The Silent House A novel

Ashley Thomas is a cheerleader in 1973. When she dies because of a prank, her spirit haunts the old house near the dormitory. In the summer of 2013, Jenny Marsh, and her sorority sisters, decide to spent the night in the same house, unaware of the ghost who haunts the place.


2. Jenny Marsh-July 3, 2013


Forty years' later


Jenny Marsh gazed at the other girls. She glanced at the Silent House with trepidation. "Okay, for the initiation to Delta Phi Delta, you have to survive a night here", Annie Cartwright said. Her long, curly hair shifted across her forehead; her brown eyes shifted across to the black, iron gates. She wore a black Def Leppard T-shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes on her feet. "It's creepy", Jenny said. Avery Daniels shrugged her head. "I heard there was a doll named Carol was here. It haunts anyone who has it". Annie grinned. "There's just one of the mysterious things that have happened back in 1973; there's the other thing that really will scare you. ​No one survives the night​". Jenny noticed the tall caretaker grinning at the sorority members. "Arthur! Give the girls the keys", Annie told him. Arthur Mire, a fifty year old man, looked like a cadaver warmed up. "Yes, Miss!". He gripped his black coat with his scarred, right hand; he tapped his feet along the gravelly ground, as if thinking about the eerie past that deeply affected his late father, Todd Mire, who had spent the evening there in 1972, shouting about the ghosts which yelled inside the top of the stairs. It was a lost tale of terror that was now a modern legend. Jenny had read about what happened to Ashley Thomas. ​She died due to a horrible prank...and was holding onto a doll named Carol​. The old houses in Reno, Nevada, were like the Southern ones in Louisiana. As the other girls walked inside The Silent House. Jenny followed behind them. And, as she felt lonely in the house, she knew that the talk of hauntings would bother her all night.


Jenny walked down the hallway. She heard the sound of footsteps. "It's me!", Joan Quentin said. Joan smiled at her. She was nervous. "I hate ghosts", she said. Suddenly she headed towards the room at the end of the cold hall; she heard the sound of voices inside. "Give me the doll, Carol; give it back to me!​". It was a stern, mother's voice; it was from the past. "​No, Mom! It's mine!​". And, as the voices disappeared into the ether, Jenny shuddered with terror. Jenny noticed the staircase. "Don't go up there!". She gazed at Joan. Suddenly the other sorority sisters shivered in the frigid cold; the sisters shook their heads. "I don't care, Joan. It's...scary", Lyn Grahame said. She saw a framed picture of a young woman in her late twenties. Her long, black hair was severe looking; her blue eyes stared into the darkness of the Silent House; her black shawl made her older than her years. Next to her was a five year old girl. Carol, she thought to herself. She shivered. Then she saw a female ghost watching her. It was Ashley Thomas.


Jenny screamed. "It's her! We'd better leave", Joan said. The other cheerleaders shuddered. And they headed out of the Silent House, and never returned.

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