Just a little girl?

Wolverine/Rogue fanfic!

When the institute is attacked by the army, Rogue is among the captured students.
Stryker finds that she will fit perfectly into his X-23 program. 9 months later, she gives birth to a little girl, who not only has Logan's hair, but also his powers.
Being parents is one thing, but how will the couple handle it, when Stryker takes their child, and turns her into the weapon he intended?

Til AU konkurrence; mulighed nr 3


4. Chapter 4

The soldiers led Rogue down a hall. Two of them had a very tight grip on her arms, while the three others were walking behind her with their guns loaded.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked.

None of them answered.

There had got to be some way, she could get out of here. What if...? She concentrated, and felt the pain of the claws in her hands. She still had Logan's powers!

She looked at the soldier on her left, before she kicked him in the hollow of the knee, making him lose enough balance for her to pull her arm free and use it to cut the one on her right, in the arm, making him let go of her!

The three other soldiers immediately started shooting at her, while she kicked backwards, hitting the left solider in the face and stabbing the right one in the chest!

For some reason, she didn't feel half as affected of the anesthesia arrows as earlier. Probably because her mutated immune system recognized it, and was able to fight it faster this time, and it made her feel powerful as hell! This must be how Logan felt, when he was cage fighting, and he let his inner Wolverine get loose!

She turned around to the shooting soldiers.

"Come on, girl," one of them said. "We are willing to forget all about this little incident. If you will do a couple of favors for us."

"Eww!" Rogue answered. She ran straight towards them, ignoring the many arrows that broke through her skin. She managed to cut and gut two of them, and now she was standing in front of the last one, who had his useless gun pointed towards her, which she kicked out of his hands! The soldier looked at the gun on the floor, but instead of trying to pick it up, he pulled out a knife.

Rogue attached her fist and had her claws ready, but right before she hit him between the eyes, she pulled back her claws, and touched him, skin to skin!

He gasped for air, and she held on, until she was sure that he wouldn't wake up the next two weeks! She let go and looked at the soldiers lying at her feet, while she caught her breath.

What had she done? This wasn't her... She hadn't wanted to hurt them... No. This had been the Wolverine taking over, making her follow her instincts, and do what she had to, for survival.

She took a deep breath, before she ran back to the casing, and the others, to get them out of here! She stopped at least 20 feet away from the door, when she realized that someone was standing in front of it.

The large man wasn't armed. He just smiled and clapped his hands. "Bravo. Just what I had expected!" he said.

Suddenly Rogue felt something metal getting put on her neck, from behind. She tried to take it off, but as soon as she pulled it, a massive electrical shock ran through her body and she fell to the ground, gasping.

"Don't bother, my dear girl. The collar is designed to make sure that you'll behave, while we have a nice little talk," the man said.

"Who are you?" Rogue yelled.

"How rude of me. I haven't introduced myself." He reached a hand down towards her. "My name is William Stryker."

Rogue looked at his hand.

"Don't worry, I'm wearing gloves, so you won't be able to absorb me," he said.

Rogue's eyes widened. "How do you..?"

"Oh, I know quite a lot about you and your little friends," he answered.

Someone grabbed her upper arms and pulled her to her feet. Rogue tried to get free, but whoever was holding her, had a very strong grip.

"Rogue, this is my personal assistant Yuriko Oyama also known as Lady Deathstrike," Stryker said.

He walked past them, and Lady Deathstrike, made them follow him. They walked down the hall, past the soldier, who Rogue had knocked out and into a little office like room, where Lady Deathstrike made her sit down in a chair.

"I have to admit that I'm impressed. I expected you to take down my soldiers, but I didn't expect you to do it that fast," Stryker said. "Maybe you do live up to your name after all, as the Rogue? Or maybe you just got it, when you absorbed the powers of the Wolverine?" Rogue gasped. He knew about Logan?

"Oh yes, I also know about that friend of yours," Stryker said, like he had read her mind. "You see, more than fifteen years ago, he volunteered to go through the procedure, which would make him the super weapon; Weapon X. By giving him the unique metal on his bones, he would be strong enough to defeat any enemy. Unfortunately, he refused to work with me and I moved on to my next project: weapon XI."

Rogue followed him with the eyes. What was the point of him telling her this? And more important: There had got to be a way out of here. She moved her focus from Stryker, to Lady Deathstrike, who was standing behind the chair, with her bare hands holding her shoulders, but as soon as she let go of her control, she felt a warning shock go through her neck.

