The Burning Flames in Hell Part 4 A novel

Marjorie Clements is a demon. When she makes a deal with Lord Hell to serve him, she places herself in grave danger,


1. Return to Hell


Marjorie forgot all about her human parents, and her friends. They seemed elusive as she reached the burning flames of Hell itself; Hell's dangerous fires always burned in the dark abyss. "Your life is over Marjorie unless you serve me", it said. She glanced at the Imp; she saw its black eyes gleam with intense mischief. "She's untouchable", it said to Lord Hell. "Untouchable! Imp, she's a demon!". It stared at them with loathing. Then it saw an angel being tied up with red ropes; its white wings, that were supposed to flutter, wasn't flying as usual. "What's your name, Angel?", Marjorie asked her. "Madeline Shaffer". She stared at her. "How did you get to Hell?", Marjorie added. "Through the void. I was sent by the King and Queen Angels to tell the King of Hell that his time on the throne was coming to an end. He didn't believe me". She struggled to flap her white wings. "I need to escape", Madeline sighed. She flapped and flapped. Then, losing the fight, the angel knew one thing was certain. 

That she was doomed.

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