The Cursed Brothers

"Blest be the man that spares these stones, and curst be he that moves my bones" the Curse of William Shakespeare comes into play when Jon's brother, Matt, disturbs the bard's tomb during their company's restoration of the Holy Trinity Church.


1. The Cursed Brothers

     After hours of restoration, Jon returned home to his worried family.  The concern came from William Shakespeare's curse -- the one that claimed "Blest be the man that spares these stones, and curst be he that moves my bones."

     It happened, accidently, back at the Holy Trinity Church.  He caught his brother, Matt, going through the bard's grave, curious of what the Englishman kept hidden with his remains.  As they replaced the stones to their original positions, Jon unknowingly kicked a bone that they believed fell without their awareness.  The brothers then heard an ominous voice tell them "I have warned ye.  As the sun sets this following day, ye shall suffer the consequences."

     As they prepared for bed, Jon turned to Matt.  "What do we do, brother?  Shakespeare's coming for us tomorrow."

     Fear filled Jon, but his brother only laughed.  "Oh, come on.  You know that curses don't exist.  They're as real as the tooth fairy.  Now get some sleep, alright?"

     With that, the brothers slept, and Jon's dream quickly turned into a horrible nightmare.  Matt lay dead on the ground, surrounded by the blood pouring down his pale, lifeless face.  Hovering over the corpse stood a decaying, skeleton-like figure who turned toward the frightened Jon.  He immediately recognized the figure from thousands of books and photographs.  A man who long since died, resting now in the Holy Trinity Church.


     William Shakespeare


     Jon woke with a jolt, heart pounding against his chest as sweat creeped down his face.  He sprang out of bed and raced to Matt.  "Brother, I saw him!"  he shouted once he found the other in the hallway.  "It's William Shakespeare!  He's coming for us!"

     Matt rested his hands on Jon's shoulders, ensuring that his brother would listen.  "Calm down, Jon.  You just woke up from a nightmare.  We'll be fine."


     "No buts."  Matt released his brother and strode toward the kitchen.  Just before leaving, Matt looked back over his shoulder with a warm smile.  "Get ready.  We still have work to do."

     Matt left his brother, who remained alone, in the hall, afraid that the Bard would come for not just him but his beloved brother as well.  Terror ate away at him, spreading like a disease, but Jon fought it.  He had faith in his brother -- always had -- and he wasn't going to let a superficial curse get the better of him.

     Nonetheless, Jon's fears continued to grow as time passed, nearing the inevitable moment when the sun would set.  A passing car nearly crashed into Matt, and a streetlamp almost fell onto Jon.  At work, a part of the building collapsed, only inches away from crushing the brothers.  Each accident added on to Jon's terror, but his faith in Matt kept him going.

     The evening finally arrived.  Jon watched the setting sun, spreading its golden shades across the sky, as he rested on the old, wooden swing in their front yard.  Matt came with his unforgettable smile on his face.  "See?  I told you we'd be fine."

     "I never doubted you."  Matt joined Jon, and the two watched the sun set in peace until a mysterious figure appeared suddenly across the street.  Matt squinted in the figure's diretion, trying to gaze past teh evening sun rays.  "Wonder who that is?"

     Matt rose from the swing and strode toward the ominous figure.

     He took three steps.

     Then his head flew off.

     The body smacked the ground, spilling blood onto the pavement before it.  His head rolled to Jon's feet, staring with eyes as dead as himself.

     "B... Brother...?"  Jon squeaked out.  He couldn't scream.  He couldn't move.  He was too scared to do anything but stare back at the lifeless head  His heart quickened and quickened and quickened until finally slowing down as fast as it had spiked up.  His body grew limp and he collapsed to the ground.  With his remaining strength, Jon gazed in the direction of the strange figure.  The last thing he saw was the Bard, William Shakespeare.


     Cold and dark.  That was the world Jon rested in as death closed in.  Although his body was numb, Jon felt sorrow eating away at him, for his beloved brother was gone forever.


     When Jon opened his eyes, he saw pure white walls and pale blue curtains hanging around him.  He layed in a hospital bed and beside it, Matt watched his brother, smiling.  "It's about time.  I almost thought you'd never wake up."

     Bewildered, Jon looked up at his revived brother.  "You're alive?  How?  The-- The Bard!  He killed you!  I saw it!"

     Matt stared at Jon, brow raised.  "You must've had one hell of a dream.  Don't you remember?  During the restoration, you fell and hit your head.  You've been in the hospital since."

     Jon raised his hand to his head, feeling the bandage wrapped around his skull, located in the same place that the blood leaked from on Matt's head, back when he received Shakespeare's warning.

     Matt nudged his brother's arm lightly.  "Don't worry.  Dr. Taylor said you'd be fine.  If you'd like, I can go see if Katie will make one of her homemade pies for you."

     Jon stared at his living brother, unable to believe that what he saw was just a bad dream, but returned the smile.  "Sounds great.  I am getting a bit hungry."

     After a good laugh, Matt left, and Jon rested his injured head, closing his eyes.  He could always count on his brother.  Not even a curse can change that.

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