Just a little girl?

Wolverine/Rogue fanfic!

When the institute is attacked by the army, Rogue is among the captured students.
Stryker finds that she will fit perfectly into his X-23 program. 9 months later, she gives birth to a little girl, who not only has Logan's hair, but also his powers.
Being parents is one thing, but how will the couple handle it, when Stryker takes their child, and turns her into the weapon he intended?

Til AU konkurrence; mulighed nr 3


1. Chapter 1

Disclaimer: none of these characters belong to me


Logan trudged impatiently back and forth and looked by turn at the watch and the closed door. A growl sounded, when the minute hand hadn't moved, in spite of the feeling that I had been hours since his last looked at it. Why did it take so long? Why didn't they tell them anything? They had been in there for hours now. Every time he walked past the door he could hear her gasping and half screaming in pain.

Suddenly a heart-rending scream went through the wood the door was made of.

"That's it! I'm going in there!" he said, reaching for the door handle.

"Logan," Professor X said. "Having you breaking in there will just make everything worse for her."

Logan clenched his fist. "This makes me crazy! How long can it take?"

"You could almost believe, that you have never tried this before," Scott grinned.

`Snict´ "And what makes you think I have, Cyc?" Logan growled.

Another scream sounded behind the door. Logan had to grit his teeth and endure, to not break the door down and… and what? What could he possibly do to help her? He hated the idea of being useless!

"Come on, Wolvie, she couldn't possibly be in better hands," Jubilee said. "Beast knows what he is doing and with Storm there, it can't go wrong."

"Jubilee is right, Logan. I suggest that you go out and get some air," the Professor said.

"But what if…?"

"I will let you know as soon as anything new happens. Now go."

Much against his will, he walked down the hall and outside. He wished more than anything that he could help her. It was his fault that she was going through this painful hell, right now.

As he sat down by the lake, he remembered back. He remembered the day he had decided to go back to the mansion when he had realized that visiting the island wouldn't help him getting his memory, back or at least some of it, and hoped that the Professor could help him as he had promised more than three years ago.


When Logan returned to the mansion, he was greeted by both happy and not so happy faces. It didn't take him long to find the Professor, who was in the Cerebro searching for the mutant who had attacked the president not that long ago.

The Professor explained that he couldn't help him. At least not now for some reason, but he was more than welcome to stay at the mansion, which Logan agreed to. He knew that there wouldn't come anything good from trying to push the old man. Besides, the Professor found the location of the mutant and left Cerebro to send Storm and Jean after him.

Logan was on his way to the room he had had last time he was here, when he met Storm. "Oh, there you are Logan. I had hoped to get at chance to talk to you before Jean and I left."

"Really? Why?"

"You see, I'm a little worried about Rogue," she explained.

Now Logan thought about it, he had actually expected her to be the first to welcome him back, but he hadn't seen her yet.

"She is dating Bobby Drake now, but I'm not sure that it is, that good between them; I have seen her cry plenty of times, despite she is trying to hide it," Storm said. "I had hoped that you maybe could talk to her…?"

"Me? Now I don't know if you have noticed it but I'm not really the type who does girl-talking."

"I know that, Logan" Storm sighed. "But you two have a special bond together. I was thinking that she would open more up to you."

"Well I can't promise anything, but I'll try," he said and continued his walk towards his room. As he unpacked he couldn't help thinking about her. He remembered the scared little girl, who he had met at the bar. Sometimes he thought about what would have happened to her, if he had just left her on the road? That would have meant that he would never have fought against Sabertooth or had come to the school, and they would never have gotten `their special bond´ as Storm had mentioned.

He decided to pay his little girlfriend a visit. She still had the same room as she had got when they had arrived here.

"Just a minute," she called from inside when he had knocked.

When the door opened, he was surprised to see how much she had changed. She was no longer the little lonely girl he had picked up on the street. She had grown into a young woman. Had he really been gone for so long that she could have managed to evolve that much? She had got shapes and her hair was styled in a ponytail with the two white stripes free.

"Logan! You are back," she smiled and hugged him, making sure that there was no skin contact.

"Missed me, kid?" he asked.

"Nah not really."

She invited him inside and they sat down to talk. "It's so good to see you," she said. "How have you been?"

"I've been okay," he answered. "How about you, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine."

