Toriel’s daycare

Something goes horriblely wrong when Asgore try’s to use determination turn are almost every one into.............Babies!?


1. Welcome children

 Asgore:I cant win all my people,dust!

Human:die “king”! -stabs-

Asgore:what is this feeling?

Flowey:come on da-  king Asgore Stay determined 

    Asgore opens the menu and sees the rest button and presses then everything goes black  

???:YOU DRITY HACKER wsjjseoemdjrkdkddmdkdkdji 

Asgore wakes up.

Asgore:oh just a dream.


Asgore:.... kilo?Ilanna?

Kilo:ilanna killed mr.T 

Ilanna:no I didn’t I stabbed him with a butter knife 


Asgore:(it’s happening all over again)

I/k:umm dad

Asgore:*internal screaming*

Toriel:Asgore....... why are the children um children again?

Asgore:I don’t know 



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