"Let's just say it didn't work out either, but I didn't give up," Stryker continued. "And now, I've finally found the perfect solution. I call it: X-23. I'm only missing one last piece. And here you are."

Rogue breathed deeply. "I'm not gonna help you with anything!"

"No. I guess you won't help anyone, but your precious Wolverine. I have to say, I understand what he sees in you. You are absolutely gorgeous." His hand reached out and grabbed her breast.

"Don't touch me!" Rogue yelled and kicked him between the legs!

Stryker walked backwards in pain, while she was hit by another shock from the collar. Stryker looked up, eyes filled with anger, as he walked towards her again with large and fast steps and grabbed her face with one hand, fingers pressing on her cheeks, leaning down, so their faces were inches from each other. "As I was going to say:" he hissed. "Since you've got Wolverines powers, you should be able to survive the procedure, for the X-23 program."

"I won't have his powers forever," Rogues said, in a high-pitched voice. It would only be a matter of time before his mutation left her. She barely dared to think of what would happen, if Stryker covered her bones with adamantium.

"Then you better pray that you keep them long enough," Stryker said with an evil smile.

Rogue felt something jab into her neck, and almost immediately, her vision started to get blurred. The last thing she saw, before she fell off the chair, was Stryker smiling to her.


Mystique managed to infiltrate the base, and even though Logan wanted to be the one who went in there first, he had to admit that the blue shapeshifter was good. Thanks to her, they could all get in there.

Logan had a feeling that all of this, was kind of familiar to him... He knew that he had been here before. All the sensory perceptions, especially the smell of this place... He couldn't put his finger on it but...

"Oh my God the children," Storm said.

Logan followed her gaze to the surveillance camera, that showed the kids. That was where Marie was!

They split up, where Jean, Magneto and Mystique went to get the Professor out of the copy of Cerebro and Storm, Nightcrawler and Logan went out to find the children.

It didn't take them long to find where the kids were. It seemed like the only way to get them out, was Nightcrawler teleporting them up from there.

Logan could count six kids down there, but he couldn't see Marie. "Rogue? Where is Rogue?" he called, just as Nightcrawler teleported to his side, holding a dark haired girl, who was around Rogues age.

"I don't know," she said. "The soldiers came down and took her, like hours ago."

"Where did they take her to?"

"Beats me, but it seemed important that she was the one they took."

Stryker. He had taken her! Logan couldn't wait for the elf, to teleport the rest of the kids out. He had to find Marie, before it was too late. Before Stryker could use her as a guinea pig for his experiments!

Logan took off his earpiece and put it down, before he left the others. A part of him hoped to meet Stryker on the way. He had a bone to pick with that old scientist!

He walked through the halls, trying to pick up Marie's scent, until he came to a large room. It seemed even more familiar, than the rest of the place.

In the middle of the room was a vessel, filled with water. He had been lying in that vessel! He remembered gasping for air! By the vessel, something was boiling. Something grey, like melted metal. Adamantium!

Lots of hoses, led out from the vessel of boiling adamantium, with large needles on the end. As he looked at one on them, he could feel how they had been pressed through his skin, deep enough to reach his bones!

On the side of the vessel, he found claw marks. His claw marks.

Memories flashed before his eyes. Of him stabbing people trying to stop him from leaving. Of him running, covered in blood, and screaming in pain, as he looked at his claws. This was where it had happened! This was where he had gotten his adamantium skeleton!

"The tricky thing about Adamantium is, that when you first manage to get it to its liquid form, you have to keep it that way. Because once the metal cools, it's indestructible," Stryker said, as he walked in. "But you already know that. I used to think you were one of the kind, Wolverine. But I was wrong."

"Who am I?" Logan growled.

"A failed experiment. Nothing but an animal. You were an animal then and you are an animal now. I just gave you claws."

Stryker started to walk away. But Logan wasn't gonna let the man, who had cut him open, who had stolen his life, get away! Logan ran towards him, but the woman, who had come in with him, stopped him.

She was strong. Much stronger than Logan had expected, and it took him long, before he managed to stab a needle into her stomach and fill her with adamantium.

Stryker was long gone, and Logan knew that he had to focus on what was important: to find Marie.

He ran down the hall, finally picking up on her scent.

She was laying on a bunk bed in a cell. Logan cut up the door without problems.

She was unconscious or in some sort of sedation, but whatever she was, it told him that she no longer had his powers.

