The Silent House A novel

Ashley Thomas is a cheerleader in 1973. When she dies because of a prank, her spirit haunts the old house near the dormitory. In the summer of 2013, Jenny Marsh, and her sorority sisters, decide to spent the night in the same house, unaware of the ghost who haunts the place.


1. Ashley Thomas-July 3, 1973


Reno, Nevada


"You have to go to The Silent House", Ami Shae Lowe, the Lead Cheerleader, said. Ashley Thomas shook her head. "It's haunted". She glanced at the other girls. "You're scared", Ami smirked. "I don't believe in ghosts". Ami, who was seventeen, smoked a cigarette. The fiery embers hit the harsh ground. They fell next to her white shoes. Her silver peace sign necklace, that was on her purple sweater, glowed in the afternoon sky. Ami, who preferred books to read than thinking about dating fraternity boys from Phi Kappa Phi house, glanced at the eerie looking house that was near the cold waters near the cemetery. "I'll be alone there", Ashley said. She glanced at the six other sorority sisters. They grinned at her. "Go!​", Ami ordered her. And Ashley nodded. She saw the keys to the house; she grabbed it under the brown ​Welcome​ mat. Once she took a long, deep, breath, Ashley walked up the white porch towards the front door. Gargoyles watched her from the top of the eerie house; children's swings swung back and forth near the back. A cold, freezing, southerly wind blew across her face. It's evil! It's evil!​, she thought to herself; she opened the front door. The door creaked slowly. Then, as she heard the sorority girls leave in a black van, Ashley headed inside. When she made sure she wasn't locked in, she saw a dusty red table in the middle of the spacious hallway; she placed it on it with her right hand. Then, as she looked around, she saw several rag dolls lying on the grey hallway. She shivered, as she picked one up with her left hand. Written on it were the words: Carol​. "Hello, Carol. I'm Ashley". She looked around. Suddenly she heard the sound of footsteps; she spoke in a controlled voice: "Hello! Hello! Is there anyone there?", she asked. No one answered her. Ashley saw a shadow on top of the staircase. "Hello!". Before she could do anything, she saw a ghostly figure in a black shroud. Ashley screamed. "Give Carol to me!", it said. Ashley walked upstairs. Then she gave the doll to the figure. "​Surprise!​", Jane Greg said. And, as she took the doll from her, Ashley accidentally fell downstairs. "Ashley! Oh, God!", she uttered. 

Ashley had died from a broken neck. And the nightmare had begun.


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