Consider It A Deathwish

Indigo likes money and herself. But when things go wrong and there are difficult decisions to make, will she be selfish or will she finally think about someone else?


2. ~ 2 ~


Waking up tied and gagged in a dark room will probably happen at least a few times in your career, if you choose to be a super villain like me. You’ll feel vulnerable, and afraid, but don’t let that fear take you over. Look for an exit, test how tight the bond around your hands really is, and see if you can break it. Otherwise? Wait.


The room was freezing, and my jaw was throbbing. The ceiling was oddly high, meaning I was probably in some warehouse, shed, or something like that. I tried to think of what Richard would need me for. He was generally an okay guy, and I didn’t think he would randomly kidnap me just to get my help…unless…


“Indigo!” a man came out of the shadows, grinning like a madman.


Of course. Richard was working with Dr. Oblivion, who was definitely psychotic and generally left too many casualties in his wake. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a good person. I steal what I want, and I get rich. Still, I have a few morals. I try to avoid killing random people without a really good reason, and I also avoid working with other villains. Most of them don’t have my self control. I don’t need that kind of baggage.


“You’re just as beautiful as the last time we met!” Dr. Oblivion giggled, and I rolled my eyes at him. What a creep.


He walked over, freeing my tied hands, and ripping out the gag. I winced at the pain coming from my jaw and bleeding cracked lips. “What do you want?” I asked tiredly.


“Well, I need you and Richard to do me a favour! You see, I’m getting a bit old,” He feigned a limp while pacing in front of me, and tugged at his grey hair, laughing. “And I thought I might get the gang back together to steal-” he pulled a photo of a kid out of his pocket, “him!”


I widened my eyes, and looked at Dr. Oblivion in disgust. “You want us to steal a kid? Are you joking? It didn’t take that much effort to kidnap me. Why don’t you do that again or something?”


He scowled at me. “This kid is very important, Indigo. He is the son of a very rich, important, governor in town. His parents would do anything to get him back; that including giving us lots and lots of money. Not only that, but the child is very well protected. It will take a good plan and a good thief to get him here.”


I shook my head. “No way, that’s insane. I don’t want to get caught in a hostage situation with a kid. That’s way too many extra years on my life sentence. I’m not interested.”


            Even most super villains other than me will tell you to never involve kids in schemes. Kids include everyone under eighteen. Ruining an adult life? Fine. But kids? No way. That’s some serious felony there, they have a life ahead of them, who knows what they can do? Traumatising events during childhood can mess somebody up for life. Trust me, I know this from experience.


It barely took him three seconds to have a knife at my throat. “You don’t have a choice. You’re doing this whether you like it or not, because not only is your life on the line, so is Richard’s.”


Richard and I used to have an interesting, um, relationship. We were on and off a couple of years ago, until I gave him a kick to the curb because I got tired of his company. I like flying solo; keeping track of another person is too much effort. Still, I wasn’t keen on either of us dying.

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