Just a little girl?

Wolverine/Rogue fanfic!

When the institute is attacked by the army, Rogue is among the captured students.
Stryker finds that she will fit perfectly into his X-23 program. 9 months later, she gives birth to a little girl, who not only has Logan's hair, but also his powers.
Being parents is one thing, but how will the couple handle it, when Stryker takes their child, and turns her into the weapon he intended?

Til AU konkurrence; mulighed nr 3


2. Chapter 2

The Professor soon found a new clue about where the unknown mutant was hiding and sent Storm and Jean after him once again, while Scott and himself paid a visit to an old friend, which meant they got it all to themselves.

Bobby woke up the same day and Logan took Rogue out for dinner. Mostly because Rogue didn't feel ready to face him yet (she didn't conceal that she was going to break up with him though), but also because he knew, that he wouldn't be able to be in the same room as the ice cube more than five seconds before he would stab him.

"So, where are we going?" she asked on the way down to the garage.

"That's a surprise," he answered as he found the key to the motorcycle. As soon as she was sitting behind him with her arms thigh around his torso, they drove off.

"A bar. Just like the one where we met," she said, getting off the bike.

"Yeah, I thought it could be kinda fun to do it just like that time."

"Yeah! As long as you won't be cage-fighting again."

"Nah, I think I'm gonna skip that part."

"Good," she grinned. It was nice to see her smiling again.

There weren't that many people in there and they easily found a table in the corner.

"It's really nice of you to do this, Logan," she said, after they had ordered a beer and a cola.

"My pleasure, darling," he answered.

"So you haven't come closer to your lost memory?" she asked. He had been back for a week now, but she hadn't got to ask about it yet.

"No." He decided that it would be best to be honest, mostly because she probably wouldn't like anymore lies, but also because a part of him wanted to talk to someone, but of course he would barely admit that to himself.

"Oh… I'm sorry to hear that." She knew how much it meant to him and she had no trouble understanding why.

"Don't be. I'll properly find it someday." Or maybe never.

"I hope so."

"Thanks, kid."

"Oh, please, Logan. Don't call me that. I'm turning 20 the day after tomorrow."

Seriously? Had she really grown that much? The day after tomorrow… That wasn't much time to find a gift… and what should he get for her? A new pair of gloves, didn't really seem fitting at the time… maybe a necklace?

"I'm gonna call you kid, until you are able to drink beer."

"I can drink beer."

"Then go ahead." He pushed his half filled glass across the table. "Kid."

She hesitated but then took the glass and drank all the content, and then coughed several times. Logan couldn't help laughing as she took a big sip of her cola to wash away the taste. "You want more?"

"No. I think I'm gonna stick to the cola." She hesitated a little, while he ordered another beer, but then she said: "You know… if you ever need to talk about it then…"

"Thanks, darling, but I'm good," he answered. He knew she meant well, but he wouldn't bother her with his problems, besides she probably wouldn't understand it. No one seemed to do, maybe except from the Professor.

"I'm serious, Logan, I mean, I know you are not much for talking about that stuff, but with all you have been through, I really think, that it would be good for you. All those freaky nightmares alone…"

"Hold on," he said putting his beer down. "What do you mean 'nightmares'?"

"Well… the Professor has been helping me put the personalities I've absorbed in 'boxes' so they won't bother me… but it is like you… your memories and that stuff, won't stay in the box, so…"

"So you are having my nightmares?" How could he not have figured this out? And if she had his nightmare, what other crazy things had she gotten from him? "How long has it been like that?"

"I guess it started the night after you left or something."

"I'm sorry." He never wanted anyone to live his hell, and especially not Marie. His Marie.

"It's okay," she mumbled. "Although it was pretty creepy suddenly to be fighting in a war with Sabertooth."

"What? Sabertooth? No that can't have been mine." He answered, even though he didn't want to talk about it. The nightmares bothered him enough in the nights.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. That time in the truck was the first time I've ever seen him. I have no more memories of him than you do." His nightmares had probably become mixed up with her own.

For a moment she seemed confused. "But he seemed so different in my dreams: his hair is short and his eyes are human. And it seemed like he was fighting with you and not against you."

"That doesn't make any sense."

"No… but on the other hand it is just dreams, right? Most of the time it becomes crazier in a nightmare."

"Yeah," he mumbled. He excused himself and went to the toilet. A short haired Sabertooth… he could actually picture it. But did that mean…? No, it was impossible.

He was about to go back, when he heard yelling, a couple of screams and other noises there among glass breaking. Rogue!

He ran through the door and the bar.

"No stay away from me!" he heard her scream long before he arrived to her.

"What have you done to him!?" someone yelled.

"She's a mutant!"

"Get out of here, you fucking freak!"

"Marie!" Logan pushed himself through the bunch of people who had surrounded her.

He was choked by the sight that met him: one man was lying unconscious on the floor, another was leaning against their table, holding a hand over his shoulder, with blood running through his fingers and Rogue was standing with fear in the eyes and six boned claws between her fingers. Just like his.

"I said get out of here, you little freak!" A man reached out for her and she jumped back. "No don't touch me!"

"Get out or I'm gonna kill you!" another man yelled and pulled out a knife.

Logan quickly stepped between them and pulled out his own claws. "Hey! You stay away from her, bub!"

