Consider It A Deathwish

Indigo likes money and herself. But when things go wrong and there are difficult decisions to make, will she be selfish or will she finally think about someone else?


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# 1

If you’re going to be a super villain, there are a few very important things to have:


A cool look. A cool name. And a cool weapon.


But even more important than that, you can’t be predictable. The fun of being chased is unimportant if you end up getting caught.


I glanced behind my shoulder, spotting a police officer trying to push through the crowd on the sidewalk to get to me. I smirked, continuing to carefully slip through the gaps in families and hugging brick walls until I spotted a convenient alley to duck into.


“Hey!” some guy grabbed my arm, “Aren’t you that- “


I twisted out of his grip and put my finger to my lips, giving him a wink. I dashed down the alley, ignoring his reaction. He continued to yell and I heard footsteps behind me. Without looking back, I turned left and found myself at a dead end. I quickly scanned the surroundings and sighed in frustration. I would have to go back the way I came.


“Put your hands up, Indigo!”


See? Indigo sounds cooler than Andrea. Imagine if he said ‘Put your hands up, Andrea!’, that sounds dumb. Andrea is the kind of girl who steals fifty dollars from her grandma. Indigo? She takes whatever she pleases. Now, when you do get caught doing something villainous, you obviously don’t want to really get caught. Every cop can be manipulated. So, find a way to get out of the situation.


I spun on my heels, shooting the officer a toothy grin, and threw up my hands. He was young, a newbie I guessed, by the way his stance lacked confidence and the gun in his hands was shaking. If he decided to shoot, he would definitely miss any major organs, which was important. I listened carefully, and didn’t hear anymore footsteps. He must not have brought backup. I tried not to grin while the officer shook in his boots. I was going to get off easy today.


“Don’t move,” newbie warned, waving his gun at me unconvincingly. “Give me the diamond.”


“This diamond?” I pulled the jewel out of my pocket, holding it carefully between my thumb and index finger. It was a ten carat diamond, and glittered fantastically even in the shadowed alley. It was practically flawless, and would get me quite a bit of cash. I snatched it in mail transition from someone who idiotically trusted registered mail to keep such an expensive item safe. It wasn’t a particularly interesting theft, but I wanted some quick cash.


He took a hesitant step towards me, “Okay, hand it over.”


I stifled a laugh, putting it back in my pocket, gesturing to the weapon in his hand “Sunshine, do you even know how to use that? Sorry, but I’m taking the diamond and getting out of here.”


 I pulled out my dart gun, and before he could get a word out, I shot him in the arm, and he slowly fell to the ground. The darts were filled with a man made chemical that caused temporary paralysis, which was nice because I’m not a big fan of blood. I don’t like leaving messes. “Have a good night.”


I started to walk back down the alley, but a man came out of the shadows, and pinned me against the wall. So much for getting home quickly and finding someone reliable who would give me cash for the diamond.


This happens sometimes. Being a super villain can put you on quite a few wanted lists, and some of the people looking for you are just as evil as you are. This is a problem. There is generally less predictability to these types of situations. There is also a high likelihood of death, injury, or worse. Annoyingly arrogant attitude is not helpful, and I’m full of it.


“Do I know you, sir? I can’t say I recognize y-”


“Look again Andrea,” the stranger said gruffly.


I squinted, analysing his face, and barely managed not to gasp out loud in realization. “Richard! Haha, wow, time heals all wounds, am I right? The last time I saw you, you were pretty dead.”


“I don’t have time to chat and catch up, Andrea. You owe me one, and I hear you’re the best thief in town.”


I began to feel uncomfortable, and ducked out from between Richard’s arms, settling lightly behind him. “I don’t do other peoples’ dirty work. I do what I want, when I want, for me.”


He turned around, fists clenched, to look at me. “Still the same selfish egotistical personality, I see. I’m afraid, though, this time you don’t have a choice.”


“I always have a choice.” I glowered.


I pulled out my dart gun, ready to shoot, when he hit me square in the jaw, and I was knocked completely unconscious.

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