Toriel’s daycare

Something goes horriblely wrong when Asgore try’s to use determination turn are almost every one into.............Babies!?


2. Welcome children Zane P.O.V

 Zane wakes up.

Zane:Why is s everything so big didn’t I die?

Zane goes into the bathroom and climbs on the counter to look in the mirror.

Zane:......I’m a b-baby.

Zane:.     .     .        AHHHHHHH!!!

Ink:Zane?Zaaaane? Are you o-.

Zane is throwing a tantrum.

Zane:dad what happened *crys* I don’t wanna be a little kid!


Frisk:yes hon-

Frisk:....welp your going to daycare with Lucy 

Lucy:yay big brother is coming with me!



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