Siha's sister is back to help him. She wants to reunite with him... will they?


1. Memories

There she was in the cool winter breeze looking at the sunset with her feet on the warm sand. Her shadow casts a long shadow on him. Her smile as sweet as the moon and stars put together.

Her white cape around her with a dark blue dress and her medicine bag. "Come on brother! Let's go catch fishy!" She yelled. She ran to the river and pulled out her fishing rod. "Look I got one!" For back then she was training to become a Healer. She was the top one of her class, of her school.

Then everything turned dark. For there was fire around him and the same sweet girl holding a sword in her hand. Swinging it trying to hurt him. No sweet gaze at him, only hate and fire in her eyes.

He woke up. He closed his eyes and sighed. "I miss you..." He looked up at the sky wondering if he will ever see her again. But, he knew that he would go to hell and never see her again.

He got up. For the sun was starting to rise. Siha looked around and started packing. He looked at the small bracelet that she had given him when she was small. "Look what I made you!" Her gentle voice echoed in his head. "It is so beautiful Alya!"

He shook his head for he knew that if he kept thinking about it it would only hurt him.

He walked for a long time until he reached a small village. There he found a sick girl that was dying. He took her inside his tent that he had set up when he arrived at the village. He took care of her with all the things he knew about healing. "I'm glad I was around when sis' was studying," he said to himself.

Once she woke up he couldn't help feeling that she looked so familiar. Her ocean blue eyes and her red-black hair. "Thank you..." She said. He nodded and looked down. "Where are your parents?" He asked her. "I... don't know," She looked outside as if she were looking for something.

"Do you mind if I stay with you?" She asked. "I don't have nowhere else to go and I have nothing to do here. I have done enough to help them and I need someone to come with me, may I come with you?"

He was surprised that he instantly said yes. "Ok, want to head out," He had no idea why he just had let her go with him but, he didn't change his mind. He couldn't help wondering why the villagers had left her there to die if she helped them but, he pushed that thought away.

"Let's go!" She waved her hand up and that is when he noticed a bag was on her.

She was wearing a hooded cape and a dress. But, he didn't take much notice of it.

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