Dream Dust



4. Chapter 4:

~~Kitten watched the stars from a fortress, hidden under the ground in the roots of the Whisper Tree. She had never seen a Whisper Tree, but now that she had, she wanted to draw it, to keep it contained in her memories. But under a rule of no revealing. She wasn't aloud to. She didn't know how big it was, but she knew it was very big to fit a whole village underneath. And in the trunk of the tree. She watched out a gap in the roots, like a window. Her lip was healed and her eye had gone down a bit.
“You took a beating, didn't you?” she turned, seeing the boy from earlier. Drying his hair, after all, he did have that black blood on him. “I'm Covey by the way...” he leaned on an outcast root, growing on its own, and watched out to the stars.
“I'm.....” she didn't like Kitten, it as too frail for her. “I'm Amethyst” of course she chose that. Besides, anything sounded better than Kitten to her.
“Amethyst? As in the gem?” he looked at her, with another warm smile.
“Yeah” she smiled back.
It went silent for a while, just smiled and gazed at the stars.
“Have you got someone waiting for you back home Amethyst?” she blushed with slight anger.
“Of course I don't! Who do you think I am?!” she nearly yelled.
“I was just asking, jeez” she chuckled a little. Then started to watch stars again.“But that's a good thing you know” she looked at him with disbelieve. “Leaving someone you care about is heartbreaking. And also, it's puts in bad situations sometimes...” he smiled. “I've been alone for most of my life. Ever since my brother was exiled to a cave in the forest” her eyes widened. His brother. Cave? Forest? Could it be that....
“Well don't have any siblings as far as I know, I'm an orphan” he looked her with sorrow. “So I never had anyone to rely on but myself.” he put a hand on hers.
“Well now you do have someone to rely on” she blushed. She knew it was his brother. Hell, they act the exact same. “You should probably get some rest...” he said looking away with a slight blush.
“Y-Yeah, I probably should.” she smiled. “Good night Covey” her lips pecked his cheek, making him crimson.

Amethyst was awoken by a slight shove on her shoulder. A little girl, crying, and holding a little doll.
“Whats the matter sweetie?” she asked her. She started to snuffle.
“my, Mommy hasn't come back yet!” Amethyst was worried.
“Where did she go?” the little girl pointed to a gap in the roots.
“Out there” She bolted out of bed. Picking the girl up and carrying her out of there room. A few of the native tribal girl woke up in shock. Speaking in a language she couldn't understand. Most likely mouthing off at them for making so much noise.
Opening a door quietly to the male dorms, Amethyst and the little girl stalked in quietly to find Covey. She found him, she noticed that light brown hair and that jawline anywhere. She kneeled down beside him, the girl on her back. Nudging him awake.
“Covey?” she whispered. He woke up with a groan.
“What?!” he sounded different, like she was a grouch. Bad riser she guessed.
“I need your help.” she said.
“Do you have any idea what time it is?” he whined.
“Listen, her mother went outside a while ago and hasn't come back, she woke me up crying for peats sake” she complained. He got up fast.
“What do you mean she went outside?” that got him up.

Amethyst kept the girl on her back, with a blanket wrapped around them. Covey was standing, then walked a few steps, then stood. Over and over with stick of flames in his hand.
“MARINA!” he yelled out. “MARINA!” he yelled louder. His voice and chest must have started hurting cause he could barely speak after those two yells. “No sign of her” he said with a croak in his voice. Amethyst looked down.
“She couldn't have wondered off to far!” she shouted at him. He sighed.
“We'll pick up from here in the morning, that's if it already isn't!” he crossed his arms and sighed an angry sigh.
“But Mommy?!” the girl cried.
“Mina, we'll find her tomorrow okay?” he said as he grabbed her off of Amethyst's back, carrying her inside the Whisper Tree. She stood there, watching out to the forest, her sword in it's hilt on her waist, and her daggers, sharpened in her boots.


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