Laws of the land

Laws of the land is about 4 teens(Two boys and Two girls) who are trying to find the laws of their world,but come against many challenges to find the laws.


2. Intro of characters


Ethan is 15 year old boy who loves mystery. He also lost his parents at the age of 5. He lives with foster parents. He also is the smartest in his grade. He is even gay!! Most of all...his BIPOLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!



Eric is a smart, crazy girl. She loves drawing,singing,and writing. She  talks to people but not always. Most of the time she wonders off into her little world. She even ran away from her hometown city!!! She is also 16.



Max is a 15 year old gay closet teen. He doesn't wont show the real him so he acts like someone he's not. He even has a crush on Ethan!! He is also the top football player in his school.



Alex is 16 years old. She is anti-social. She believes some people are way to "ghetto" to her. She loves mystery,fiction,and myth stories.










































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