The Silent House A novel

Ashley Thomas is a cheerleader in 1973. When she dies because of a prank, her spirit haunts the old house near the dormitory. In the summer of 2013, Jenny Marsh, and her sorority sisters, decide to spent the night in the same house, unaware of the ghost who haunts the place.


3. Jenny Marsh-July 3, 2014


One year later....


Jenny March stared at the black mirror. "You passed", Helen Reed said. She gazed into the red coloured I-phone; she stared at the ten messages. "I saw her. Ashley Thomas. She haunts The Silent House; she, and the girl Carol, and her mother". Helen, who was head of the sorority, nodded. "Ghosts aren't real". Jenny had given up on approaching the issue of the haunting; she had been thinking about Richard Ives, the Phi Kappa Phi fraternity house member. "Everyone is going to Moreton Bay on dates", Helen said. Jenny sighed. Richard, who was seventeen, was popular around the fraternity. Maybe I'm not that good looking for him​, she thought to herself. Helen, who was sixteen, had long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and tall. Joan walked towards them. "Randy and I are going to Moreton Bay tonight. I've informed Miss Davies, the new House Mother, that we'll be back at the sorority by ten-thirty pm". Helen nodded. Jane smiled. "Have a good time". And Joan walked out of the sorority front gates, and saw her boyfriend was waiting for her. "Let's go!", Randy said. And Joan got into Randy's blue 2012 van. Randy opened the front door, and let her in the passenger-side door. Once the door closed behind them, they put their seatbelts on. Then Randy drove two miles to Moreton Bay.


Jenny stared outside her dormitory window. She pondered on the fact that she was used to seeing ghosts. It was a year since she saw Carol, and her mother. All of them were dead in the Silent House. Her flesh crept every time she thought of them; her face was still as a statue. Then the faded memories of Ashley Thomas, the sorority sister who died during a fateful prank in 1973, was the last straw. Afterwards, the house went through various owners until it was brought by a reclusive rich Texan billionaire named R. L. O. Westwood, Jr., who was seventy years old, and lived there as a summer house, in the hot summer of 1974 through to 1986, when he died from a heart attack aged 82. By 1987 to 1999, it was owned by J. Sheppard Lowe, a young lawyer and his wife, Barbara. Lowe, who was thirty-eight, didn't believe in ghosts. And neither did his wife, who was twenty-nine. Jenny had read the on-line news about the house in the Library, knew that if she went back there, she would attempt to contact a psychic to help get rid of them. "I know what you're thinking", Mel Anderson said. Jenny turned around. "Oh, I didn't see you", she said. "I'm concerned about you, Jenny". She smiled at her. "I never thought that I'd see you scared". Jenny nodded. "Everyone thinks I too emotional". Mel shook her head. "Psychics cost money". Mel said.  "The only solution is to go back to the Silent House to end the terror once and for all", Jenny answered her. And they left the sorority house, and walked to the haunted house.


Theresa Quentin smoked a cigarette. The fiery embers of the smoke congested the cold air. She walked to the Silent House; she hadn't thought that the mystery of the house was just that: an old mystery that couldn't, (or wouldn't), be easily explained. Her hazel eyes focused on the bedroom window. Suddenly, as a summer wind blew from the north, she saw a little girl grinning at her. Her long, black, hair was faint; her blue eyes focused on her. Her black dress was also fading; her face was etched in confusion. "​Mother! Mother! Mother! Mother!!!!​", Carol yelled, and then she disappeared into the eternal blackness. Theresa Quentin's face was pale. She fled in terror, as she knew that The Silent House's curse had rattled those people who saw the ghosts.


Randy stared at the dirt road. 

"We're not too far from The Silent House", he laughed. Joan shook her head. "I don't want to be too scared", she said. Randy kissed her. "You won't be", Randy stated. The silver sign to Moreton Bay was to the left; to the right was Davis Marina. As Joan kissed Randy, dark clouds hovered above their heads. "It's going to rain", Joan said; Randy stared at the rain. He grabbed his grey coat. "Put this on you to keep warm". Joan watched other sorority girls and fraternity brothers head to Moreton Bay. She knew that they'd be keeping it cool in case they were in deep trouble; they knew of the consequences of staying up too late. Joan smiled. "I love you, Randy". He kissed her gently on the lips; he stared at the Silent House. Suddenly he felt someone was watching them. "I hate ​being watched", Joan added. She watched the lounge room windows. Suddenly the ghost of Ashley Thomas stared at them. Her eyes were sunken. Her face was skeletal. It levitated high in the frigid air...and screamed. Joan blinked, then she collapsed into a heap near Randy. And she knew that the nightmare wasn't over.


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