Dream Dust



6. Chapter 6:

~~A pulsing black aura around her sank into her bedroll on the ground. Her skin was turning to a body armour, black, body armour. Covey was worried. What if it was killing her from the inside? She wasn't exactly laying on the bedroll, but rather floating. She was unconscious, but her eyes were open. Glowing yellow. Inside her mind, all she could see was darkness. She turned, left, right, and even spun around many times, looking for a light, or a sign.
“You're not in much luck if you’re looking for a place to escape” she looked behind her, a man, with very long black hair, and black eyes. But pale skin. He was bare, apart from the black cloud that covered parts of him. From the top of his legs down. Three scars going down his body, as if he had been slashed with claws down his chest to his stomach. He was toned, and masculine. And no body or facial hair.
“Who-who are you?” she asked out of fear.
“I'm the Howler you fought” he chuckled. “This is the image I thought you would rather see me in. At least you won’t be as scared. He grinned, showing those teeth. They were the same. And his fingers were like blades, just not as long. His lips, were black, not painted, that's just how they were.
“I jumped myself into your body, I've never been in a woman's body before. Maybe I can humiliate you in front of that puss, Covey” she grew frustrated, knowing this thing was inside her mind and body.
“Don't you dare!” she said. He smirked.
“I meant in a different way to what you’re thinking. I'm not gonna make you do something like that, I'm not gonna make you dress in weird-” he placed a hand on his chin thinking. “Actually, I know something, why don't you watch?” He disappeared into a puff of smoke. Making her scared. She screamed out for him to stop. But a bright light appeared in front of her. Her sight was normal. But she was still surrounded with darkness, she was watching from a bit of glass. She watched with her hands pressed against the glass. It wasn't her controlling her. It was him.
“Amethyst, are you alright?” Covey asked.
“Yeah, I'm alright” she said, but it wasn't her, it was him. She hated this. Her body’s eye's looked at everyone around. “Can you leave us be for a few moments?” it asked. They all nodded and walked off. It was just them, the two physical bodies and a spirit inside one.
“Amethyst?” Covey said, her body smirked slightly.
“You were worried weren't you?”
“Of course I was!” Covey sat down next to her body.
“Good” he looked at her in confusion. “It's hot in here!” with her body being controlled. Her arm slid the sleeve of her tunic down her arm. Moving her hair from her neck, and gently stroking herself on the neck. “Could you removes the dressings from my body?” her voice was with a purr. And her eye's slowly looking at him with a soft smile on his face. He flushed with a wave of red.
“Al-alright” he swallowed the lump in his throat. Making way with his hands, gently gripping the bottom of her tunic, and lifting it up, and over her head. She was bare chest.
It made her scream watching this. As she was firm on the ground now, it would have made it harder for her pants to be taken off. Covey was all red. As she smirked, seductively. He crawled on top of her, running his fingers along the waist of her pants, slowing pulling them off her, up her thighs, over her knees, and down her shins, off her ankles. And her feet one by one. Naked. She was naked. In front of Covey. She was crying, and screaming, throwing herself at the window of vision, it shattered, glass shards showering over her, cutting her, making her bleed. They regathered and reformed the window without a crack or a scratch. On the outside. Her body was in a cold sweat, Covey sitting at the end of her legs that were arched up slightly. Her eye's looking into his.
“Covey?” she asked him. He looked her in the eyes, darting his attention from her large breasts.
“Yeah?” she asked her.
“Will you take me?”

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