The Campgrounds A novel

Frances Gorman enjoys the outdoors. When she, and her friends, head to Moose Woods, they expect a lot of wildlife in the area. But, as they make camp, a killer in on the loose intent on mayhem, and placing the teenagers in grave peril.

The new Young Adult horror novel by Robert Helliger.


5. Late evening at the Moose Woods campgrounds


​By two o'clock am, ​Frances was asleep. All of her friends were too. She heard the whooshing sound of the biting, cold, southerly wind coming towards the tents; she remembered the talk of killers on the loose. Suddenly, as she opened her tent, she vowed never to be wet from the freezing weather. Up ahead, along the thick trail that lead to Moose Woods, Frances shivered in her red pyjamas. She needed to go to the ​Ladies' Restroom. ​She ran as fast as she could; she didn't huff and puff; she reached the toilet within one minute. She saw an abandoned lamp was lying on the soft ground; she picked it up with her right hand. ​Maybe one of the campers forgot about it​, she thought to herself; she was eager to go immediately before she was drenched. The campgrounds were chilly in the early Sunday morning; they were too cold for her liking. Frances closed the door. Then, two minutes' later, she placed the lamp down...then, after she had finished...she washed her hands. Then she picked up the lamp with her right hand, and walked confidently to her tent. She put the lamp down. It was now to her left inside the tent. Frances then fell asleep. She gripped the warm blanket, and relaxed.

It was 2:11 am.


Scarlett Younger glanced at the scary looking campgrounds. By 2:22 am, she was watching the other campers who were sleeping. She had long, black hair, blue eyes, and petite. She was concerned about the black bears at the camp; she knew her Grandparents had watched all of the nature on the rampage horror movies in the mid-1970's; she knew that the park rangers had placed tabs on the creatures. She looked at her watch. The rain was heavy; the night time illusion of safety concerned her. Scarlett, who was fourteen, glanced at Old Peter's house; she knew he wouldn't kill any of the bears in the early morning unless he was provoked. She looked at the rain; she heard the loud sound of thunder booming in the darkened sky. Her parents weren't around to save their daughter if someone wanted to attack their daughter. "​I'm fine, Mom! Dad!", she told them. Seconds later, the campgrounds illuminated the spacious area. Scarlett held onto her mother's .38 Smith & Wesson gun that was lying near her bed. She knew it was illegal for minors to hold a gun on their person. Montana's gun laws were different to other US states like Phoenix, Arizona, or Austin, Texas. And other cities across America. The gun was meant for self-defence classes at home. She looked at the rain. She hoped that evil didn't come to the campgrounds. Scarlett slept soundly...unaware of the imminent danger she was in.


Mark Richards, another camper, couldn't sleep. By 2:33 am, the rain was like a minor flood. The rangers didn't post any kind of signs that told them not to stay at the campgrounds; the sharp arches of  the Montana mountains was full of dread for visitors to the town. He was eighteen. He blinked his hazel eyes, as thunder boomed like an angry God punishing Satan Himself; he imagined Satan's wrath as it headed back into the black abyss was the final indignity to its forceful powers that was thwarted by the Godly angels who were bringing light into the eternal blackness. Mark, who wasn't religious, unzipped his orange tent. He ran in his blue pyjamas towards the Men's Restrooms​. As he did so, he saw Scarlett holding a lamp in her right hand. 

"Excuse me, you need a lamp to see?", she asked him.

"Thank you. I'm Mark", he answered her.

"Scarlett, like in ​Gone with the Wind​". Mark nodded. He rushed inside the restrooms. Several minutes' later, he dropped the lamp on the cold ground. After he was finished, he washed his hands. Then, grabbing the lamp, Mark walked down the path where Scarlett smiled at him. 

"It looks like the campgrounds are going to flood", Scarlett said. And he nodded. Suddenly Frances, Tracie, Mavis, Bryan, Anne, and Jennifer, opened their tents.

"Damn! It's flooding". And Frances dialled 9-1-1. 

"This is Frances. I'm at the Moose Woods campgrounds. We need emergency services because there's too much rain overnight. Can you come immediately?", she asked the female operator.

"Yes, help is on the way. Over".

"Thank you. Over". 

And, by 2:30 am, all of the campers were saved from the heavy rain. They got dressed in the tents. Then as the police, paramedics, and the other rescue services volunteers arrived, the campgrounds were left empty like they had before.


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