Dan and Phil In: The Nutcracker

Dan and Phil in the nutcracker. Dan as Clara and Phil as the Nutcracker. I suck at descriptions, but please read and enjoy!


1. The Gift

 The night sky was twinkling with stars and the moon was so bright. The warmth of the fire with the smell of the christmas tree was enough to make the young boy smile.

There he sat in the bay window of the sitting room, hot chocolate in had, and brown eyes gazing at the stars. He was happy as can be. In his favorite christmas jumper, little brother playing with his army men on the floor, and his favorite aunt was finally coming home for christmas.

"Daniel, Adrian, do you boys want to help me decorate the tree?" Dan was pulled away from his thoughts to see the head maid, Priscilla, walking into the room with multiple boxes in hand.

"Yeah! Come on, Dan." his brother said with a shine in his eyes.

Dan got up from his comfortable spot and went to help with the tree. He crouched down and started going through boxes of various ornaments until he came across a small black box wrapped in red ribbon. He felt tears begin to form in his eyes, but opened it anyway. Inside was a beautiful china ballerina with a gold string at the top of her head.

"Oh you found her! Can I put her on?" Adrian asked. Dan nodded and handed the box to his brother.

"It's beautiful, Sir." The brothers turned their heads so see Cecillia, the newest maid, standing in the doorway with more boxes.

"Thanks," Adrian said and hung it on the big tree, "Our mum bought it for us at our first ballet. How old was I Dan?" he turned to his brother. Dan rolled his eyes. Every Christmas he asked, and every Christmas he forgot.

"You were four." he said getting up. He grabbed some boxes from Cecillia and set them down.

"Thank you, Sir." she said. She then left the room.

Dan then returned to his spot on the floor, and went threw more ornaments. Priscilla and Adrian made conversation, while Dan only spoke when needed. The boy was happy, but not as alive as he used to be. Not after his parents died.

After about ten minutes of tree decorating, they heard yelling from the hallway.

"No, no, no! They were supposed to be poinsettias not roses! Oh well we'll deal with it." Dan looked to see his Grandmother, Millicent Draxlmaier, standing in her party gown. Phone to her ear and clipboard in hand. She was a woman known of being frightening. She loved her grandsons, but she was very stern, "The glasses did come in and they're beautiful...Thank you, Martin." She hung up the phone and looked at her grandsons, "Boys you need to get dressed! Our guests will be here in half an hour!" Her phone then rang and she answered it leaving the room.

"Go on boys, do as she says." Priscilla said. The boys got up and headed to there chambers when Dan felt a hand on his shoulder, "Yasmine set aside a piece of butterscotch cinnamon pie for you. Just pop down to the kitchen."

Dan smiled and nodded his head, "Thank you." he said, and left to get dressed. Butterscotch cinnamon pie was his favorite after all.

When Dan returned down stairs he saw the first family arive,and he knew he was in for a long night. He followed them to the ball room, and saw the strings getting set up. But out of the corner of his eye he saw a familiar figure. Then he heard a familiar voice, and instantly he knew who the person was. He was beaming in excitement, and he quickly walked over to the person.

"Aunt Elizabeth!"

She turned to see her nephew walking towards her and opened her arms. "Daniel! Oh how you've grown." she took him in her arms, and held him tight, "I've missed you."

"I missed you too." he said letting her go, "Now tell me about China. I want to here all about it!" he said.

So for the rest of the night, she told him about her trip. He sat happily at one of the tables and just listened to her talk. She occasionally got asked to dance, but she came right back and continued her story. The party soon ended, and they both drifted to the sitting room. They sat in the bay window with hot chocolate in their hands, and Adrian sitting with his toys in front of the tree.

"I wish I could've been there." Dan said with a frown on his face.

"Well maybe next time you could come with me." she said with a wink.

"You know Grandmother would never allow it. Travelling exhausts the young mind. Where did she ever get that?" Dan asked taking a sip of his drink.

"Well, surely she won't object to these," she then got up from her seat and pulled two presents from under the tree, "Adrian," she handed him a green present, "and for you my dear." she handed Dan a red present. He was about to open it, but he heard a shriek from his brother.

"It's a head guard and a second in command. Thanks!" he then began playing with the new toys. 

Dan opened his gift, and he was very happy when he saw it. There laid a nutcracker. It had blue eyes, black hair, and a small lion sitting next to him.

"It's wonderful! Thank you Aunt Elizabeth." he got up to hug his Aunt, and Adrian got up to inspect the gift Dan had gotten.

"It doesn't look like much." Adrian said picking it up.

"Well on the outside maybe, but inside is the heart of a prince." their Aunt said. That's when Adrian got the idea.

"Then I can use him to command my army!"

"Uh, no. That isn't a toy." Dan reached for the nutcracker but Adrian ran. Dan ran after him shouting, "Give it back! He's not a toy!"

And Adrian just shouted back, "He is too, look!"

Dan soon caught up with his brother and managed to knock him over. Adrian let the nutcracker fly out of his hand and it hit the wall, causing the arm to break a little. Dan quickly got up to pick up the toy. He saw that it was broken. He turned to Adrian and hit his arm.

"You know we never get to see her! Let alone get gifts from her. If you want to break yours that's fine, but don't go around breaking mine." he then went back to the bay window and sat down. He took the ribbon from his gift and made a sling for the doll. Now, he didn't know if it was a trick of the light or his own imagination, but he swore the nutcracker's eye winked at him. He looked up to see his aunt smirking at him.

"Alright you two. I think you should get to sleep. It's quite late." she said. Dan simply nodded and rose to hug her goodnight, "Goodnight my love. Hold him close with you tonight, he brings good dreams." Dan then pulled away. He kissed her cheek, and began to pull along a whiny Adrian upstairs.

But that night, Dan couldn't sleep. He tossed and turned until he decided to sleep down stairs in the bay window. He fell into sleep easily, but when he woke up he was faced with a confusing seen.

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