"No you're not." He had been able to see it the second he saw her and he could smell the dried out tears: she had been crying. "Is this because of this Drake-boy?"

Rogue didn't answer, but tried to avoid eye contact.

"What did he do?" Logan asked.

"He didn't do anything!" she answered. "But… after we began to date, I have started training to get control of my powers. When I concentrate hard enough, I can actually touch people without hurting them! But not for too long… It depend on how I'm feeling at the time… The more I practice, the better I get, but it's too slow. At least according to Bobby."

"Did he say that?"

"No, not to my face, but I know that he is thinking it. I'm afraid to touch him," she said quietly. "Last week I was holding his hand without a glove... At the first it was fine, but then we started arguing and suddenly he was hyperventilating. If I hadn't let go in time… I've been keeping my gloves on since then. He wanted to try again today. I tried my best, but the same thing happened…"

Logan felt his anger awake again. Most of all he wanted to let the Drake-boy taste the adamantium claws, but he knew that it would just hurt Rogue even more. He wanted to tell her to dump him right away, but he also knew that Bobby pretty much had been the only one, who wasn't scared of her after what happened the first night they were here. "That wasn't your fault, kid," he said instead. "You were nervous, of course you couldn't control it."

"You really think so?"

"Yeah. If you just relax, I'm sure you can do it." She did not seem to be convinced, so he reached his hand towards her. "Here. Try."

"No. I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't. Just relax and concentrate."

Rogue hesitated, but then she pulled off her glove, breathed deeply a couple of times, and looked him in the eyes before carefully touching his palm with her index finger. Nothing happened and when she realized that, she smiled and let him grab her hand.

"Told you so, kid." He grinned. They both laughed as they held each other's hands. For the first time they were able to touch, without Logan getting hurt. It was… nice.

"Rogue?" a voice said from the door, which had been opened without they had noticed.

"Bobby!" she cried.

"Dammit!" Logan gasped as he suddenly felt all of his powers leave him trough his hand.

Rogue quickly let go of his hand and he fell down from the chair. "Oh my God, Logan I'm so sorry!" she said as she helped him back on his feet.

"It's okay. I'm fine," He said despite being pretty fuzzy as he left her room. It was actually weird: the last times he touched her, it had knocked him out cold.


"I'm really sorry about what happened yesterday," she said, when he met her in the halls the following day.

"Don't be. I'm fine." He looked into her eyes, and recognized the sadness behind the smile. "Did you and Bobby have another fight?"


"You can't lie to me, kid." Rogue sighed and told him that Bobby had gotten mad because she had been holding Logan's hand yesterday and kept accusing her for losing control on purpose.

"Want me to talk to him?"

"No it's okay. All couples have their problems, right?"

"Yes but…" Before he managed to say anymore, Cyclops showed up.

"Hey Rogue, the training starts in ten minutes."

"Training?" Logan asked.

"Yeah. I'm training to become an X-man. Do you wanna join us?"

He didn't really have anything important to do so he said yes. He was surprised to see how good she had become at defending herself compared to the time he had saved her from Magneto.

The next couple of days he and Rogue spend a lot of time together. He would help her with the training and controlling her powers, and when he was in a bad mood, she could somehow always cheer him up again. He also taught her how to ride a motorcycle, realizing that the girl had a taste for speed.


Logan was on his way to the stairs in the morning when he noticed Rogue's smell and someone else he was pretty sure was Kitty Pryde.

Something in his guts told him to stop, when he heard Kitty asking: "Hey, Rogue, got a minute?"

"Well yeah," she answered. "It's about Bobby. I think he had felt a little overseen lately."

"Overseen? What are you talking about?"

"Ever since Logan came back, you have been hanging more out with him, than with your actual boyfriend."

Logan walked closer, to where he was able to see them over the banisters.

"What? What makes you say that?" Rogue asked.

"Bobby. He told me, and asked me to talk to you."

"Why would he come to you?" Rogue asked and crossed her arms. She knew that Bobby and Kitty always had been good friends, but it still didn't seem like something he should be discussing with her.

"Well, I don't know, Rogue, maybe because you are way too busy hanging out with Logan instead of thinking of how your boyfriend feels!"

"But…" It was clear that Rogue hadn't been prepared for this.

How much longer was she going to put up with that ice-cubes tricks?

"I really can't see what should wrong with being friends with Logan?" Rogue finally said.

