Siha's sister is back to help him. She wants to reunite with him... will they?


2. Helping

Being around her was like being under the warm sun. She helped so many people along their journey. They weren't going really anywhere but, they just visited everywhere. Trying new things along the way.

At some point, he started helping her every time she helped someone. Soon without him knowing he did it on his own. She helped him. She went out to get the materials he needed.

At some point, they had to help out in a war.

He was fighting with the army. She was in the back. But, then he got attacked on the back. She got scared but, then she somehow got in the way and stopped the attack. Even though she was in the back.

All Siha was able to see was white in the back of him.

After the battle she asked her what was that but, she refuses to tell him anything.

They keep going on and on. Helping people over and over. Countless times.

Then it was the night of the red moon. They were on top of a hill looking at the moon. She got up from her sitting position and was on her feet.

"What are you doing?" Siha asked her. "I... am sorry," She said with tears in her eyes. "But, I have to leave..."

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