Just a little girl?

Wolverine/Rogue fanfic!

When the institute is attacked by the army, Rogue is among the captured students.
Stryker finds that she will fit perfectly into his X-23 program. 9 months later, she gives birth to a little girl, who not only has Logan's hair, but also his powers.
Being parents is one thing, but how will the couple handle it, when Stryker takes their child, and turns her into the weapon he intended?

Til AU konkurrence; mulighed nr 3


3. Chapter 3

Everything was chaos! After everybody was awoken by Theresa's scream, students were now running, screaming around, some trying to escape, others trying to fight the soldiers, who were attacking them, but it was no use. As soon as they were close enough to attack, they were shot by some kind of anaesthesia.

Rogue helped two girls into one of the escape passages.

"Aren't you coming?" they asked.

"No I have to go find someone first," she said and gave them very accurate instructions to what they had to do. They still looked scared, but they would have to be brave.

"Now go!" Rogue closed the door behind them. She concentrated and made the bone claws come out. She had to find him. She knew that he probably was running around killing the soldiers, and even though it was them who were the attackers, it would only make everything worse for the mutant kind, if they killed them, instead of just getting away.

Besides, Logan might be strong, but there was no guarantee, that he wouldn't get caught, probably killed and there was no way that she was going to let that happen!

She tried to use her enhanced senses, but there were too many people and panic around, for her to focus and find the one she was searching for.

Since she couldn't use her ears or nose, she would have to use her eyes and simply look until she found him.

She ran down the hall and past a lot of dead soldiers, that told her, that Logan already had been here. She had to find him!

Rogue soon realized, that Logan's powers weren't totally useless to her, when she could hear the soldiers around the next corner and hide herself, until they were gone.

But she couldn't keep avoiding them forever and suddenly three needles hit her in the shoulder! They made her dizzy, but they didn't knock her out.

However, they did make her lose focus, long enough for the soldiers surround her. She couldn't touch them skin-to-skin, but she still managed to take down some of them, using her claws, until she was shot with at least fifteen of the sedative needles.

Rogue's vision was blurred, but she kept fighting to stay alert. She could see a very large man walking towards her.

"I know this kind of mutation," he said. "And there is only one way to take care of it."

Rogue heard the sound of a gun getting loaded and felt cold metal, getting pressed against her forehead.


Wolverine didn't care to count how many soldiers he had killed. All he cared about was taking down the rest.

Colossus was leading many of the kids away from the mansion, right now, but some were still here. Here among Rogue. If any of the soldiers touched her...

He had just gutted down another one, when he heard the gunshot. Shit! They wouldn't just do with stunning the kids. They would kill them, if it was necessary! He immediately ran towards where he had heard the sound. It wasn't long before he recognized the smell of blood. The smell! Even though it happened more than three years ago, he still remembered the smell of her blood! No! NO! Not her! Not his Marie!

Wolverine soon found the large puddle of blood, but no Marie. They had taken her.

"Be careful not to touch this one, it did a number on Tim!" he heard someone further around the corner, say. Her skin could still asorb... which meant that she was still alive! But the guys who had taken her, wouldn't be for long!

Wolverine ran around the corner. The adamantium claws, which already were covered in blood, were more than ready to stab, whoever had dared to get near her.

The soldiers turned around at the sound of his footsteps and pointed their guns towards him, while the one, carrying his Marie, walked away.

"You wanna, shoot me? Shoot me!" Wolverine yelled.

"Don't shoot him!" A voiced sounded.

Logan found himself freeze. That voice... He knew that voice. But where from? Somehow he knew that he hadn't just met the guy once in a bar or something like that.

A large man came around the corner, walking past the soldiers. "Not yet."

The man walked closer, close enough for Logan to smell him. That smell! From where did he know it?

"Wolverine? This is certainly the last place I'd expect to find you," the man said, as he walked closer. "How long has it been? Fifteen years? You haven't changed a bit. Me on the other hand. Nature." The man was now close enough for Logan, to see his face out of the shadows.

Fifteen years? They had known each other from before, Logan lost his memory... Somehow he knew, that they hadn't been friends, but he still found himself, pulling back his claws.

"I didn't realize Xavier was taking in animals. Even animals as unique as you," the man continued.

Animal. He'd been called that before, when he'd been fighting in bars, and it had always, for some reason, made him pissed. But this man saying the word. It felt familiar... And he had a feeling that something important was behind that word. Something deep.

"Who are you?" Logan growled.

