Dream Dust



7. Chapter 7:

~~“Ah..What?” he was backing up a fare bit from her, with a tomato red face. He was shocked more than anything.
“Please Covey?” her arms and hands started to slide along her breasts and legs. It was actually turning him on.
“Amethyst what has happened to you?” he was worried at the same time.
“Nothing has happened to me Covey” she moved to him, crawling up on him. Her hands on him shoulders. He fell back a bit, flat on his arse, his hand behind him for support. She crawled further up, straddling on him.
“Amethyst?” she smirked as she could feel it below her.
“Someone's hard” she started to play with his lips with her finger.
She was continuously smashing the screen in front of her. Shattering it, it kept morphing back to normal. She was screaming and crying, blood in her eyes, cuts on her arms, legs, and everywhere. She was just covered in blood.
“Amethyst?” she pressed her finger on his lips, telling him to be quiet. She smirked and slowly made her way down. Down his bare chest, down his stomach. He was watching her for a minute with surprise, until his vision was cut for a second, a burst of pleasure overcame him. He was panting and gasping for air. It was amazing. He could feel her tongue, he was slightly moaning. She stopped for a moment, but kept her hand on him to keep going.
“Are you alright Covey?” she chuckled. He looked at her. Her eyes were so seductive. How could she be so amazing?
“Y-yeah” he said.
“Good, cause I'm not done yet” she licked along him. He moaned quietly. She stopped completely. And crawled back up to him. Locking their lips together.
Amethyst watched with terror. She wanted to be with him without a doubt, but not like this.
“WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!” she screamed, cowering herself to the ground, covering her head with her hands.

She wrapped her arms around his neck. He held her waist slightly with his fingers. Trailing them down her. Around the front of her. And under. She started to moan.
She was crying.
“Please stop this?” the mirror disappeared, the howler came back.
“Why don't you go back then?” he smirked and clicked his fingers. She was seeing everything for herself. She felt the burst of pleasure shower over her. He was biting on her neck. And her ears. His fingers were gently caressing her, she moaned a bit louder, now that she was feeling it, and she didn't want to stop. He stood up, holding her in his arms, her legs wrapped around him. He placed her back on the bedroll, on her back. Towering over her the way he did, made her feel loved. He leaned down and whispered to her.
“Tell me if you want me to stop...” he smiled and gently bit her ear. Making her moan slightly. He held onto her legs as he rose up, slowly pushing himself in, making her grip the covers of the bedroll. She arched her back, he leaned her up, going harder on her. Faster. She moaned louder, almost screaming. He, as well started to moan, he was coming close. He made the last few quite rough. They both let out loud moans.
Amethyst woke up the next morning, she felt sick. But she felt happy for some reason. She looked to her left, seeing Covey, naked. Next to her asleep. She smiled. Her vision blurred out, into darkness.
“So you were enjoying it after all” she looked to her side, the Howler, stacking books on an oak shelf. How could there be?
“You were actually enjoying yourself” he looked at her in the eyes, she felt guilty for some reason.
“Let's not forget, you started to it and YOU’RE a male!” he glared at her.
“Are you saying I can't love a man?” he asked her, he came closer to her.
“I'm not saying that!” she said to him.
“You basically are!” he said crossing his arms.
“I'm sorry” she said after a moment. “I was in no place to mean that” she whispered.
“No. No you weren't!” he said. Silence feel upon them.
“So...with you in my body, do I gain any like powers or anything?” she asked. He smiled.
“Don't know” he replied. She thought for a moment.
“Can I still contact you while I'm in control?”
“Don't know” he smiled.
“So you've never taken over a body?” he chuckled.
“I haven't, but the thing that was inside me, has” she raised her brows.
“What do you mean 'the thing that was inside you'?” he chuckled.
“I was just like you, a normal person. Also I thought” his dark eyes looked into hers. “You see, we weren't normal people, we were born with the blood of a Howler” she took a step back.
“It's simple. Somewhere down the line in our families, was a Howler” her face lit with shock.
“But how can I be a-”
“Only the body of a Howler descendant, can handle the possession of a pure Howler” he looked at his arms and hands. “And you are a descendant of Howler blood Amethyst”.

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