Wrong number..into right guy?

Jas got a drunk text from a stranger who claims they are Adym Yorba (ItsRiccotho). But is he telling the truth?



2. One

?: Hi sexy, wanna chill...

?:who is this? I dont know who you are so no thanks...

?: You gave me ur number at the club tonight... 

?:I was never at the club. I think you have the wrong number

?: ok? Whats your name then?

?:None of your business. I dont tell strangers my name.

?:what if I told you mine? 

?:go ahead. Im going to bed

?:Im Adym. Ricco or Lastmann. Im pretty famous online.

?:I dont believe you that ur adym. But gn

"Adym": I am i swear. tell me your name and i will let you sleep

?: Fine its...

"Adym": What is it??

?:Names Jas. Now Bye

"Adym": Ur meannn but night. I win.  

Jas: night 

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