"Don't you remember?" the man smiled ferociously. It almost sounded like he was teasing.

"Why are you here? What do you want with them?!"

"Them? Do you really care about all of them, Wolverine? Or are you just referring to the girl?" the man asked. "I mean you must care a lot about her, since you would give her, the only clue to your past!"

He threw something at him, which Logan caught in the left hand by reflects. His dog tags... Logan looked from the pieces of metal in his hand, to the man, who smiled at him.

From the corner of his eyes, Logan saw something starting to move. He looked up, and saw the wall of ice, scatter itself in front of him, separating him from the other man!

"No! No!" Logan yelled, as the ice got thicker.

He turned around, and saw the ice prick holding his hand on the wall, where the ice started. Behind him, stood the guy who called himself Pyro, and the girl, Kitty Pryde, who was holding Bobbys hand.

"Now we are even," he said. Even?! That idiot! Logan knew, it was a mistake to save that little whiner! He looked back at the ice wall, where it seemed like, the other man, was leaving, after sticking something in the ice, that was beeping. A bomb!

"Do you want to get out of here, or what?!" he heard the ice prick yell.

He wanted to stay. This man knew about his past... But Logan knew, that if he didn't get out of there now, there was no way, that he would be able to save Marie, who now was long gone, with the other kidnapped mutants.

"Go! Keep going," he growled.

Kitty led them down to the cars, where Logan didn't mind using his claws to get Cyclops car started and drove, as fast as possible to Boston.

Logan looked at his dog tags. He knew that man. He had known him before he lost his memory... Stryker. His name was William Stryker!

But who was he?

Logan tried, but he couldn't remember. All he knew was that Stryker, knew what had happened to him. And more important: He had his Marie. "Don't worry Marie", Logan thought. "I'll find you!"


Maybe it was because she was cold, despite that she was lying under a blanket, maybe it was because she was lying on something hard, instead of a mattress or maybe it was because she could sense the presence of the other people.

No matter what, Rogue knew immediately that she wasn't in her room in mansion, when she started to wake up.

"Hey, I think she is waking up," someone said.

"Her head has stopped bleeding," someone else said.

"Hey? Hey, can you hear me?" a third voice said. A girl. "Are you there, chica? Give me a sign or something."

"Where... are we?" Rogue asked quietly. Her vision was getting better and she could see six other kids staring at her.

"Beats me. I woke up here. We all did," said a girl with dark hair. The other kids nodded. It looked like they were some kind of casing, with a grate on the top.

Rogue sat up.

"Easy, chica. You don't want to make too sudden moves."

"I'm fine," Rogue said.

"Are you sure? You have been bleeding a lot. It seemed like you'd get shot in your head," a little boy said.

"Don't worry, the wound is healed now. It doesn't even hurt," she assured him.

"That's you mutation?" the boy asked.

"No. My mutation is absorbing other peoples powers," Rogue said. "I got the healing from a friend."

"Aww yeah, I know you! You're the girl, who came to the mansion, with the Wolverine, and nearly killed him the first night, after he stabbed you! Your name is Rogue! Hi, I'm Jubilee!"

"Right," Rogue mumbled. Despite that she had lived in the mansion about three years by now, she didn't know the name of half of her fellow students, since most of them had been terrified of her and her deadly skin, and she had stuck with Bobby and John. "Hi."

"What do you think the bad men want with us?" a girl cried. "We didn't do anything wrong, why did they take us?!"

"Easy now," Rogue said. "I'm sure that the others are on their way to find us."

"Yeah," Jubilee said. "Storm, Jean, Scott. They are probably one their way right now and will be here before we know it."

"And Logan," Rogue thought. She grabbed her wrist, only to realize that Logans dog tags were gone! Every time she had felt upset, she had grabbed them and it always made her feel more comfortable.

She looked around, hoping that they had fallen off when the soldiers had placed her here, but they were nowhere to be found. She couldn't believe that she had lost Logans dog tags... He had asked her to hold on to them. She knew they meant a lot to him, but he had still given them to her.

Suddenly a door in the wall, she hadn't noticed before opened. All the kids got on their feet and rushed to the other side of the other side of the casing, behind Rogue and Jubilee.

"What do you want?!" Rogue snarled, when the soldiers came in, with their weapons pointing towards them.

"You just follow us, little lady," one of the soldiers said. "Or your friends will pay the prize."

Rogue looked at Jubilee, who shook her head.

"I'll be fine," Rogue promised, before she followed the soldiers. "Logan please hurry!"


