Dream Dust



5. Chapter 5:

~~She stood there in utter silence, listening, waiting. Her ears shifted around wanting to hear something. The Whisper Tree's were known for enhancing ones senses. Hearing, feeling, smelling, seeing, and tasting. Her ears were like a wolfs though, moving around to hear every, little, tiny sound. Her smell, she could smell something bad. She sniffed the air like a blood hound.
“Amethyst, it's time to come inside!” Covey yelled out to her. She held a finger to him, telling to be quiet. There it was, a slight scream in the distance, a woman's scream. Her instincts, telling her to run, so that's what she did. “Amethyst, what are you doing?!” he yelled to her. She was already away. She groaned and ran after her. She kept hearing that voice.
“SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME?!” she came closer and closer.
A demon. Not a soldier of darkness. But something else. There was no black cloud or aura around, so it couldn't have come from Fire Mountain. It looked at her. His red eyes. His yellowing teeth. It was as if he had blades for fingers, and spear heads as it's spine, his growl was grotesque. A slight pull on her arm was what she felt.
“A Howler!” Covey said, terror written all over his face. His breathing was uneasy, and his whole body was shaking. “I'm sorry, but I'm out!” he ran off. Leaving her there. She didn't know what to do. Stand there? Attack? What? She placed her hand on her sword, ready to draw it. She watched the Howler, and it's prying eye's. It was as if, they were no different than each other. They circled each other, like two wolves, battling to be the alpha. But, he didn't do anything, he sat there after a moment. Sniffing the air around her. His once horrifying grin, turned into a shocked frown. He opened his mouth as if he was trying to say something. But nothing came out. He took a small step towards her, she gripped her sword even tighter. He back up. She calmed down a bit. Removing her hand from the sword, she made an insane decision. Coming forward to the beast. How can she be so mindless? Was the thought going through her mind. She couldn't believe what she was doing. She reached her hand out to it, it growled slightly. She hesitated, jerking her hand back quickly. It looked her in the eye's. Piercing her soul. The woman got to her feet. The Howler glared at her. She froze in terror.

Amethyst took a step purposely on a stick to get it's attention. It's stare quickly turned to her. She swallowed the lump in her throat. Her heart started racing, her breathing was getting fast. She started to break into a cold sweat. How could she defeat a creature like this? She was stuck, with no way out. She took a deep breathe in, and exhaled. She darted from her spot to it. It's attention drawn to her quickness. She jumped on it's back, making it shriek. It threw itself around, trying to throw her off. She latched on like a flea. She wouldn't budge. He gave up. Crashing to the ground with exhaustion. She was panting, and sweating. Her face was flushed. Her grip loosened. It grinned to itself. Grabbing her by the throat, and pushing her against an oak tree. Her breathing was painful, it's grip was to strong for her, she couldn't reach for her sword, or her blades. What was she to do?
Her speech was rough. “You......Bastard!” she said, snarling at it. It started to smell her hair, and gently licked any part of her neck that wasn't gripped. It grinned, opening it's mouth wide to bite her.
“AMETHYST!?” a faint yell came from a distance, Covey, running towards them with a sword. It snarled at his approach, and grinned at her. It's voice was soft, and husky, and masculine, like a normal man.
“Have fun, on the dark side” a purr in his voice, made her go wild for some reason, he grinned. Removing his hand from her, placing her feet back on the ground. Lifting her back up by her face, in both his hands. Leaning down towards her, his dark, cursed lips. Pressing against hers. Setting her into a blaze, his body burst. The fires crawled down through her lips, into her. Her body was inflicted in flames. Calming, but blazing. Her body hit the ground as she absorbed the flames into her body. The eye's she once could see clearly with, were no more. But instead she could see the heat reflecting off of Covey. Reds and yellows all around him. Is this how she was to see the world now?


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