Siha's sister is back to help him. She wants to reunite with him... will they?


3. Good-Bye

She looked up at the moon and she started to glow white. "The only ones that can use magic are..." His eyes went wide as he came into realization. "You are... it can't be!"


Everything was coming back.

"I'll never see her again because I am going to hell."

Her beautiful ocean blue eyes. Her bag. Her hooded coat. Her dress.

Her sister came back from the dead to help him go to heaven. She wanted to reunite with him.


"Now you know... I can only come back for a while. I died two times... but, you are given another chance if you die again once you are already dead. If you are able to help someone go the right way you are able to come back undead, undead," She shook her head as she got herself confused. "But, if you fail you will NEVER come back... not even reborn once again. The rest is up to you... Siha. I hope that you have learned from my teachings. Good luck... brother," She looked at him as everything turned white.

He stood there in shock. "I will do everything in my power to make sure you are dead from the undead..." He shook his head. "What I mean is.... forget it!" he said to himself, "I know what I am trying to say,"

He looked up at the sky and smiled. "Thank you for your gift,"

In his hands, he held a stone necklace that was shaped like a crescent moon. "This will help me along the way. I will use it wisely and help all the people I can,"

She got up and walked into the woods with a smile on his face.

He started to sing:

"You gave me the words of kindness..... You held me when I lonely after such a long time, Sad things always happened but, together we shared the joy of early spring... thank you,"

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