"Marie!" he called and knelt down beside her. She looked awfully pale. Logan pulled off his left glove, and without hesitating, he touched her cheek with his whole palm. At first nothing happened, but soon he felt his powers getting pulled from him, with a stronger and stronger force.

Logan's vision got blurred, but he could still see, when she opened her beautiful, brown eyes.

Rogue gasped for air and as soon as she realized what was going on, she pushed Logans hand away from her. "Logan!"

"Marie," he whispered. He was leaning over her, his hands holding on to the bunk bed on each side of her, to hold his balance. He was breathing heavily and his eyes were only half opened. "Marie."

His hand went back on her cheek and caressed it, before he leaned down, until their lips met in a passionate kiss. It wasn't like those times Rogue had dreamt of Logan. This was better, much better. She felt completely safe, and she didn't even think about, that she had to be careful or keep concentration on controlling her powers. Everything was perfect and she enjoyed the taste of his soft lips.

Until she realized where they were. She pressed both her hand onto his chest to force him upward, and made their lips part. "Logan. We have to get out of here!"

Logan looked at her, and shook his head like he was trying to wake up from something. "Yeah... Yes!"

He got to his feet and took her hand, but before she even managed to sit up, both of them felt an awful pain in their heads! Logan fell to the ground, but he did not let go of her hand (luckily the hand that was holding hers, was gloved, cause the pain made Rogue lose all kind of control of her powers).

Both of them wriggled in the painful hell in what felt like forever, until it finally stopped.

"What was that?" Rogue whispered.

"Trouble," Logan answered. "Lets go!"

Still holding hands as they left the cell, both walking as fast as possible.

"This way!" Logan mumbled when the hall split.

"No. This way," Rogue said, pulling his hand in the other direction. "Trust me!"

Despite Logan knowing that there was an exit the other way, he still followed his Marie. But she didn't lead them to an exit. She led them to the control room.

"Marie, what are you doing?" Logan asked impatiently, as she sat down, starting to tap the keys.

"This will only take a few seconds," she said. The soldier she had touched earlier, had been one of the IT-experts, who knew about everything on the computers, which meant that she now knew about everything on the computers. And they contained something she wanted.

She found an USB key, and emptied it, to make sure that there was enough space.

Logan's eyes caught on one of the surveillance cameras and saw the rest of the team.

Suddenly their ears caught a loud, explosion like noise! "Marie, we've gotta go, now!" Logan yelled and grabbed her hand. Rogue managed, with her free hand, to move the file to the USB key, and pull it out of the computer, before they both ran as fast as possible.

They reunited with the others, and together they all ran outside. Logan picked up Marie, since her feet were bare.

Jean opened the entrance to the jet, where Bobby and Kitty were waiting and everybody rushed in.

Scott and Storm started working on getting the jet in the air but something was wrong. They couldn't get it working.

Rogue walked around helping the kids getting their safety belts on.

"You okay, chica?" Jubilee asked.

"Yeah," Rogue answered. She looked briefly at Logan. "Yeah, I'm good."

None of them noticed that Jean had left the jet, before it was too late. Scott tried to run outside calling her name, but Logan stopped him, while the jet took off.

Rogue bowed her head, as Scott kept crying: "She's gone! She's gone!" Jean had always been so kind to her, and yet Rogue had been jealous of her, for being Logans love interest. And now she was gone...

The jet flew into the air, and towards Washington as the Professor had requested.


"We've been searching for hours now, sir," the soldier named Bob said.

"We are not giving up. We've got our orders."

The boat kept floating over what was left of Alikai lake. Suddenly the divers came back to the surface, this time with what they had been looking for.

"Get him on the boat!" They managed to pull the large man up from the water.

Bob gave him the shot of the drug from the needle, while Hunter started the resuscitation.

Stryker started to cough, until the water from his lungs came up. He sat up and looked around. "Is it all gone?"

"Yes, sir," Hunter answered.

"How about the mutants?"

"They escaped, sir."

"Also patient 23?" Stryker asked.

"Yes. The Wolverine got her out."

"Good," Stryker said. "Now, we just have to wait." He had had a feeling, that Jason, would screw up, so he had made a plan B, which only a few of his men knew about. I hadn't even been in the computer system. If Jason couldn't have all the mutants killed, Stryker would at least still be able to control some of them, now where the X-23 was going to be a success. He trusted that Wolverine would do everything in his power, to keep her safe, until she was ready for Stryker to take her back. All he had to do now, was be patient!

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