Dream Dust



3. Chapter 3:

~~Kitten made it through the forest after the sun had risen that morning. She left the man behind, and asleep. He had not known that she had left. He probably did now that it was nearly noon. She walked to the top of a hill, and looked out to the view. She smiled, she had never seen a sight as beautiful as this. Flowers everywhere. She started running down the hill towards the flowers. The summer breeze blowing right through her hair, and her body, she felt free. Like she always did. Se stood with her arms out, and her head tilted back, Inhaling the fresh air. She looked to the heavens and laughed. But at a distance, in a bush, she was being watched. She lowered her arms, and looked around her with a smile. She kneeled down, sniffing some of the flowers. She grabbed a journal out from her satchel, and a charcoal pencil. Sketching the flowers. She knew she was wasting time, but it was a good reason. She looked back and forth between the flower and her journal. Then the plains went cold. And dark. She looked up. A black cloud, making it's to her, it was.....running. A Dark Soldier was running at her. She stood, dropping her journal and drawing her sword. She had never seen one of the Dark Soldier's up close, only in picture books that she reads in some major cities libraries. But now she was actually scared of it. It's glowing white eye's, it's grin, full of shape, pointed teeth. And leaking a black liquid from it's mouth as it ran. The cloud around it became it's armour. She took her defence, staring it down was the best she could do right now. It came in range, she tried to slash up with her sword. It dodged. Impossible. It knocked her sword from her hands. Throwing her to the ground. It's horrid chuckle it gave, as it stood over her. Holding it's own sword of darkness in the air, ready to stab down into her. She shrieked as it's sword came down. A flash of strong wind, that's she could feel as she realised she was alive and unharmed.
“Stay here!” she heard a deep voice. A boy, no older than 20, staring down at her for split second, before turning to the soldier. He started to circle the soldier, slowly. And yet, it was intimidating.

The soldier jerked his head and grinned with a growl.
“It'll be over soon” he said to her. “Just be patient” the boy wasn't normal in her eye's. And he wasn't. He grinned back at the soldier, revealing two pairs of fangs, one pair on the top, another on the bottom. He crouched down, like a dog would. His body started to change. A wolf. A Sun Wolf. A soldier of the Sun King.
“What?” she said to herself. He glanced over at her, her heart was racing. His eye's. Emerald green. His fur. Light brown. And ready to kill the soldier. He growled. The soldier growled back. He pounced at the soldier, throwing himself into danger, biting down on the shoulder of the soldier. It's shriek of pain wailed through the plains, making Kitten crouch down, holding her ears. But didn't effect him. He took one last gnash to it's head. Making burst into a cloud of black smoke. She sat on her hands and knees, looking at the boy. With fear in her eye's. He walked to her. As a normal human...thing....whatever he really was. Just what he looked like before the Sun Wolf appeared.
“Are you alright?” he asked her. His long, light brown hair was stained with black liquid. Holding out his hand to her. She took it.
“Ah...Yeah, I'm fine” he helped her stand up. His bare chest, he wore similar clothes to the other guy she met. Actually, they were the same. Bear hide pants with deer hide boots. But, he was wearing some sort of bracelet on both arms, going from his wrist to his elbow, made of skin and fur. His eyes glared into hers.
“Good” he gave her warm smiled. She was wondering how many other smiling idiots she was going to find. But she could sense something different about him. She couldn't help but glance at him, up and down, his big masculine arms, his broad chest, and a chiselled jawline. She was starting to blush.

The sun started setting. His eyes darted to the sinking sun.
“We should get to safety, there's hundreds of those things out and about at night” he grabbed her wrist, and started to drag her as he ran. His powerful legs were too fast for her. She kept tripping. He pulled her on his back, and lowered to grab her sketch book as he ran past it. “This yours?” he asked playfully.

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