"Rogue…" Kitty sighed. "The only reason he is spending time with you is because Storm asked him to."

"What…?" Her voice was so low, that it was almost a whisper, but that was quickly changed: "That's not true!"

"Yes it is. I overheard their conversation. Well, my point is that if you don't want to give Bobby the attention he deserves, then there are plenty of other girls, who would love…" Before Kitty managed to say anymore, he could hear Rogues footsteps running on the stairs.

"Logan…" she gasped stopping in front of him. "Did you hear…?"


"So is it true? Did Storm really ask you to keep an eye on me?"

He knew he shouldn't lie to her. "Yeah, she did. She was worried about you, but…"

"I see. Thanks for the concern!" she snapped and ran pass him up the stairs.

"Rogue wait!" he tried, but she was already gone.

Dammit! Why did Kitty absolutely have to tell her that? Yes Storm had asked him to talk to her, but so what? It didn't mean, that he didn't consider her as his friend…

Later that day, he heard that Bobby had been hospitalized after Rogue had lost control. Logan wanted to talk to her, but she was probably with Bobby and he would leave them alone.

But later he walked pass her door he could hear her crying.

"Rogue?" he asked as he knocked. She didn't answer but he still grabbed the doorknob, which was cold as ice. He had to push hard to get the door open and quickly grabbed onto the doorframe, when he almost sled on the floor, which was covered in ice.

Rogue was standing by the bed, packing her suitcase. "Where are you going, kid?" he asked when he had managed to gain his foothold.

"Why? Did Storm ask you to ask me?"

"No… knock that off, would you?"

She didn't answer. Instead, she closed her suitcase.

"Are you gonna tell me where you are going?" he asked again.

She stopped in front of her closet where only her green jacket was left. "Stop. Just stop. Stop pretending that you care about me."

"Now what's that suppose to mean?" Why was she acting this way? "You know that I care…"

She turned around and gave him a dead-glare. "Oh really? You left me here for three years, Logan. Three whole years, where I didn't hear a damn thing from you. Then you finally show up and the only reason you are spending time with me is because someone asked you to do it." While she was talking, the ground under her feet were frozen, ice spreading across the floor making the room even colder. "In the time you were gone, I kept telling myself, that you would come back, as you promised. You wouldn't just abandon me. And then, when you finally show up… I thought you were different Logan." Her eyes were getting wet. "But you are just like every other guy; a stupid, selfish, pig…"

He held the mask but her words hurt him more than he thought they would do.

She finally started crying for real, burying her face in her hands.

He wasn't sure if he was suppose to leave, but then he remembered the day she had tried to run away from the mansion after they almost killed each other, and he walked over and put his arms around her in a hug.

"I'm sorry," she cried against his shoulder. "I'm.. I'm so Sorry Logan… I..I didn't mean to…"

"It's okay," he promised. "It's okay."

He let her cry all she needed and when she finally was done, the temperature in the room had risen at least five degrees.

"Now will you tell me what's going on?"

She sighed. "Bobby has been pushing me. A lot actually, more than I have let you know. Today, he wouldn't wait any longer, and suddenly… he kissed me. I couldn't control it and… now he is in a coma." She remembered the feeling of Bobby tightening his grip on her arms, while his powers and memories floated into her. He was out cold, when she managed to push him away.

Logan didn't say anything. Even though he knew that this must bring back a lot of awful memories, something told him that it wasn't what made her this upset.

Rogue took a deep breath. "In his memories, I saw him… He was with Kitty last night."

"What?!" He was going to melt that snowman! But right now he had to take care of his girl. "If he is that stupid he doesn't deserve you."

"Yeah, right." She rolled her eyes and looked away.

"Look at me. Marie, look at me." It was the first time he called her that, but it made her look at him again. "Marie, you are a great, intelligent, sweet, caring girl, and if Bobby can't see that, then it's his loss. Besides: you deserve much better than him."

Red spread across her cheeks. "You really think so?"

"Yeah. I do."

"Thank you." She leaned towards him and hugged him.

It felt good that he could finally be there for her and make her happy…

Suddenly it knocked on the door and Storm came in, before they managed to let go of each other.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, without seeming that surprised. "I just wanted to make sure, you were okay, Rogue. But it seems like you are in good hands."

She closed the door again with a smile.

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