"Another mutant!" someone yelled, but Logan didn't care to see whom.

"Get out of here!"

Most of all, he wanted to fight the man, with the knife in front of him, but he knew he had to get Rogue out of here now.

"Then move!" he yelled back.

The big group of people moved just enough to give them space enough to get to the door.

Logan turned to Rogue who was shaking and breathing heavily. First he wanted to say: "Come on let's get out of here," but he realized that she was way too shocked and scared. "Marie," he said softly. "Come on, it's okay, darling. It's okay." He retracted his claws and laid his hands on her shoulders to lead her out of here, while he tried to ignore the mad people around them. If she hadn't been there, they wouldn't have been there for long.

Rogue was shaking, hyperventilating and pale, when they reached the motorcycle.

"Marie," he tried soft. "Marie, it's okay…"

"No! No it's not okay!" she cried. "Marie…"

"I didn't want to do it!"

"I know you didn't but…"

"I swear I didn't mean to!"

"Marie, look at me!" She finally stopped crying and looked at him.

"It's okay. It's going to be alright, just take a deep breath."


"What the hell happened back there?" Logan asked when he was sure she was calm enough.

"Not long after you had left, two men came over to the table. I tried to tell to leave me alone, but they wouldn't… One of them tried to touch me and I couldn't control it… The other guy got furious, started to scream "mutant" and attacked me… I..I just wanted to punch him… as self-defense… I hit him on the shoulder… and suddenly I got these." He held up her still shaking hands with the bone claws. "I don't know where they came from…"

Logan looked at the claws. Could it really be? "I think they are mine."

"What?" she whispered and looked into his dark eyes. "Yours?"

"Yeah. You must have gotten them last time you touched me."

"But… but…" Her head was filled with questions, but she chose the most important one, right now: "How do I get rid of them?"

"First, you have to calm down," he answered and remembered the first time he had discovered them more than 15 years ago. He wondered if his reaction had been the same the very first time he had done it? "Now concentrate."

She did as he said and after 5 minutes with deep breathing and focusing, the claws slowly slid back into her hands.

He saw the pain in her eyes, which she tried to hide, and wanted to take her hand between his, and rub it gently where he knew it hurt the most. He hated that she had to go through the same pain as him.

First she pulled her hand back before he got a chance to touch her but then she let him do it. Nothing happened.

"Come on, let's go home, darling," he said.

It was pretty late when they got back. Almost everybody was sleeping by now and they walked as quiet as possible when Logan followed her back to her room.

"I still don't understand this," Rogue said quietly. "I usually don't keep people's powers this long."

"We should probably talk to The Professor about it, when he comes back," Logan said. "But I think that Magneto's machine did more than change your hair."


He considered whether he should say this or not. It hadn't been a very pleasant moment for her. And neither for him, when he felt the pain of believing she was dead. That he hadn't been able to save her. "When I touched you, after pulling you out of the machine, nothing happened. At least not what I could feel. Then, slowly it started to work, and it became stronger by the second. Last time I touched you, it didn't feel half as bad as the first times."

"Really?" she whispered, looking down at her hands. "So I can control it, because Magneto almost killed me?"

It didn't sound good at all when she said it that way.

"Well I'm not sure. You should talk to the Professor about it." "

Yeah. I will," she whispered before she went inside her room. "Thank you, Logan. I'll see you tomorrow."


It was around midnight when Logan woke up. Awoken by another nightmare. This time he was almost sure that he had seen Sabertooth… no it couldn't be. It could not be a memory.

He wasn't tired enough to go back to sleep, and decided to get something to drink instead. After walking around in the halls for a bit he made his way to the kitchen, where the ice prick was eating ice – what a surprise.

"Well, look who is back on his feet," Logan mumbled while he sniffed his way to something that wasn't chocolate milk.

"Yeah," the ice prick mumbled. "I thought she had gotten better at controlling it."

Oh she has gotten better, Logan thought. Much better than you deserve.

"But I guess we'll just have to do some more practicing," He continued.

"Do some more practicing?" Logan repeated.

"Yeah, I mean, we have to if we are ever going to be like an ordinary couple, right?"

Logan couldn't believe this. Well if he didn't know he would have to bring him the news. "You won't need to `do some more practicing´, bub."

"What do you mean?" Bobby asked confused.

"Because she is breaking up with you." She had told him earlier, how she was going to give him a smack in the face, and then dump him, and normally he would have let her get that pleasure, but right now, he was so angry that he couldn't hold it back!

"What? Why?!"

"Don't you know, that Rogue's power doesn't only take other people's powers when she touches them? She gets their memories too."


"Yeah, `oh´. You are lucky I haven't stabbed my claws through your throat!"

"I didn't do it to hurt her!" Bobby said quickly. It was obvious that he was scared now. What a sissy. "It's just… It's not easy when you want to be close to someone and you can't… "

"So you thought that you would try being with a girl you could actually touch, instead of waiting?" God he started to sound like a saint.

"No! Yeah… but… I really do care about Rogue and I want to be with her. But sometimes you just have to… You should understand that. I have seen the way you look at miss Grey."

"Excuse me?" This kid was really getting on his nerves. Yes he was looking at Jean, but how could he not with that body of hers?

Suddenly the sound of military boots reached his ears…

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