Dream Dust



8. Chapter 8:

~~Amethyst watched the Howler as he circled her slightly.
“Is there a certain name that I should call you by?” she asked, eyeing him cautiously.
“A name?” he asked. “I had forgotten my old name. And I can't recall anything from my old life” he looked down as he stopped circling her. She stepped to him. His head was faced to the ground. She couldn't see his face, but she heard small sniffles from his nose. A hand lifted his face to face her. She wiped his tears. He looked at her with widened eyes, how can she look at a monster like that? With a smile on her face? His bottom lip started to wobble, he jumped to her with his arms around her. Tears dripping on her bare shoulder. She may not have been wearing anything, but she didn't seem to care.
“I'll be your sister from here on out” she said confidently, it made him light up with joy.
“My sister?” he mumbled. Pulling back to look at her. She was straight-faced. And glared at him.
“Yes! I will be your sister. And you...” she paused for a moment. “...are...” she stopped again.
“Benjamin” he finished for her. “I'm your brother Benjamin”. They both smiled.
She opened her eyes. Into reality. She was still smiling.
“Amethyst?” Covey woke up.
“You were different last night. Are you alright now?” he asked her.
“Yep. Just fine” she smiled at him and got up. Got dressed and walked out of the room. Covey was confused.

Amethyst walked through the tree village. Smiling at everyone who she came across. Covey came running up to her.
“Hey! Don't just walk off from me after a night like that!” she looked at him.
“I'm sorry” she thought that maybe she should keep her brother on the down low. Covey frowned.
“Did last night even mean anything to you?” he asked. “Cause you seemed pretty eager to get to that stage” she looked right into his eyes, shocked. Did it mean something to him?
“Well...of course it did” she looked down. Not noticing the smile on his face. He lifted her chin, and kissed her. Taking her by surprise. She smiled into the kiss.
“Good” he held her by the cheek gently and placed his forehead on hers. Eyes closed and a grin on his face. “Cause it definitely meant something to me” she looked to him and smiled.


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