Dream Dust



9. Chapter 9:

~~After several days. Amethyst had gone back and forth between realities. One minute she'll be with Covey. The next, Ben. It was difficult though. But as she was sitting quietly in her room with a few of the girls. One of the village’s guards came bursting in. Tell them to evacuate. As the tree was under attack. The girls started to panic and scream. They all started to run out. Amethyst going last to make sure no one was left behind. As everyone reached outside the tree. Covey instantly got by Amethyst's side.
“Get out of here Amethyst!” he said to her. Holding her shoulders. Looking her dead in the eye.
“No!” she replied. It made him furious.
“I am telling you now!” he said, clenching down hard on her shoulders.
“I said, NO!” she shouted. “You get everyone out of here! I'll take care of this” she barked at him. He backed away in rage.
“Leave! NOW! THAT'S AN ORDER!” she screamed. She ran around to the side of the tree that was under siege by Darkness. She stood there watching as parts of the tree were falling from the sky. She dodged once. Twice. Three times. Moving with swift movements. She tried to talk to Ben from the outside.
“Please brother, I need whatever power you can give me right now!” she screamed to herself.
“But I don't know if I can” she could hear from the back of her mind.
“Well you had better try, or I won’t be able to stop this!”
“Why would you want to stop the darkness?” he asked her.
“Because I am still against the darkness that wishes to dread this world” she shouted at him. “Now give me your power or I'll kill you”
“But in order to do that-”
“Is to kill myself. And I will” she growled. “Now...give me your power” she said, looking up from the ground.
Her body was shrouded with a think dark coat of black. Covering every inch of her. Tearing her clothes from her skin, and hardened it to armour stronger than raw glass metal. Her eye's glowed a bright yellow. And her skin turned dark grey. Her hair like black fire. She looked up to the tree.
“Okay Howler. Let's see what you can do” she crouched down, and jumped with all her energy. Launching her straight into the air. She went straight up to the core of the darkness. Finding the source of the destruction.
“Amethyst! That's a Soul Dragon!” Ben shouted to her.
“Details?” she asked as she dodged a beam of black light.
“Very territorial, and are very aggressive” he said. She dodged another beam.
“Maybe something helpful Benny!” she shouted.
“Okay, okay, let me think” he replied. She zipped through beam after beam as she flew closer to it.
“Think faster idiot!” she barked at him. She flew to the back of the winged reptile. It's scales glistened and protected it like an armour.
“The skin of a Soul Dragon is almost impenetrable” she smiled.
“Almost you say?” balls of black fire appeared in her hands. She smirked and threw them at it's head. It cautiously looked at her. “Well that didn't work” she said calmly as she flew down with a trail of black smoke following her as she avoided it's bites.
“Benny, have you got any weapons that might kill this thing?” she asked.
“Maybe one” he replied. “But it will take some time to charge” he said.
“Now you tell me. Just tell me how to summon it” She demanded. Watching the Dragon.
“Okay, push you arms in font of you and place your hands together” he said, she did as she was ordered.
“Now what?”
“Now, close your eye's and imagine a weapon of darkness, and of destruction. Something that reflects yourself, like a mirror” he answered. Her brow went up.
“A mirror?” she asked.
“Yes, mirror yourself as a weapon” he barked. “And hurry!”.
She closed her eye's, thinking of what she looked like as a weapon. A sword? A war-hammer? What about a Battle Axe? Nothing agreed with her. She was something unique. So it had to be something that only she could think of. She flicked her eye's opened. A long, two-handed, double-edged sword, in the shape of flames appeared in her hands. The edges encrypted with the shining green Raw Glass, one of the rarest metals mined. The body and handle, made from an obsidian-based stone. But it was so light. She smiled.
“Amazing” he said, after all, he was watching from that window he can form.
“I'll say. I'm absolutely gorgeous” she boasted. She looked to the dragon. Flying upwards and releasing herself from the black cloud that was keeping her in the air, and slashed down the dragons neck. Cleanly slicing it's head off.


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