Dream Dust



2. Chapter 2:

~~The light was dim, and around her was darkness. She walked through the darkness with nothing but a poorly lit torch. She wondered for a few moments, and nothing happened. Was this her future? The worlds future if she doesn't stop the darkness from uprising against the light? She didn't know. She wanted to know. She wanted to stop this darkness. It killed many people 17 years ago, that was until the King of the Sun locked it to a secret cavern buried in Fire Mountain, that has now had a castle built on top. She yelled out, but there was no sound. Her voice was never heard. But she saw a faint light. But as she got closer, it was two white glowing eye's. She stepped back in terror.
Her eye's flung open. Her body sat itself up from the ground, in a cold sweat, and panting like crazy. Her head started pounding. She put two fingers to her temple. And noticed her hands were bandaged up, Her face was covered in patches and salve. She was in a bed roll. On the ground of a cave. And a fire in the centre. Her satchel was at her feet and repaired. Her arms and leg was wrapped bandages. She removed the cover of the bed roll off her, her lip was flared up and had a black eye. How could she get that many injuries from a forest fire, and how did she end up here.
“You alright?” she heard a soft voice and turned to her left. A man. Black, soft, short hair, tanned skin, and a scar running down his left eyebrow and eye, to his chin. His left eye was cloudy, blind. But his right eye, was a soft brown. All he was wearing was bear hide pants, and deer hide boots. His body was big and masculine, he stood, and started to walk to her. She blushed slightly. He kneeled down next to her. Focusing on her leg. Which was all bandaged, and bloody. He took out a single sided dagger, and cut the strips from her thigh. And removed the sanitary patches from the large gouges in her thigh, it made her hiss in pain.
“That hurts you know?!” she yelled at him. He hissed.
“Don't yell at me! I know it hurts so put up with it will ya?” he yelled back, she was shocked at his reaction. He dipped a white cloth in a bowl of water, and dabbed it along her thigh. It went quiet as he put new bandages on her. She looked at him, his scar along his face stood out a lot. But she wasn't staring at his scar. Instead it was his eyes. And his face. His expression was obviously pissed off. She must be a burden to him. But then why keep her here? And keep her safe and well? “Why are you staring at me?” he looked at her, she blushed in embarrassment and looked away.
“I-I wasn't!” he chuckled a bit and leaned back, his arm on his knee, and his other hand on the ground behind him. She looked at him. He smiled calmly.
“What's your name?” he asked her. She fell silent for a second. She had never had a name, she just always called herself an adventurer.
“I actually, don't have a name” he looked at her in shock, then smiled.
“Then how about I call you Kitten? I mean, cause you are as adorable as a kitten” he blushed and looked away from her. With a small smile on his face. She blushed even deeper.
“Ah..Yeah sure!” she got up. He looked at her, and watched her as she walked around him to her satchel.
“Are you leaving?” he asked sadly.
“Yeah! I've got to keep going on my journey” she said reluctantly. He looked down.
“I understand” she started to feel bad.
“Just don't follow me unless you want to get killed” she put her satchel around her shoulder, and picked up her sword. She checked the sharpness of the blade. “I'm going to Fire mountain to destroy the Darkness that's inhabiting this world” her aura changed. She put her sword in it's hilt and stood there, he looked at her with disbelieve.
“Are you insane?!” she got up. “Your going alone?” he yelled at her. She looked him in the eyes. Into his soul.
“Yes!” she said. And started to walk into the darkness of the cave, towards a faint light. The opening of the cave. He grabbed her uninjured arm.
'Please don't go?!” he asked her. She wasn't surprised, she had this effect on people. If she spends more that an hour with someone, they don't want her to leave, so she kills them, or leaves them with force.

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