Logan was standing under the jet in the woods, smoking a cigar. He looked briefly at the blue teleporter. He was the one who had attacked the president and apparently the one who was responsible for the attack on the mansion.

Although it according to Jean, wasn't his fault since he had been controlled during the attack. Controlled by William Stryker himself! It had all been that bastards plan from the start to get his hands on Cerebro!

Nightcrawler, as the teleporter called himself, had apparently been one of Strykers experiments. Just like himself. Stryker was the one who had given him the adamantium claws!

And now he was going to make those experiments on the kidnapped children. And Marie. She'd better be alright. Logan swore to God, that he was going to gut every single person, who had dared to touch her!

He still remembered the last time she was kidnapped.

"So, what do you say? Give these geeks one more shot," he asked. "Come on, I'll take care of you." 

"You promise?" 

"Yeah. Yeah I promise." 

Only a few minutes after, she had been taken away from him. He had promised himself that it wouldn't happen again! And yet, here he was...

He heard footsteps on the stairs. "Hey," she said.

"Hey," he answered.

"You okay?"


"You sure?" Jean asked. "Logan I know that you are worried about her, but Rogue is strong. She is gonna be alright."

"I know."

"Listen I know that you care very much about her..."

Logan looked at the beautiful redhead. He cupped her head and pressed his lips against hers. He needed something to distract his thoughts from Marie. And what better way was there, than make out with a hot chick?

Jean pushed him away, begging him to stop and ran back inside the jet.


Logan was lying inside his tent, and looked at his dog tags. Stryker had thrown them to him. And he had given them to him, more than fifteen years ago. He wasn't sure if it was an actual memory or if it was just a theory.

"Were you in the army?" she asked, looking at his tag. "Doesn't.. Doesn't that mean you were in the army?" 

He had put it away simply because he couldn't answer her question. Damn it! How could a little peace of metal, mean so much? Not only was it the last clue to his past, but he also connected it to her.

"I don't want you to go." For a brief moment he actually thought about taking her with him. But she seemed happy here and he didn't want to take that away from her, so instead he gave her the only thing that meant something to him. 

"I'll be back for this." It felt more right to say that, than that he would be back for her. She was only 17 and he was... 

The zipper in his tent was opened and Jean came in.

"Look," he began, but she kissed him and he kissed her back. He pulled her back down at the mat. Yes! This was what he wanted! He had wanted her, since he saw her walk into the Professor's office, and now he finally got her!

At least that was what he kept telling himself as he pulled up her tank top.

But then, he noticed the three marks on her stomach.

"No one has ever left at scar like you," she said as she turned into her true blue form.

"What do you want, an apology?"

"You know what I want. The question is:" she asked and licked his ear. She changed form, and now it was Storm on the top of him.

The shapeshifter changed again, and Logan's heart skipped a beat. She had turned into his Marie. Every single detail was right. She even smelled like her! "What do you want?"

But it wasn't her, he knew that, (even though a part of him wished that it was) and pushed her off him! "I want you out of here!"

She smiled. "What's the matter, big guy? Did I strike a nerve?"

Logan growled.

"Come on. What do you really want?" she asked. She then turned into Stryker, and Logan had to fight the urge to gut him! Or rather her.

She then turned into her blue self and left.

Logan rubbed his face and laid back down.

Marie. For a second he actually believed that she was here with him, where he wanted her to be!

It had felt so real. The voice, the smell... It was actually weird. Last time Mystique had posted like Storm, he had been able to smell the difference.

He remembered a couple of days ago, where Marie and he were going to watch the ball game. He had walked into her room, about fifteen minutes before the game would start. She had been in the shower.

He had sat down at her desk, while he waited and felt free to take a look at the paper then was lying on in front of him. It was a report on genetic mutations, filled with facts he didn't know himself;

Apparently mutations could evolve in time. Maybe that was how Mystique had been able to smell just like the person she took form as?

Logan could still picture her, when she had come out of the bath-room, that day, just standing there, being beautiful. She had been wearing thigh Jeans, and a black shirt and her hair had still been damp. And she was wearing his dog tag on her left wrist.

For some reason it had seemed very right to him, that she was wearing it. I was like a symbol of her belonging to him. Wait what? No! She didn't belong to him. They were just friends. Besides, she had a boyfriend, he had told himself, despite how much he hated to think about it.

Logan looked at the dog tag again. "I promise, Marie. I'm coming for you!" he whispered.

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