smiled. Everything was slowly falling into place.

 Dette er sidste kapitel før slutdatoen

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