The Silent House A novel

Ashley Thomas is a cheerleader in 1973. When she dies because of a prank, her spirit haunts the old house near the dormitory. In the summer of 2013, Jenny Marsh, and her sorority sisters, decide to spent the night in the same house, unaware of the ghost who haunts the place.


4. Jenny Marsh-June 3, 2014


Jenny shivered. 

The rain was heavy. She saw Helen becoming worried. She knew that Miss Davies wanted to know the whereabouts of her sorority sisters. Some of them were cheerleading; some were not. Jenny looked at the window; Helen also looked at the window, as if she was thinking that the girls would be up to no good. She didn't want to go all of the way to Moreton Bay; she didn't need to go away from home. "Randy and Joan are having...", Helen said. Then, to her surprise, they saw Randy driving towards them. "It's Joan. She saw Ashley Thomas's spirit in the Silent House", he said. 

"What! That's impossible!", Jenny said.

"Nothing is impossible these days. People don't believe in the paranormal, supernatural, or occult. They believe in facts. Joan, it's going to be alright. It's ten o'clock pm". He kissed her, then drove to the fraternity house before he got into trouble.


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